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  1. I give nicknames to my Pokemon based off of whatever first comes to my mind when I catch them. For my main file: The Squad Infernape (F) - Dixie Kong Crustle (M) - Limestone Drapion (M) - Stinger Gardevoir (F) - Empathy Gyarados (M) - Leviathan Krookodile (M) - Tee-Bag Backups (for future gyms): Lanturn (M) - Davey Ludicolo (M) - Fiesta Mawile (F) - Futakuchi Metagross - Brainiac Ninetales (F) - Ethereal And for my side file: The Squad (Up to Iolia Valley) Blaziken (M) - Blitz Swoobat (F) - Morrigan Magneton - Magnus Sharpedo (M) - Nasch Noivern (M) - Zephyr Still need to find a sixth Pokemon for the Squad.
  2. Mine originated from my XBox 360 gamertag that I made way back in 2007, "WhiteFury13". Because I was mostly playing shooters like Halo 3 and the Left 4 Dead series with local friends, I wanted something that looked cool whenever I saw it, so I went with "WhiteFury". The "13" part was added because I was born on the 13th. Over time a lot of people online (both on XBox Live and in other forums) started referring to me as just "Fury", so I've gotten used to it and used that as my username on these forums.
  3. 1) Drapion - I never thought much about this Pokemon until I caught one as a Skorupi in Reborn. It's quite the tanky powerhouse with decent Speed to boot. Toxic Spikes made the Luna and Terra fights much, much easier and the Poison/Dark typing comes in handy. It's one of my new favorite Pokemon now. 2) Gyarados - Because sometimes you just need to steamroll the competition. Dragon Dance plus Moxie? Yaaaaas. 3) Metagross - Gardevoir's my main Psychic-Type, but I have Metagross in rotation since I lack a Steel-Type in my main roster of six. With a wide variety of moves it can learn, Metagross can handle a number of situations on the fly.
  4. It's funny that I happened to find this thread when I did because I started up a new playthrough a couple of weeks ago, got to the Subseven Sanctum after a few days of playing, saved, then said to myself, "alright, I'll finish this section up and get to the Iolia Valley tomorrow." ...That was over a week ago and even though the first wave of college exams are over, I suddenly have no desire to continue at this time. ;_; I think once I finish binge watching Monster Musume I'll have the motivation to continue with the playthrough......that's right, I've been watching Monster Musume. D-Don't judge me. >_>' Go on... :3
  5. I never bothered to learn how to play Chess, so Radomus' gym puzzle was the most difficult for me. After a bit of trial and error, I looked up a guide on YouTube. The rest of the puzzles were never any trouble, but some of them were incredibly tedious to do, especially the Aventurine Woods puzzle. It took FOREVER to clear away everything so I could obtain the Tech Glasses, Joltik, and Heracross. The things I do for a Department Store sticker...I must be cray. T_T
  6. Hm, I wonder how many people ended up catching and raising a Woobat on their team instead of Ralts/Gothita/Espurr for their early game? I started a new playthrough recently and decided to box Espurr while keeping Woobat as a main party member. Swoobat + Simple + Calm Mind is really devastating early and mid game and it should be able to continue pulling its weight for a majority of the late game.
  7. Pre-nerf Charlotte was definitely the most difficult gym leader for me to beat, especially since I willingly chose to be stubborn about not changing the weather nor altering the Field Effect that was in place. Thank God for Moxie Gyarados, lol. Pre-nerf Serra takes second place for most difficult gym leader, but again, I was stubborn and refused to change the weather. I found the best strategy to be to keep her Abomasnow alive and just focus on her Glaceon/Mamoswine/Jynx/Walrein/Froslass with my two Pokemon. If the Hax Queen returns to near her original strength for her gym battle in Episode 15 like Ame implied, perhaps this strategy might still work. Easiest for me was Julia. Trubbish and/or Kricketune can completely obliterate her team. I also found Samson to be very underwhelming back in Episode 12, but I hear that he has a Lucario instead of a Chesnaught on his team now. I've started a new playthrough for Episode 14.6 and have a much different team this time around, so hopefully he won't disappoint when I eventually reach the Agate Circus.
  8. Reborn + fsjals? My life is now complete. XD
  9. Chikorita, huh? Godspeed, soldier. As for Espurr, the Hidden Ability of Own Tempo is generally the preferred one because when it evolves it'll either become a Male Meowstic with Prankster or a Female Meowstic with Competitive. If you've ever used or gone up against Sableye or Klefki, you'll know just how annoying Prankster can be. That Ability coupled with Male Meowstic's movepool makes it a decent support Pokemon to have. But having said that, Meganium will probably end up filling that support role, so you may want to soft-reset the game until you capture a Female Espurr with Own Tempo so you won't need to waste an Ability Capsule early on. Female Meowstic's movepool is better suited for attacking since it learns Shadow Ball at Level 30 and can also learn Charge Beam to boost its Sp. Attack and deal with pesky Water and Flying-Types, the latter of which will be problematic for Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium. Ultimately it depends on what role you want your Meowstic to fill.
  10. Hopefully the badge given out in Episode 15 will increase the Level cap to 80. All of my Pokemon are Levels 73-75 right now. I might need to buy a few Common Candies just to keep them obedient. ;_;
  11. On a completely off-topic note, your wish for CED to come back will be granted soon. I wouldn't be surprised if it's slated to be in that upcoming Battle City Duelist Pack this summer with it subsequently going to one in July's F&L list, just in time for the Red-Eyes support in August.
  12. I just started up a new playthrough not too long ago and I honestly felt that Noel was nerfed pretty hard with the latest changes. Wigglytuff isn't as intimidating of a lead Pokemon as his Skill Link + King's Rock + Tail Slap/Rock Blast/Bullet Seed Cinccino, so I was able to use my Timid + Simple Swoobat and set up three Calm Minds without any trouble and was able to sweep his Girafarig, Cinccino, and Porygon-Z. Swellow came in and wrecked my Swoobat with Guts-boosted Brave Bird, but after using Noel's turn to heal Swellow to use Featherdance on it from Swanna, I just switched between using Featherdance and Roost until I had crippled its Attack stat enough to where I felt comfortable to start attacking with Bubblebeam and Air Slash. Then to wrap up the battle, I took on his Clefable with Drapion and 2HKO'ed it with Poison Fang after a Hone Claws boost. I miss his Staraptor. Wiggs is no replacement. ;~;
  13. It'd be cool if at some point in a future Episode you could create a playlist with your Pokegear. Something like select a song, press 'P' to save it onto your playlist, then the songs will play down the list as you're grinding/farming in between Episodes. If you want to remove a song from the playlist, just select it and press 'P' again to remove it. It's a very low priority wish of mine, but I feel that it would make the game just that much more awesome than it already is if that feature were implemented.
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