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I Hate Fairyland - A Monofairy Run Attempt [Last Defeated: Corey]

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Hello everyone!


I've been thinking about it for a while and I've finally found the time and the will to begin. Welcome to my monofairy run.


This will be a vanilla run: no sandbox, no trades or such things. I will get and train my team as the game intended to. Nevertheless, I will allow myself soft-resets and breeding. There is no worry yet though. After all, Primarina is a very good Pokemon, defining the UU metagame by enforcing Hydreigons to run Shock Wave. He will carry me for a while. Additionally, I don't know yet if I will use the mystery egg. There is like 4 chances out of 20 that I get a broken fairy mon. We'll see when we get there.


This will be a personal challenge, considering that I will face game-play, writing and entertainment aspects. But I will try to manage the two last issues with my stupidity. While I'm writing these lines, I have no idea how I will defeat the obvious though battles expected in this run. Nevertheless, I hope that you will find it enjoyable! Wish me luck!


First steps in Reborn City coming shortly ...


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First episode that showcases the beginning of this adventure.




Meet my protagonist. Inspired by a touching little girl trapped in a fairyland world.



My character name is therefore pretty obvious.



I remember the first time this intro was released. I watched the video 5 times in the row because I was so hyped by this epicness (I was at work).






We're so lucky that the window broke so easily.



Hi, first challenge.



Just give me my choice item already.



Hello. I hope that your fighting types will go down easily.



Let's move quickly to the starter choice. Popplio is actually the best Gen 7 starter for a run. Even if Incineroar can prove itself useful in double battles (just watch VGC 2018), Primarina tends to have a very large movepool that will carry me for the first parts of this run.



I may explain this nickname later. But it suits him soooooo well.



I was just soft-resetting for IVs but I actually got a shiny at the third attempt. And this one revealed itself a strong pick. The bulk is very good. Sp.Att is more than decent. And the Naughty nature is actually welcome because I think Aqua-Jet could be useful. Fairy types are very slow and this priority move will prove itself worthy, at least I hope so.



Beware the second branch-dialogue in Reborn. Maybe the most important imo.



These two battles implied a Water Gun mashing. I hope you will forgive me for skipping those. Cain is actually kind of tall. 1,90 meters maybe ?



Thank you. I won't be using these for a while.



Now, it's time for the first close call of this run. But before that, let's watch some advertisement.



I've always wondered what happened to this guy.



Screw Charlotte. This guy's got the real burn scars.


And now ... what really matters is that ...


... THE RUN LIVES! I actually didn't need to soft reset on this one.


Time to grind and to capture our first and only companion in this area.


A very good movepool indeed.



Time to rescue our hostage.



A battle a little bit unfair.



But these guys are no match for our top singer. I did missclick tho.



Sir Sakurai, please buff the puff in Ultimate (I actually don't care). This nickname have to be pronounced in Introspektive's tone when Melee Smash players find out that this poor gum is garbage in the next games.



Sakurai's movepool was pretty tough to decide. He can get Perish Song and Wish by egg moves. On one hand, Perish Song ensures a free win against Solaris' Garchomp but I find it cheap. I will try another method for that. Wish is pretty good for healing the team but this girl is so slow and so frail that I don't think it could work. Many other fairy mons learn Wish so I will manage with them.


So ... Misty Terrain. And Friend Guard is quite good too. I could get Competitive but again, I don't think she can sweep. I'll try to showcase her anyway (I will need her).


Anyway, back to business.


Arne Vinzon will carry it for a while.



This. This. THIS.


This is the reason that I started this run just now. E18 and USUM contents added this brilliant move to Primarina's line. And god, it will make things so easier. It was doable before but now, it is less painful.


Let's beat Fern up. 


This silly line got me everytime. Just choose, dude.



VS Fern #1



Icy Wind - Absorb = Budew hits orange.



Feeling Budew's demise, Fern switched to Sandile who just saw the daylight one second before fainting. Budew wanted revenge but the Wind didn't miss (when it will, I will burst into anger. Maybe I should run Wise Lens later just like for Kinklang's Gear Grind).



Then, instant-kill Rowlet.


The end.


Icy Wind is broken.


Here is the team that will take down Mosswater Factory:


Sakurai is just here for happiness purposes.



More people coming to party.



I like Fern for this line too. But I think that's all.



Yeah. I like your character a little for obscure reasons. And considering what you do next, I feel wrong.



So let's hang out a little. Meteor grunts are no match for us.



Level 17. Arne starts evolving. Please stop this thing. We need to win.



Level 18. This move is actually useful but why encoring mons when you can sweep them ? You're too powerful for stalling, Arne.



Free XP.



Oh. I almost forgot this guy. This very very important guy.



Aster and Eclipse are no worry. Budew serves his sole purpose as cannon-fodder while Arne gives these rocky dog swimming lessons.



