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  1. hmm. could of sworn ive seen it work on protect before. ah well thanks.
  2. Just saying. I've been having trouble with my Noivern's Infiltrator as in when an enemy protects itself as in it wont go through the protect. Also I want to say that this game is awesome
  3. im pretty sure i did. i did it the same way i got it the first time
  4. umm. ive been having trouble actually starting the game. ive been clicking on the Game exe. but it wont go into the game. it will just say that it is loading but only for like a split second. i have recently had the game before the update (episode 9) but i deleted it all recently before i got the update and just get the whole game again to start over (i wasnt rel far so...). i was wondering if i was doing everything i need to do or is something wrong. I remember not having to do much when i got the game the first but i dont know if im doing something wrong or not. Please help, falconman624
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