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  1. sephiroths inducted too the imperials number 6

  2. time too get crazy

    1. EmilyDixon


      What do you mean willow

  3. goodnight reborn

    1. iowayshay


      sweet dreaaams~ :3

    2. Lord Nexius

      Lord Nexius

      You been missing a lot on here XD night caesar

  4. Hmm good intro and welcome too reborn I'm Caesar aka willow enjoy a great time in reborn
  5. about time im online

  6. lord helix mega should happen since bird jesus ;)

    1. zimvader42


      If mega helix exists and ends up looking like chthulu, I'm gonna have to buy oras and play all the way through all that awesomeness XP

    2. Caesar Clown

      Caesar Clown

      A pidgeot and omastar playthrough

  7. Hello seph UK who you are BTW I saw your old alts on showdown and pro too you can't fool me welcome back pro :] you were also in hc tr og and vodka
  8. Well I like one piece naruto series bleach attack on titan space dandy soul heart hellsing bobo and sao I don't think I hate any unless poor story or graphics
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