This actually could have made things worse for Reborn City. Way to go, Julia.



This foreshadowing needs to be fulfilled. I am curious of how will Florinia's story with Fern will be concluded next episode and how this line will matter.




Let's end this post with some optional drugs use. Bubble Beam is actually our win condition against Julia in this run. 



It's the end of this episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it a bit. It's just the beginning after all. See you!


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Let's make progress through the first gym and Obsidia Ward.


For this episode, I would like to thank the USUM movepool and E18 new in-battle level cap system.




Back on track. We will try to win some battles during this episode.



So, let's face our first challenge of this run. Fortunately, Julia's team doesn't reach the level cap which will make things a lot easier!



May be my hair color should match hers. I feel like a cheap candy.


VS Julia



Your time to shine, Arne Vinzon!



Yup, that's my game plan. Beaming bubbles on these guys.



But sometimes, they're faster. So, I have to tank some hits.



Icy wind is a good move against the cheerleabird, as lowering speed allows me to survive longer.



But it was only after two misses in a row, I manage to land a hit. The haxx sends its regards already.



Don't judge me please.



If your tanky sister couldn't survive this, there is no way you could.



So, here is the decisive action of the match.



Torrent is activated (this is far better than Liquid Voice, which by the way only utility is to STAB Hyper Voice in double battles). Frail Electrode gets one-shot. If it wasn't enough, Aqua-Jet could have ensured me the kill as I was able to survive Aftermath.



This was at this moment that I realized, if Geodude had Sturdy, I was screwed. Because Sakurai is far from being able to put up a fight yet.



Galvazine is a good ability but thanks to that, first badge won!



That was fun. Let's continue.



Still no choice item, huh? Anyway, I need to complete my Pokedex for some side-quest so better start now.



Obsidia Ward, here I come.



Sob. I want my Gardevoir so bad.



Instead, let's met our third teammate of this run. I see a great potential in this guy.



I suit well to this colorful place. I really don't like the music tho. Just personal tastes.



That's the stuff.



With so much candy in my pocket, I feel wrong.



After like 20 puzzle solves, let me introduce you to Glucose (I'm open for suggestions for this nickname). I intend to run him physical so IVs work for me. Unfortunately, my Sp. Atk is the lowest of the low. And Glucose won't learn Play Rough before like level 50 ... Nevertheless, I think the coverage may work for the following challenges.


Oh, and of course, Glucose will eat a lot of Seeds so Unburden is mandatory.


Let's train him against Victoria.


VS Victoria #2






The lowest of the low, indeed. It's a Pichu but I have to switch. Especially when Pichu set up with Nasty Plot.



Time to showcase Sakurai.



Just kidding.



Arne Vinzon has done most of the work by now. I feel like cheating because he is no Fairy type yet. It's like when I tried Mono-Flying so I chose Charmander. And Dragon Rage carried me until Corey.



Ok, let's stop whining and go through the Slums. I really like this area.






So, in the end, were these Deus Ex Machina healing centers here for plot reasons the whole time ? I always took them for granted because it was a good design choice.






Oh. AI still doing weird things. Dunsparce used Mud-Slap before.



This place is actually perfect for Glucose as it has a lot of Fighting types and, in my case, Attack EVs.



God, yes.






So, moving on to the boss room.



Which gave us no problem at all. Just monotype things.



Good times inside. May be I will grind EVs there.



Moving on to the Coral Ward.



I feel like Skitty should be a Fairy type, don't you ? It would be the greatest buff this pokemon could hope. I would have used her, especially with Zen Headbutt eggmove.



Meanwhile, Cain is stealing another candidate. Admire the colorful characters in this toxic and stormy environment.



You came to the wrong neighborhood, Cain. Because it's about to get misty.


VS Cain #2



So, boosted lowest of the low Fairy Wind VS Acid Spray. I may lose this duel.



But the AI is good here. Because Grimer tried to Disable my Fairy Wind. But this turn, I chose to lower his Spe.Def.



So he switched to "not Arne Vinzon". Two Fairy Wind and one crit took him down.



My terrain boosted Spe.Def is too bulky for your poison moves.



Misty Terrain even boosts my already broken Icy Wind.



Everytime I run into this Cubone, I find it kind of sad because it suits so well Cain.



Ok. Moving on to the PULSE.



Oh. (Egg's here for Pokedex's reasons). I have to find another pokemon.



Oh. If you don't take Cricketot before Julia, it's gone ? I'm so sad right now. Where are my relationship points ?



Still no Snubbull giveaway, huh ? 



Last time was rainy, now the weather is stormy. Without PokeSnax, Sakurai won't reach his final form today.



So, I've finally found someone who can learn Cut. Back to business.



VS Zel #1



Tangrowth is very scary. I mean, for my team.



But I have some weapons that can tear him down.



