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  1. Sirrobert

    Itemfinder at the tanzan cove

    It's the quest to get a Torchic. Level 95 content.
  2. Sirrobert


    Probably after you get back to Reborn City.
  3. Sirrobert

    Z bracelet?

    Yea, you get Z and Mega evolutions at around level 85
  4. Sirrobert

    Stuck in Route 1/Nature Center Area

    What do you mean with turn left? There is nothing further to the left than the building and the grand gate. Randomus's castle is all the way to the right side and then down.
  5. Sirrobert

    softlocked (maybe?)

    Switch your team around.
  6. Sirrobert

    softlocked (maybe?)

    Common candies, one of the clowns as normal. Battle items: Not available for purchase.
  7. Sirrobert

    Stuck in Tanzan mountain depths

    There is a healing machine. It's in the dark caves where you need flash to see properly.
  8. Sirrobert

    Railnet Help

    Go back to where you found the car, and keep going beyond that till you rock smash the wall.
  9. Sirrobert

    softlocked (maybe?)

    In the room with the healing machine, there is glass on the floor next to the wall. That is a broken window. You can jump out the broken window and go roaming.
  10. Sirrobert

    Lin's Background

    But why would Arceus himself order the construction of the Arc-PULSE?
  11. Sirrobert

    Lin's Background

    IIRC, Anna remarks that there was no one sitting on the Hydreigon that fought the giant Steelix. Since Anna seems to be able to see something other than the physical form of people (seeing burn scars on Charlotte, the PC glowing, seeing friendship strings on Shelly), this is a clear indication that the Lin we see is not what she really is, if she's even there at all.
  12. Sirrobert

    Railnet puzzle bug

    Go back to where you found the train. And then go beyond.
  13. Sirrobert

    Chasing this stupid gastly

    Just go up and down a few times and it'll get confused.
  14. Sirrobert

    Extremely poor design

    So, you're upset that you need strategy to beat the Gym Leaders and can't just stack your team with the most obvious weakness to their type and auto win? Is that why you're upset about the Hydro Pump?
  15. Sirrobert

    Cain and Shelly's double battle

    Focus on one of the 2 trainers. Dispatch that one's pokemon first. After you do, start working on the other one in a 2v1. Remember that they each have 6 pokemon, so it's 6v12 at first. You need to focus on synergy to beat this one, not just individually strong pokemon.