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  1. A question... Is peace and harmony in life too much to ask for? 


    I know this is not quite the place to ask, but I honestly can't find a better place, especially since my "friends" are apparently defending the bullying-and-toxic kind of behaviors everyone around me loves to present in public and in private life. 


    I honestly could write down an entire article about my life situation... But right now I'm feeling under the weather (and not even Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - perhaps the best canon Pokemon games in terms of plotline - lightened my mood), so maybe one day, one day... 

    1. NeoBolt


      It is a really tough question to answer; but what could assist would be journalling.  Journalling can help quite a bit in dealing with hardships and helps you to strategize on what route to take so that you can tackle a situation.  It can assist you to chisel you into the person you want to be one day.  A suggestion is also to use a self-coaching model (you will see on google) to assess the situations, so you can form strategies that are suitable to you and what feels right to you

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