If I survived two Acid Sprays in a row, I could have used Endeavor. Too bad. I could have sacrificed Sakurai and won with Glucose only but how cruel would that be?



So, it's back to basics with Arne Vinzon and his deadly Wind.



Two hits didn't kill ... and I deserve it because I didn't think this through:


  • Icy Wind : 55 BP * Super-Effective * Filter = 82,5.
  • Bubble Beam : 65 BP * STAB * Sea Incense * Rain * Non-Effective Move = 87,75.


So, next time, if there is no rain but Torrent is activated, I'll know what to do. Tangrowths should not be issues anymore.



So, this is the end of this update. Things are getting interesting. I hope you guys enjoyed it. See you!





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Remember when I say this about Sakurai's movepool ?

On 9/13/2018 at 4:46 PM, Teto said:

Sakurai's movepool was pretty tough to decide. He can get Perish Song and Wish by egg moves. On one hand, Perish Song ensures a free win against Solaris' Garchomp but I find it cheap. I will try another method for that. Wish is pretty good for healing the team but this girl is so slow and so frail that I don't think it could work. Many other fairy mons learn Wish so I will manage with them.

And this about the fact that Popplio was learning Icy Wind ?

On 9/13/2018 at 4:46 PM, Teto said:

This is the reason that I started this run just now. E18 and USUM contents added this brilliant move to Primarina's line. And god, it will make things so easier. It was doable before but now, it is less painful.

Well, I wish I chose Wish instead of Misty Terrain. And Icy Wind was definitely the only reason I manage to beat Fern and Florinia. And other things too, sure.


Click on the spoiler to see why.



Oh, boi.



This is so amazing!



Look at those stats! This is a top-tier without doubt!



What better way to start this episode? It's still raining but grooming was enough to evolve Sakurai. Fun fact: the Soothe Bell girl was still talking trash about her little time before evolving.



So, let's take down this school.



Rude. And where are your friends when it's not raining? I think you don't belong here either.



You know. Fern could be moonwalking during this scene, I wouldn't be surprised.



My way through Onyx school consisted of "13 reasons why Sakurai loses". I switched her out a lot.



Rare footage of Sakurai taking down a foe one-on-one. (She won, trust me)



Hmm. Interesting.



Meeting the school bully.



VS Fern #2



I always forgot that he leads with Sandile. So let's try this.



Misty terrain is useful here. Sandile bites Sakurai again and again. But Sakurai is a gum, so it doesn't work.



Nevermind, the terrain doesn't boost Disarming Voice. But what would it? It wouldn't make any sense.



Next one is Roselia. Of course, it outspeeds me. And the Naughty nature is already a handicap.



This is the only way I could have defeated this Roselia. Actually, I had another but I didn't know it back then. So, thanks again Icy Wind!



So, Icy Wind wasn't a one-shot move. And I managed to hurt him first because Razor Leaf missed. I felt bad for Fern so I chose Aqua-Jet to make things right. It just tells me that I should have sacrificed another mon to heal Arne Vinzon in order to win this battle without haxx. None of this makes sense.



So, I let Glucose deliver the final blow. Worth it.



Well, that was the first time I had to try a battle twice during this run. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to be in trouble before Corey. Spoiler alert: I was a fool.


So, le'ts move on to the core of this episode and of Reborn City.


Aka Voltorb Flip.



Seriously, I love this thing.





Let's go getting schooled by Florinia.



At least, you've been right like ten times.



Because I failed with other sets, I needed few changes that implied Common Candies to learn old moves. So, here is the team that made the trick to beat Florinia.



And, of course, the MVP.



And the other MVP. Seriously, it was impossible without this merchant. I wasn't aware of this existence before this battle. Maybe with Wish instead of Misty terrain, I could have avoided the Potion spam. I've used 7 so far.



VS Florinia



So, here is my lead. Sakurai with the Seed.



Charm was very useful as it allowed me to survive more than two-hits.



And, then, this. Sakurai is now very difficult to take down.



Maractus, so far, spammed Needle Arm, which is boosted and reached, I think, 90 BP. And it has a chance to flinch! But as long as it doesn't flinch first round, I'm fine.



Time to sweep a little.



"Very difficult to take down" indeed. I regret not choosing Wish. It would have been so beautiful.



So, yeah. Sakurai's first kill. I used to Stockpile three times during previous attempts but Maractus tended to set up Spikes. And I really didn't want that.



So, yeah. Sakurai can take down a Breloom. After a Charm, she only took 12 HP with Mach Punch.



Trying to be special, huh? (Sakurai was low-HP so the AI assumed Mega Drain was enough)



But, suddenly, Florinia switched and took a welcome Round crit. Cottonee wins his duel with Leech Seed, so there's no point staying here. In other attempts, Sakurai took down Breloom and it was so satisfying.



Nice switch!



One more down. Leech Seed is troublesome though.



