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  1. Well this drought Vulpix is most def going on my team.

  2. Second badge GOT. Twas a good battle. I fear noibat will start suffering from his poor stats soon though

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    2. Sheep


      You'll probably want to bench it for a while though, like you assumed Noibat becomes dead weight fairly quickly.

    3. Char


      Yeah, its gonna be hard for him to keep up. Ill grind him out to his evolution later when i get past that level cap

    4. Commander


      I think I abandoned Noibat once Murkrow became available. No Regrets.

  3. First badge WOOOOP. As it turns out Espurr is a solid early game pokemon

    1. Lost Lore

      Lost Lore

      You think it's good now, wait until it gets STAB Psyshock at level 25.

    2. AuthorReborn


      Both Meowdtics are great for various roles, too. Male can reliably set up duel screens for the entire game and Female can sweep effectively untill you have other options like Gardevoir


    3. Char


      Yeah mine's male i suppose ill keep him around then ^^

  4. Can't seem to track down teddiursa

    1. AuthorReborn


      There's a spot in the hidden garden, one closer to the fishing rod guy, one by the Surskit fountain, one across the street from the Pachurisu/Panpour house, one by Pansear, and one behind the Whismur house. That's all I know off the top of my head.

    2. Char


      Checked them all and still not there unfortunatly...oh well its not like they were crucial part of the team haha

  5. This is gonna be controversial....but Flygon. I used to love flygon but it just always failed me and the process to get it to its final stage was painful. Perhaps i was just using it incorrectly.
  6. Thanks everyone, its great to have a warm reception like this!
  7. Hello, everyone im Char~ I saw a post about Reborn on tumblr and on about the third time i saw it come across my dash i was like oh hell ill check it out! So after lurking around the forums for a little i began to get the impression that Reborn was not a cake walk compared to the official games and i was like "How perfect". I fell more in love with the fact that it highly limits what pokemon you get and forces you to use "subpar" pokemon and actual tactics in order to win. I look forward to meeting everyone and experiencing this game ^^
  8. Char

    Tumblr fame!

    That post brought me here XD
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