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  1. I forgot where to go next after investigating Talon's penthouse for clues and finding the five tickets.
  2. Hello! Could she have made a mistake typing in the email? I know I've had this happen to me before and it was a pain in the neck for me to have learned that. If she can, try making another account, being sure it is the 100% correct email, then try it again. If it fails, try making a new email and try it with that one. The verification can also take a little bit, I think mine took about a day to get to me. The admins aren't all going to be online at once to process verification notices or even bugs causing them to not be sent, since they have lives outside of Reborn, but they will do what they can to help. Just try to be patient and wait as long as you can.
  3. Thank you to you as well! All these nice words and helpful advice are really important to me, so thank you so much! I'll keep practicing everything with all I have!
  4. Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice, I'll definitely keep those in mind! I'm still practicing anatomy because I tend to have short bursts of motivation (thanks, depression XP), and with the pokemon, I try to buy books with the latest pokemon in them as drawing references since they have height, weight, and other important details I'd need as well as the pokemon itself. The Fern drawing is an expert example as to why I need motivation. My sister just wanted me to draw something for her to paint one day and I wasn't very motivated and so I ended up with a terrible Fern. (Wow, take this out of context and I could be talking about a plant, not a character.) Hello yes, I am also here for Cain's abs. XD Males tend to have them and he wears fishnets, so why not
  5. Oh my god, I can understand your pain. Hands can be the absolute WORST.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and post what fanart I have for the main characters and maybe a few of my OC here. Note: If anyone wants to color a drawing, let me know! I only ask that you credit the original sketch and let me see the finished product. To keep the posts small, I'm using a spoiler cover.
  7. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the comment! Quick question so I know, is there someplace specific on the forums for fan art or do I have to create a thread for it?
  8. Oh gosh, as myself I love that, but Ivory would probably be internally screaming. XD
  9. Thank you! I'm not a very competitive battler, so I'll probably end up losing. I usually post my art on Deviantart, so searching for SumomoSushi would be the best bet.
  10. The first thing to run through my mind was The second Axel fight in KH2, where he will occasionally say "Burn baby!" I'm gonna have fun with Heat Wave.
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THANK YOU EVERYONE, I FEEL SO WELCOME!!!! And trust me, I've lost some much free time on this game, there's no stopping me.
  12. I'm reading a lot about the grotto, but I can't get there using the Tauros teleport due to some changes to the game that make it impossible (I.e. The healing machine in Aya's house is broken.) Is there a way to get there without teleporting Tauros or can the machine be fixed? Or am i just out of luck for now?
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