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  1. AdamJae

    Devon corp. tiles

    Oh yeah, forgot about that. Thanks. Btw which mega stone is it?
  2. AdamJae

    Devon corp. tiles

    Wait. I didn't fight Zel. I only entered the pulse room after I released everyone and then I saw a broken pulse machine and that's it.
  3. AdamJae

    Devon corp. tiles

    So I just completed the Devon corp. building quest and I went to watch a walkthrough o how to find the devon scope. While watching I noticed that other players were affected by the purple tiles. Meanwhile, mine didn't work. I was free to walk whichever way I wanted and kept wondering why some parts of the room were put there if I could just walk right through. I'm actually laughing rn. Also, how DO you get the devon scope? I'm guessing it's the silver pokeball, correct?
  4. AdamJae

    'Where do I go now?'

  5. AdamJae

    'Where do I go now?'

    I hope someone sees this. I stopped playing for a month and now idk where to go. It's right after the city restoration. I already talked to Adrienn in coral ward.
  6. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    WOW! That's one battle ready ralts. Thanks
  7. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    That would be wonderful! My name's AdamJae. Is there anything you would want in return?
  8. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    My level 76 Gardevoir actually disappeared into thin air and she was holding a twisted spoon. I don't have a mind plate to boost Ralt's psychic type attacks, so can someone help me find it?
  9. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    @Walpurgis Thank you! I'm assuming this got rid of the invisible espeon. I'll only be able to check it out next friday though.
  10. Ok so I found out that there's an invisible espeon following me and probably the cause of the "You can't do this while with someone else" message. It's not from any mod an I've never had an espeon on this save file. Another thing, you can make it use future sight an that will make the screen look weird. Help...?
  11. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    Is there a version for Ep 18? Or can I put certain files from Ep. 17's version? @Kamu
  12. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    Btw it's not crucial to get the file working properly again. I can play from the start even though I'll lose 200 hours of gameplay.
  13. I had my computer wiped and put my Game.rxdata and one back up file in a usb and now I've downloaded the game again and in the save files I can't surf, fly or ride a bike because apparently I'm with someone even though I'm alone. Could this be because I played with the follower mod before I took those files? Game.rxdata
  14. AdamJae

    LN's Giveaway

    Why am I tagged?