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  1. Is it really necessary to raise the level cup?
  2. I really don't know what happened. I evolved dragonair in Dragonite without problems. Thanks wcv for helping me.
  3. Game.rxdata Here you are. Please, help me
  4. I have a lvl 40 Dratini, but it doesn't evolve. What can I do to fix it? Is it a bug?
  5. Un altro italiano! Ciao, bello
  6. I found it Thursday night, and it was raining...
  7. The only way, I think, is to have a dragon with endeavour, like axew, drampa or Jangm-o (I'm not sure, but maybe in Agate Circus someone can teach it), an item which works like sturdy, and a move with high priority. Unfortunately, even if axew, drampa and jangm-o can learn endeavour, they don't have a move with high priority. Or you can get a large amount of cotton candys by trade and wait for Garchomp to end every move it knows. Then he'll die for struggle.
  8. Everytime the round is ended, this error appears. EDIT: It happens also with Squirtle's event.
  9. Thank you, I didn't know!
  10. HP = Health Points --> grow is correct
  11. I am fighting against one guy you can fight in the Grand Hall. When I try to revitalize my Shedinja with Cotton Candy, this doesn't work. the item is used, but Shedinja doesn't come alive. I also have to notify that in Agate, the music you hear during the battles doesn't reach the end: they suddenly restart.
  12. Red: 20 Blue: 20 Yellow: 18 Gold: 20 Silver: 21 Crystal: 20 Ruby: 20 Sapphire: 20 Emerald: 20 Diamond: 20 Pearl: 20 Platinum: 19 Black: 21 White: 20 Black 2: 21 White 2: 20 X: 20 Y: 18 Sun: 20 Moon: 20 Ultra Sun: 18 Ultra Moon: 20
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