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  1. So I had started a new playthrough of Reborn last year, and with a bit of luck from Wondertrades and people being generous, I've crafted what's easily one of my best Reborn teams yet. So I thought it'd be super neat to make a collage featuring them, so I did! I ended up using: Incineroar, Swoobat (Shiny), Ariados (Shiny), Vespiquen, Blissey, Whimsicott, Aggron (Shiny), Ninjask, Gyarados (Shiny), Tsareena (Shiny), Aggron (Shiny), Luxray, Alolan Raichu, Scrafty, Flygon (Shiny), Camerupt, Toxapex, and Garchomp Now I'm not finished with this playthrough, but I've got a feeling the rest of the playthrough is gonna go swimingly! Still gotta beat Noel and go from there!
  2. Mine is Mantyke, I have a personal connection with it that involves a friend I haven't seen in... roughly 8 years or so, so it's a very important mon to me!
  3. Alright well, after a bit of spring cleaning of what I deemed to be "cringey content", I think I should try and be a little more active, what say?

    Anyways, yeah Ashen Frost is hella good and totally worth playing

  4. I know there's a way to get Ice Cream in Rejuvenation, since I have Chocolate Ice Cream in my inventory. It's been awhile since I last loaded up Rejuvenation so uh... I could really use some assistance in finding out WHERE Ice Cream is sold!
  5. So like... where are the Zygarde cells used at? I've been curious as to where they can be used and would like to know where!
  6. It said you're not online, maybe try requesting a Trade with me?? My ID is June
  7. Nah doesn't matter, any 'mon will do
  8. A. The Vanilite would be nice to have ((although I am doing a Wonderlocke, sooooooo yeah)), and B. I just want something better than standard Potions, since they still only heal for 20 HP
  9. Yeah okay it HAS to be a Chocolate Ice Cream, so just trade me any Pokemon holding one then!
  10. I coulda sworn that I've seem accept Vanilla or Strawberry though...
  11. Okee doke! Just lemme know when you're ready to go!
  12. I just need an Ice Cream, that's it. Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Blue Moon, doesn't matter. Any of those 4 will do! ((My name for the Online is June btw just in case you're able to
  13. Ah, well, alright then I'll keep this tab open then and hope someone pops in saying that they can trade I guess
  14. Okay I... I don't think I have the patience for this. Could you please just... hop on Reborn and trade me one???
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