What would be my life without Icy Wind?



We're getting to the tough part. Florinia still has her two powerful stallers. The Telluric Seed helps wearing Ferroseed down.



I forgot I was seeded.



Without a Fire-type, it is very difficult to take down this nuts.



Suddenly, double switch! So, back to Glucose.



Smack Down hurts. Back to the Potion spam.



Trying my game plan against Cradily, but Ferroseed came back. Works for me.



Ferroseed is down!



A kill = a free switch. And let me show you how Glucose's movepool can be so useful. Thank you Reborn for making me discover and love a new Pokemon.



Icy Wind again. But that was risky. Disarming voice would have been enough.



Oh right, this guy.


I was garbage at taking Cacnea down. I have to use a Cotton Candy to bring Glucose back. I even needed Sakurai to set up Misty Terrain since Sand Tomb was too strong. A Super Potion on Arne Vinzon would have been enough during the previous screenshot and maybe Icy Wind was a roll too. So, I didn't screenshot this part since the climax of this battle had already happened.



Anyway. It was though but we did it! This is so satisfying. I don't regret the potion spam because it was a 3v6 after all. I'm very happy because I have to find the best of every member of my team to win this battle (the best of Arne Vinzon being Icy Wind haha).



Canopy. This is the name of a song that I really like. Check it out! There is a translation of the lyrics in the comments.





Nature Power. There are a lot of Fairy/Grass type so this move will be useful I think.



I spend a lot of time in this school (most of this run so far actually). And interestingly, I learned a lot about my team. Good times.



And next time, the team will grow.


Difficulty is now present in this run. I hope you enjoyed it! See you!


P.S.: Some fails against Florinia:



Yeah. Critical Needle Arm meant instant-death even after a Charm. Luckily, it happened only once.



Misty Terrain turns Nature Power into Mist Ball (Latias signature move). And it has like 50% of lowering your Spe.Att. So, yeah. Not a good idea.



I tried to defeat Florinia with sheer power. Glucose used Belly Drum and Facade with a Normal Gem to activate Unburden. I think Cradily felt something but I'm not sure.



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53 minutes ago, Teto said:


Nature Power. There are a lot of Fairy/Grass type so this move will be useful I think.

It even gets priority by Prankster. You will love Whimsicott. 😉 

Good job so far! Keep going, fellow monorunner! 😊

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22 hours ago, Jess said:

It even gets priority by Prankster. You will love Whimsicott. 😉 

Good job so far! Keep going, fellow monorunner! 😊

Oh, I didn't realize that. This is actually overpowered. If I get lucky with the mystery egg, I don't think I will use Cottonee unless I can't get past a challenge. This is kind of game-breaking early game ^^

Thank you for welcoming me in the monotype community.

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So I'm not the only one who likes poplio early game because of icy wind. Looking good so far though Corey will probably make you soft reset more than Florinia .

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2 hours ago, rayyan said:

So I'm not the only one who likes poplio early game because of icy wind. Looking good so far though Corey will probably make you soft reset more than Florinia .

This move is really a game-breaker. It wasn't always indispensable but, for instance, I don't see how I could have beaten Ferroseed without it. And while I underestimated Florinia's stall power, I haven't come up with a game plan that can counter Corey's sweep power yet ^^. But again, Icy Wind might be the answer to all my problems, especially if the question is Crobat.

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Making our way through vines, roots and the mud.


We are now done with Tangrowths.




We continue right where we took off. Meet Argos (Ulysses' dog ... I'm equally satisfied and disappointed by my imagination on this one). Argos is the bulky fairy puppy who tanks hits and fights back with strong moves. These good IVs came with Close-Combat but I will consider Heal Bell later. I think there is a move tutor who can teach that. Why Heal Bell on this guy when Aromatherapy is a mainstream move among Fairy types? Because Z-Heal Bell. Otherwise, about his bulk, Intimidate will be really useful when I can get it but his Spe.Def is abyssal. Fortunately, we will catch a Spe.Def tank this episode.



Let's go to Jasper. I've always find this area adequately oppressive, especially because of the music.



That's kind of badass.



But what's really badass is that Argos has evolved. And he will break faces.



Foes are getting stronger and some members of my team struggle a lot.



But this guy? Well, he eats even the bones.



Another Sakurai strat incoming?



I've always liked Taka's introduction speech. Even after knowing a lot better his personality, it's still ambiguous.



VS Taka #1



First, let's scramble some eggs. Two hits are enough.



Then, this guy. Hmmm. Let's say it's my second attempt. During the first one, we've got a little chat which didn't end well.



Oh, this time, you're plotting? Fine by me.


2qzhFNA.png z2XTOu7.png

That didn't kill? Yikes, Argos' invincibility is already shattered.



