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  1. If you mean skipping the animations, that's in this pack:
  2. Yea, Roar is MVP in that fight. Quagsire also has a Seed, so it's type is also ???. Similarly, it has no weaknesses. You don't have to go all the way back. Just walk out the room (or loose). When you enter the PC again, you appear right back in the battle room.
  3. I'd move out ASAP if anything even related to the events that happen in the story happen while I lived there. Team Meteor can have it.
  4. I can get very worked up over boss fights. It's a good type of worked up though. Invested
  5. Personally I used a Mega Houndoom with Heat Wave. Coupled with Ninetales for Drought. Ninetales very rarely even got off a move before Houndoom had already 1shot both opponents.
  6. I strongly recommend taking a few turns just before you end the Single Battle to use items to revive your team. Or at any point where you are not at risk of taking great damage.
  7. You can catch them ready for battle in the very cave that you use to get there. It's pretty easy to assemble that team.
  8. Someone that did probably opened your save at some point. Did you get it fixed by someone?
  9. IIRC, Pulse Arc, just like Pulse2, is supposed to be mobile. As opposed to the regular Pulse's we've been fighting so far, which are indeed stationary.
  10. Don't see this fight as a battle. See it as a puzzle. One that requires creative problem solving. The easiest solution I found is to catch 4 gravelers with Sturdy, and bulldoze the cave into collapsing, KOing the Ditto. There are numerous other possible solutions.
  11. We'll probably be fighting it on a New World field. So random typing, and a 1,5x increase in Judgement power.
  12. It didn't just "help" against Hardy. The entire fight was him spamming nothing but Rock Slide....
  13. Or just any pokemon with Wide Guard.
  14. It's actually quite strong. I used my ??? Type Silvally to great effect in the Gym battle against Terra. Not being weak to anything makes for quite the generalist tank.
  15. IV's can be changed with a mod, in a roundabout way. There's a mod that, whenever you reach max EV on any stat, you can chose to reset to 0 while gaining +1IV.
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