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  1. It was nice to finally get that off of my chest not gonna lie.
  2. We'll I hope you feel at ease now because trust me I've been there. Welcome to the Reborn Forum.
  3. I have two things to say: 1. First off thank you for the welcome 2. Good luck on that nuzlocke, your gonna need it.
  4. I had no idea about these events since I just come here to see the updating progress or try and getting a save file fixed or looking for a pokemon/item. While yes I saw the little note on the updated date that something was going on but thought nothing of it. My initial thought okay maybe they're taking a break. I hope Ame gets well and try no to stress yourselves too much into finishing it. Good luck with the rest of your projects.
  5. Good day to you people of the Reborn Forum, my name is Shiny_Umbreon Orion (not gonna tell everyone my real name just yet) and I'm an 18yo male who is now in college and I've been a lurker here for about a year and finally had the balls to truly introduce myself. I barely made myself visible to everyone because I don't want people to think of me as something I'm not (like a stalker, pervert, or hacker trust me I'm none of those things). I would just come here in case I had a problem with save files or having to find a certain item or Pokemon. The first mainstream pokemon game I played was Pokemon fire red for the game boy advance when I was 6 years old and I only used my Charmander through the entirety of the game. 12 years later I started to play Pokemon Reborn around EP17 and have been enjoying the story a lot. The game is amazing and good luck on the developers on finishing it and I hope the ending is a good one. I hope I make myself feel at home here than any other forum, actually this is the first forum I'd ever joined. When I first started playing reborn I had no idea what I was getting myself into and thought cool another pokemon fan game, but it was no ordinary Pokemon Fan Game, I'd played other pokemon fan games like insurgence, uranium, sage, and Solar Light and Lunar Dark. When the train crashed it caught me off guard and my reaction was a WTF reaction and now realized that it might go downhill fast. The started I chose was Charmander and in my first try, I kid you not it was shiny. I didn't know the chances for a shiny were better in this game and I ended up finding shiny after shiny. I love most of the characters except Fern (A**hole) and enjoyed how the story gave me most of the details for these characters. As the story unfolds I started to think "Dam... this is way darker than insurgence by a long shot." as soon as I meet Lin I have thought okay let's see what scares everyone and saw what the damage was at on point (not gonna say it in case someone new reads this and doesn't know the story). My occupation now is making videos on Youtube and started to Live Stream myself playing reborn as I found it fun to do and got others into it as well (no this is not a self-promotion). I hope I get to know more people who play the game and I'm excited about EP19 and to see how they're going to end it (I hope the developers don't overwork themselves up because of it). See you all around.
  6. Well, welcome to the forum. Hope you have a dozy here.
  7. Welcome... to the Reborn Forum (Insert Jurassic park music).
  8. I know it's late to greet you but whatever welcome to the Forums.
  9. Hello. I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do.
  10. Just because it's called rock blast doesn't mean it's special. Trust me I felt stupid to when I realized it.
  11. Your best bet try doing the parafusion (Paralyze and Confusion) technique and at the start try taking out the masquraine. If the swalot helps it helps just add the Parafusion to it with your Ampharos.
  12. @ToDieKaren from the Gen 2 games.
  13. Try getting a Pokémon that can benefit in the rain. Trust me.
  14. Take all the time you need to finish the game. Making and updating two games at the same time must feel tiring so don't burn yourselves out.
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