Aqua-Jet kill count: 1.


rfFz2my.png YkyavY9.png

Next, the Tangrowth. You know the drill here.


xNov6GG.png qIcv97L.png

Cry, baby, cry.



AI is smart. He used Mega-Drain ...


kCgUkNg.png UVpUS2f.png

Next turn, you're done.



Oh, you can cheat too?


ACQtwyJ.png pjl22e8.png

Surviving at 1-HP actually mattered.


sZMlCDt.png M14QlCP.png

It's been a while since the Icy Wind spam, huh?



See? Icy Wind couldn't kill without Sakurai tanking some hits. So, thank you Sakurai.


On 9/15/2018 at 3:03 PM, Teto said:

Tangrowths should not be issues anymore.

Who said that again?



You're a very good singer indeed, Arne Vinzon. But it won't help here.



After all that happened, if you want to beat bad guys up in my place, I'll gladly let you my protagonist spot.



Let's go to Beryl. I can finally breathe. It's incredible how a simple peaceful music can change the way I feel about two similar areas.



Did you Potion spam as well? Because it works, trust me. Seriously, how can Fern can take down Cradily with his team?



What better place to hatch an egg?



Taka's Ace has been chosen for plot reasons. This is mainstream among us but I wanted to point it out. Reborn had good details since the beginning.



Meet our second teammate of this episode. Morelull is kind of cute.



But first, I need this guy to breed Leech Seed on Morelull. Fun fact: they have low-encounter rate and when they're full life, they just refuse to get caught. So, I came up with a revolutionary way of weakening wild mons. It consisted of Belly Drum + Potion + second Belly Drum + Endeavor. It was e-p-i-c.



And it was worth it. Very good IVs, very good Nature. Name's Starlight. It suits him imo (you can disagree).



Here is the first fight that Starlight won one-on-one.



And ... he learns this. This will be the first time I use this move actually. It will be tough to choose Starlight's movepool. He can learnLeech Seed, Moonblast, Spore, Strength Sap, Giga-Drain, Spotlight and this. Great utility indeed.



Mystery egg is now out of question. It wasn't a Fairy type.


dX8Gkbo.png 9gTbsAS.png

Ok, let's take down our last Tangrowth. Here is my team so far. Panpour is here to Cut things. Not using him at all during this battle is mandatory.



How can you face her? I mean, level-wise.


ONz7FxO.png Ipoxi35.png

Just. Love. This.



VS Taka & ZEL


2xcomw3.png iLr0USh.png

Let's put pressure. Argos doesn't need a lot of XP to level-up so he is far stronger than everything else. Arne Vinzon took two Bullet Seeds.



Actually, I lost once. Because there were 3 Bullet Seeds shot the first time. So, Espeon targeted Arne Vinzon instead and it changed the battle outcome (no Icy Wind, no win).


AUtwA6p.png 7ymwIBJ.png

So, same formula here.



Argos survives this ...


WZbFXmE.png dYDnHDe.png

... and sweeps! Lucky us, Umbreon could have been troublesome.


I6zDY7u.png zbM5I3x.png

Glucose took Argos' place. And Aqua-Jet kill count : Still 1 (Chatot's speed was lowered so I didn't really need it).


k8Gi5vU.png oD54BvH.png

5ObfYdL.png omaPnZ5.png

(Fake Tears + Icy Wind) * 2.



And as a conclusion for these quite challenging Tangrowth's battles, let me show you that I learned my math lesson.



This is a foreshadowing of next episode.



I Hate Fairyland fans, let's all appreciate this line.



You know what's coming next update. I haven't done it yet as I'm writing this so I'm a bit afraid. I hope you enjoyed the run so far. See you!


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After a countless number of resets before I came up with a way to defeat him, it took me the same amount of F12-mashing before I manage to actually fight back. Then, it was just a question of landing my moves.


Corey, I'll miss you. Like you promised, you gave me hell.




You've never been so right, chief.


ydn3aFT.png DmjiySE.png

Bubble Beam becomes a Poison/Water move. Meanwhile, with Aftermath, Skuntank becomes a living trap.



Looking at Sakurai's movepool and IVs, I think I will run her physical because she will have learned almost everything necessary in the following levels.



You will bring down a lot of people, Corey, not only me. Let me introduce you who:



The one who has learned enough utility moves to make a difference.



The one who can't abuse setup strats anymore.



The one-trick otary.



The one that people often mistake with a juggernaut.



And this little guy.


All items are absolutely necessary. I will try to explain my gameplan as clearly as possible.



Don't worry, I will.



I will see this screen in my dreams tonight.


QAMfrBo.png u7Uaj0r.png

Let's start with sheer power. There are few pokemons in Corey's team that Starlight can outspeed.



I just remember that I have utility moves.



Nature Power? Why?



You think Starlight handled poorly this Skrelp? He is actually exactly where I wanted him to be.



It was a roll. It caused of lot of resets.



