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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  3. And I´m still wondering what? Unless the whole event (including the Spectre Kiki battle) is axed.
  4. The Elekid family: -Yellow and black, badass colors. -Goes from a Plug-like creature to an almighty electric Yeti of Doom. Electabuzz is my favorite since Gen I
  5. The Magus sisters (and Brother) Weather Trio look very good.
  6. Any of these: Electivire (in tandem with Magmortar and, formerly, Jynx) Magmortar (in tandem with Electivire and, formerly, Jynx) Rhyperior (a Solid Rock one. I'm still waiting for the Protector at the Reborn game.) Kingdra (Only Dragon can harm it until GenV) Gallade/Gardevoir (Replacement of Jynx since Gen 3) Aggron (Since Gen 3) Dodrio (Drill Peck nightmare!)
  7. MissingField + Shiny Gen-1-colored Porygon = You, miss, made my day. Hopefully we can get M' or Misingno (or both) as catchable and/or Pulse Bosses.
  8. It's on an item ball, so I don't think it's weather-based. It's on route to where you catch the event Pinsir/Heracross and you need a Tauos to get there.
  9. Found her on a clear night. (Silly me, i had messed with my PC's clock/day for some Pokemon Psychologist action, and it was windy when i wrote that I couldn't find her.)
  10. Drats! forgot about that. Thank you, Baloon-named-Qwilfish one. (Mine's named Blitzball)
  11. My search for stickers: Sticker1: The NPC won't give the sticker (Looks like this was non resetted/defaulted) Sticker2: Got Sticker3: Got Sticker4: Done (New one?) Sticker5: Got Sticker6: The girl is not in front of the PokeCenter. Sticker7: Got Sticker8: Got (New one) So far I have 7, looks like the only one that I don't have is the "Disappearing Girl" one. But she's not where she's supposed to be.
  12. So, do the only new sticker for people who had played since past episodes (9 or 10) is the one from the kid at Agate Circus?
  13. Finished the episode. The good: Ernie and Bert (Throh and Sawk), Hawklucha, RHYHORN!, Another HM, and looks like Surf is next. Finally! The bad: Short episode. The Surf teaser. Samson was 50/50 hard. My main team lost on the first try, the third one (Granbull, Alakazam, Golem, Gengar, Machamp and Noivern) made extremely quick his loss.
  14. Say, for example, I had saved on 10.5 at the Onyx rooftom (to get Helioptile) but now I had updated to Ep. 11. So, will there be any trouble when i go back to Radomus's mansion?
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