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  1. In v11 looking around all item through debug mode, I found a Silvally crest, that gave him +10 to all base stats making him unstoppable. Updating to v12 I still have it but it now says that it gives a different effect for each memory held. Now, this crest can't be equipped, but I think it may actually work because Jan in the changelog says that he had given a lot of new effects. - Silvally Crest now has a ton of Extra Effects. In my playthrough I haven't found it, even in the item list of the chapter there isn't any trace. Someone knows the various effects or where to actually found it?
  2. By his twitter account, he lives in NYC. So for me in Italy, there's a difference of +6 hours from him. Damn.
  3. Ooh thank you so much, I didn't know there was this bug
  4. So I recently started a new run of rejuvenation and near the end of the currently available content, specifically when Melia and Erin find out the true nature of the interceptor, Erin then asks Melia if she trusts the MC. In this run, Melia answer that she doesn't trust them (them?) at all, but in my previous game, she answered that without the MC she wouldn't be there. I think that this change of attitude is caused by the route I took, that of not set up Flora, differently of the previous run where I went searching with Erin. Now, is it how I thought here or because I don't have enough relationship point with Melia, due to not having done the Rift Gyarados with Crawly?
  5. So, I'm replaying reborn and I was challenging Titania, I didn't remember in my last playthrough that her klefki was immune to fire attacks. Is there an explanation for this? Cause I didn't see any information about in the field notes.
  6. Can someone tell me where is the guy about the journey to johto?
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