Because Sakurai has to Slam Croagunk with her round Body. But it has to not kill him. I wanted to level up Sakurai to avoid the previous roll but leaving Croagunk alive was necessary.



Why? Because Argos has to avenge her ... and get poisoned.



Time for the duel between two badasses.



This Acid Spray from Skuntank was strong.


Y5Z2Yej.png MDbN5IJ.png

But not strong as Argos unleashing his full power. Normal Gem and status ensured the kill because Skuntank is bulky. Do you know that this guy can take out most physical threats in 1v1? Thanks to aftermath of course.



Speaking of aftermath, Skuntank sends his regards. A beautiful duel indeed.



Now, this situation. Fortunately, I predicted Corey's choice first time.



And it matches mine perfectly. Before, it was a speed-tie so I have to level-up Starlight a little (thanks level cap).



Now, my game plan is fulfilled.



The final act. Alea jacta est.


ndz5zXE.png zdEpAzk.png

The thing is that Mereanie one-shots almost everyone in my team. And Starlight dying from poison during the previous turn (thanks to his duel versus Skrelp) allows a free switch to Glucose. Glucose can setup freely. Mereanie has like 33% of chances of waking up at the first turn (of course it happened twice, forcing reset but not this time). I've tried to put Mereanie to sleep and only next turn switch to Glucose but it was risky, because Mereanie had to sleep 3 whole turns, which is the maximum.


I wanted a clear win.



I had to activate Unburden somehow. That was a way of doing it with my inventory.



Of course, it does the trick.


ya9xqlc.png FZeu2s4.png

Because my teammates took down every threats that could prevent Glucose's sweep (best counters were Croakgun's Sucker Punch and Skuntank's aftermath), Glucose is wandering free in the poison mist.



And now, the final question.



Do I outspeed Crobat? Level 30 Crobat EV-trained was too fast for my first Unburden Glucose. So, thanks again level cap. We will see if I need EV-train in the Underground Railnet.



Battling with you was an eternal cycle. So, I'm both happy and sorry that we have to end this.





What a relief.



After all these efforts? You can take off the good times we had.



Why game? Why?



Your work here is done. And you were all fabulous.



I look forward to our rematch Crobat. My whole game plan was set to defeat you. You were here only one turn but were present in spirit the whole battle. It's crazy that if Corey was leading (or even sending second turn) with this guy, it would have been another story.



Just. How? How did you reach the gym after me? Were you lurking in the forest and catching bugs?



Nothing. Fern. Just the plot.



Which we will be experiencing next update. I hope you guys enjoyed this "little" battle. I sure enjoy struggling. I never thought Monotype would be so fun. It just enhances the difficulty of some battles and it's very rewarding (while other should be easier, but nothing of that so far haha). See you!





Now, you won't be taking advantage of the field. My Fairy types are so bulky with their Spe.Def boosted. You're going down!


After taking down one pokemon ...



So the poison mist disappeared too, huh? ... Did I just lose half of my HP upon switch-in?





Wait ...


Did I just update an episode without Icy Wind?





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Miss this run? Yes, no? Regardless of your answer, I would like to pursue it and share all the fun I'm having.


I like to think that Corey was the early-game first true boss (even if Florinia gave me serious trouble). So, the previous posts could be called Season 1:"Lost Fairies". Season 2 would start now and the main gimmick of this part is that I will finally make use of a team of 6 pokemons. I may drop the title later.


So, sit down and enjoy these apparently weak fairies proving that there should be underestimated (From now only, because let's be serious here, Popplio has done most of the work and saved the run countless times and he isn't a true fairy type yet. Is this following the true monotype rules? I hope so.)




A murder? Well, it could look that way.


But wait, does that mean I'm a suspect? Fern could totally have played a trick on us: "I saw her! She pushed this poor gym leader from the bridge!"



I am quite nervous because I will make a new acquaintance. And I have great expectations for this one.



God, I did see that screen a lot.


pBAOOJL.jpg xgG95Qm.jpg

It took me several attempts to memorize the solution from here and several others to finally meet the one.


4Db919x.jpg e8pD5D3.jpg

The one and only ... Honeymoon. I guess Wish and Moonblast pairing to the Honey merchant gave me this nickname idea. Besides, Wish is the mandatory god-sent eggmove. Plus, this guy learns naturally Calm Mind and Psychic ... the last on level 48. Well, you already know that I will abuse Common Candies to get past Aya, the next true boss.



I spent so much time in this shop it started to rain.



Speaking of the weather as a typical french (just watch What the Fuck France), I think Aqua Gang is a better choice since I will get Rain Dance earlier (and Choice Spec too I think?). Starlight and Arne Vinzon are already grateful.



A little battle that showcases our Honeymoon.



What a lovely couple.


xqsNIdW.jpg d0hv9yk.jpg

First, we exchange bubbles. I could be in a jaccuzzi right now.



