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  1. Let's see how many people regret knowing me after I make them question their feelings for Fern.
  2. If this is the last time you'll hear from me on this site, feel free to talk to me on anything else.. I don't really feel worth talking to wonderful people on here but.. I dunno.

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    2. Desumasku


      If you'd like.

    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      There are a lot of things a person could not be deserving of. Talking to people is not one of those.

    4. Juniper


      Can confirm first hand, you are worth talking to!

  3. Sometimes I come on here when I need to cheer up, but then I realize I'm better off not existing. Sorry guys ahahah...~

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    2. BlueMoonIceCream


      That's a stupid thing to say, why would you think you're better off not existing? In all honesty this is something I wouldn't even consider.

    3. Juniper


      Don't be mean, micky :c

    4. Grizzlybrand


      Don't be sorry, we've all got our down moments, that feeling where we just wanna vanish from this place. Cheers princess. The night's gonna get darker, but that doesn't mean the sun won't rise.

  4. Intensely stares at 3ds

  5. I'm back with more fanart whooopsies. So, like. I'm obsessed with the Rune Factory games.. And the wedding outfits in RF4 are so pretty AND I HAD SUCH AN URGE PLEASE FORGIVE ME OR LOVE ME OR SOMETHING--- slayme
  6. Yes I posted the WIP on tumblr!! c: This is gorgeous omgggg
  7. Poses.. Very intensely. I have finished an art. is it surprising that I drew Taka? probably not. Enjoy !
  8. depressed and anxious.. just another day home from school,aahhaaha... does anyone know how to calm myself down..? im out of ideas..

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    2. Yours Truly

      Yours Truly

      Depends on the kind of stress but if you're feeling overworked follow Omega's advice, but if you feel like you haven't really done anything today then study for a bit it'll help.

    3. Juniper



      (Not annoying people or serious people though.)

      I think it helps x_x

      Though I'm 4 hours late to reply..

    4. Desumasku


      My nothing has gotten better, so yeah that's a thing I could do . . . ;w;''

  9. I just want a shiny shinx ;w;''

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    2. Juniper


      List of things I want:

      Fight best friend: In progress


      *Chants* fight, fight, fight!

      *Knocks self out with a single punch*

    3. BlueMoonIceCream


      Juuzou your supposed to be a kick boxer! HOW?!... then again you never said you were any good... well at least I bet on Masku good job!

    4. Desumasku
  10. Finally getting back to drawing fanart. ~

  11. Would anyone be willing to help me with a fangame, or at least with RPGMAKER in general? ;w; I'm strugglin' here

    1. Solarance


      It's been a few weeks since I've messed around w the program, but sure.

    2. Aurorain


      I can help you out with anything if you need help. I've been using vx and ace for 3-4 years, although I do have some knowledge of xp.

      So, yeah happy to help if you need it. :)

    3. Desumasku


      All of the help is needed, so if you guys have skype you can add me! Or any other ways of communication. uvu

      My skype is Desumasku ~

  12. Is anyone goin' to Colossalcon? o^:

  13. Pls tell me You love yamasks

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    2. HakuTaku


      They're pretty cute and i love their pokedex enteries. Plus its a ghost type!

    3. Alisae


      Its not a boat. So I can't say I love it.

    4. Maelstrom


      they're cool

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