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  1. Progfan_r

    Hi Meet My Friend!

    How did you get Meech to be perfect IVs if you got it in Opal Ward and didn't breed it?
  2. Progfan_r

    [E18] Joltik/Galvantula

    Where do I get Joltik or Galvantula? I did the event in Peridot and got a Grubbin. But I am unable to find Joltik anywhere even post-restoration.
  3. How does the rainbow field stack with move-type changing abilities like Pixilate or Galvanize? We know that in the rainbow field, special Normal moves increase in power by 1.5 times and they have a random type added. Abilities like Pixilate change the type of Normal moves to Fairy moves and increase their power by 1.2 times. But how do these 2 effects stack? Does a Pixilate and Rainbow field-boosted Hyper Voice become a pure Fairy-type move? Or does it become Fairy+ a random type? Do the power boosts stack?
  4. Progfan_r

    Teddiursa in Peridot (E18)

    I am searching for Teddiursa in Peridot and am unable to find it. Can someone help? I already had the first encounter near the secret pond and the one below the name rater's house. I have since searched in all the various spots (Mosswater, Blacksteam, the fountain, the garbage dumpsters, underneath Opal bridge, Seacrest's garden, Grandview station) and still can't find it. Weather is clear and I searched during the daytime. I am playing on the public release version of E18.
  5. Progfan_r

    Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough Discussion

    Any chance you'll be updating this for E18? Great work nonetheless.
  6. Progfan_r

    Dragon Den field note (32)

    Edit: Never mind. I got it. I thought Titania's gym was inaccessible.
  7. Progfan_r

    Dragon Den field note (32)

    Hello, I am continuing my game from E17 to E18 without starting a new save file. I understand that the Dragon Den field note was made available in E18 in Titania's gym. But since I am continuing the game from my previous save file, I haven't been able to obtain it. Is there any other way to get it?
  8. Progfan_r

    Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough Discussion

    There's one thing I found you've appeared to have missed. After beating Amaria, I got a Choice band from the guy who earlier gives you an Onix after your first badge in Lower Peridot. I found him in the same location where his apartment was (pre-restoration).
  9. @walpurgis Okay, thanks. Back to it then. But does the encounter rate increase after the lake clean-up?
  10. No matter how many rocks I smash, I have been unable to find Binacle in Apophyll Beach. is there any specific time of day or weather required for it?