But of course, it's rainy. So, if there are already Honeymoon doubters out there, I guess you're right. The marriage is dead.



Fortunately, Starlight didn't have to tank this. I learned only recently that a double super effective move (in this case Poison on a Grass/Fairy) multiplies damages by 3 and not by 4. My whole life has been a lie.


g1YJVQj.jpg w3RYR8d.jpg

It's time for the counterattack.


h0nEHHM.jpg IvIKrGi.jpg

Sakurai was kind of trash. So, I tried this duo instead and they have a good synergy. I guess that Honeymoon will shine later.



A few turns later, our foes are down. I think I've just found the guys who will take down Amaria (yes I'm daydreaming).

The following events consisted of getting a bicycle. I hope you'll forgive me for skipping this part. Plus, I didn't draw Gertrude (my protagonist) on a bike because I'm lazy.



Instead, back to the plot: our boi Corey murder suicide scene.



In the monotype glance guide, I saw that we could get a Carbink before Shelly. I looked it up and it turns out that Carbink is a 1/5 chance event when you trade a Sunkern with some weird guy.  And I have no clue where to get that seed pokemon. I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, because, Carbink learns Stealth Rocks. And these entry hazards are an automatic-win against Shelly. Guess I will adapt my gameplan.



Hello badass character. I'm glad I will meet my boi Corey again. Even from hell, he will bring me hell.


Let's skip the chitchat and move on to the beautiful cave.



Hello Solaris free-win insurance.



I've finally found another ability capsule. Intimidate is kind of welcome, especially because I was having way too much encounters. Honeymoon was dying a lot.


tTEd24X.jpg sIjGHfz.jpg

But as soon as I placed Argos in the front teamspot, Intimidate acted as a Repel: I've got stronger encounters in the main cave. They're weak but still!


PbB9hTn.jpg ZStr7AS.jpg

Actually, in the debuts of civilization, people came to the locations where resources were abundant (the sea, the river, the forest, the volcano moved by Giratina). And I guess that the meteor was providing a limitless amount of energy and above all a permanent source of light during the night. This gave people a good reason to stay here and start a sedentarization. So, it makes real sense that the city was built around it. Maybe they even started a cult about it, which Solaris ancestors were part of. I mean, how can you build such city without resources and energy, and of course some religion to unify people around a cause? Do you even Age of Empires?



Hey, don't be offended!



But the real problem is Aster and Eclipse. I guess Sakurai could be a good lead.


XX5MZlv.jpg sixeAGZ.jpg

We have them surrounded! They won't stand a chance! Well, nevermind, we're fighting them side by side.


VS Aster & Eclipse #2




Good cat.


00KNExg.jpg axHORab.jpg

Aster & Hardy using Hardy's strat before it was cool. Connect 4 Rock Slides.



Thanks to Friend Guard ability, Torracat survives this round. And Sakurai can tease some boulders.



It was so tempting to bring these two Gen 7 starters together.


zqnEDCJ.jpg FRCMocx.jpg



lbWgDTj.jpg 0oerFS1.jpg

Welp, it was good while it lasted.



I missed that move so much. Don't judge me.



My heart stopped beating here. Then, the animation started on the poor Kirlia.


rO8eVYJ.jpg zHsH3ag.jpg

Then, we exchange double target moves. Lycanroc's No Guard ability was a double-edge sword.



Charm was worth it as it allowed Kirlia to survive this turn but he wasted his chance to perform by setting up.


q93UqpP.jpg ZJvF1DZ.jpg

But wait, we're faster now! Too bad that didn't kill (I forgot to replace the Pecha Berry with the Sea Incense).


Oy2If6r.jpg iq44Nl2.jpg

I was sure that Magical Leaf was a multi-target move. One learns something everyday (every hour in my case).



Torrent ability activated. The terrain gave Rock Slide Grass type during the previous turn then Water/Fire type this turn. Arne Vinzon is lucky as always.


KDinkMm.jpg rgeF1bD.jpg

But not as lucky as Pancham who landed 4 hits on Solrock!


sgxqUhQ.jpg R0TFXwQ.jpg

Last but not least, a duel occurs between two priority moves. And the terrain saved us, again.


clAJJOB.jpg lN0GtbD.jpg

It didn't kill because Pancham missed so I gave the XP to Honeymoon.



Wait, what? Why?


Arne Vinzon Aster & Eclipse's nightmare confirmed.


Beautiful. I will never regret picking this shiny.



This move targets everyone in double battles. I am not sure it was a good idea.



The last move that Sakurai will learn naturally, a very good move which is enhanced by the omnipresent Factory Field.



What better way to end this episode?



Don't listen to them, Sakurai. You're not useless.


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^ditto 😛 I once tried a fairy monotype run but got bored after Shelly. For some reason though, you're 10x better at this and the strats are interesting to read!

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On 12/2/2018 at 2:34 PM, Archeric said:

more ppl need to know about this

Well, you nailed it ^^


On 12/2/2018 at 6:16 PM, Candy said:

^ditto 😛 I once tried a fairy monotype run but got bored after Shelly. For some reason though, you're 10x better at this and the strats are interesting to read!

Aaaa thanks! I'll do my best  to keep this entertaining. I'll try to find other elegant ways to defeat my next opponents but I haven't found one for Shelly yet.


I wonder if you started your run before E18 because Icy Wind has been my win-condition so far.

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1 hour ago, Teto said:

I wonder if you started your run before E18 because Icy Wind has been my win-condition so far.

yep, I started in E16 I think lol so neither popplio nor icy wind were around at the time xD

I'd give it a try again, except I have like so many custom runs on hold 😛 I should finish those first

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@Teto , I think you should try for a Carbink. As far as I remember, you need to breed Sunflora to get one. They can be found in... Obsidia Park.😉


You might wanna keep your Arne Vinzon up at front. Cause it gets lucky often, why not? Or perhaps Victoria's Pancham as it got a lucky 4 hit Arm Thrust. 🧐

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On 9/20/2018 at 2:19 AM, Teto said:

Just. How? How did you reach the gym after me? Were you lurking in the forest and catching bugs?


Well, in this case, no. Remember, Fern was ahead of you but Corey was working for Team Meteor. I mean, like, he literally was busy working with Team Meteor and the PULSE.

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You could probably beat Solaris if this tactic works: Arne Vinzon + Air Balloon + Moonblast.


Solaris' s Garchomp would lead with Earthquake (I think) as Dragon Type moves would not work and Fire Fang would be a waste. The Air Balloon would let Arne Vinzon dodge the first Earthquake, before the AI presumably switches to Fire Fang for popping the Air Balloon. That would give you the chance for the first Moonblast, and if your Ace can withstand a Fire Type Attack, a second Moonblast can be used. If the Garchomp is still not knocked down, then you will get a chance to heal but Solaris will too. So, a critical hit is much appreciated.

   Plus, the level cap is level 45 at that time and Arne Vinzon will learn Moonblast at level 44.

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 You could keep a Delcatty, you know. For, both Skitty and Delcatty are in the Fairy egg group










On 12/2/2018 at 12:23 AM, Teto said:


What a lovely couple.

   They are both male, you know. 

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12 hours ago, Lost Swordsman said:

 You could keep a Delcatty, you know. For, both Skitty and Delcatty are in the Fairy egg group


I think this one is a mono fairy type, so not including egg groups 😕


12 hours ago, Lost Swordsman said:

   They are both male, you know. 

Two males can be a lovely couple 😩 👌


10 hours ago, Lost Swordsman said:

The post would be too big you know.


I think it's a good idea to keep everything in one post, even if it gets big, because you want to avoid getting a warning point for multi-posting!

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6 hours ago, Candy said:

I think this one is a mono fairy type, so not including egg groups 😕


Two males can be a lovely couple 😩 👌


I think it's a good idea to keep everything in one post, even if it gets big, because you want to avoid getting a warning point for multi-posting!

1. That's sad.😐

2. I'd prefer nothing of such.😣

3. At least I get a point, @Candy🍫 .😏

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On 12/23/2018 at 1:35 PM, Lost Swordsman said:

@Teto , I think you should try for a Carbink. As far as I remember, you need to breed Sunflora to get one. They can be found in... Obsidia Park.😉

I want to! But I looked up and it turns out that Sunflora is available when the city is restored. Plus, it's still a 1/5 chance of being an actual Carbink. Just like for the mystery egg which had 4 broken Fairies, I don't want to rely on this kind of RNG to progress. Bennet V2 will be the first to face my Carbink. And he will suffer a lot.


On 12/25/2018 at 11:25 AM, Lost Swordsman said:

You could probably beat Solaris if this tactic works: Arne Vinzon + Air Balloon + Moonblast.

Why not! It could allow me free Intimidate turns (my current game plan). But Garchomp still has Stone Edge so Primarina remains vulnerable. I'll have to find something else because Moonblast doesn't OHKO ... We're not there yet anyway!


On 12/25/2018 at 11:28 AM, Lost Swordsman said:

 They are both male, you know

I tend to forget the sex of my party but I can assure you they were happy the few turns they shared together.

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5 hours ago, Teto said:

Why not! It could allow me free Intimidate turns (my current game plan). But Garchomp still has Stone Edge so Primarina remains vulnerable. I'll have to find something else because Moonblast doesn't OHKO ... We're not there yet anyway!

    Well, it would do if Arne Vinzon lands 3-4 Moonblasts and survives a few Stone Edges. Though, she would require high special defence to survive (Or was it just defence).

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