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    Ciao, Angelo. Bello incontrare altri italiani
  2. Now I got all 733 catchable pokemons. When I didn't, if the pokedex signed an empty slot, when I made an egg of that pokèmon, even befor it hatched, the pokèdex signed it as catched.
  3. I have also another problem. The Eelektross egg's design is missing EDIT: I think it's the design of Tynamo's egg, lol
  4. I am italian, so I'm sorry if I don't speak English perfectly. I noticed that, if I miss a pokèmon in the pokèdex but I make an egg of it, the pokèdex signs it as captured even if the egg is not hatched at all.
  5. Is it really necessary to raise the level cup?
  6. Everytime the round is ended, this error appears. EDIT: It happens also with Squirtle's event.
  7. Thank you, I didn't know!
  8. HP = Health Points --> grow is correct
  9. I am fighting against one guy you can fight in the Grand Hall. When I try to revitalize my Shedinja with Cotton Candy, this doesn't work. the item is used, but Shedinja doesn't come alive. I also have to notify that in Agate, the music you hear during the battles doesn't reach the end: they suddenly restart.
  10. Red: 20 Blue: 20 Yellow: 18 Gold: 20 Silver: 21 Crystal: 20 Ruby: 20 Sapphire: 20 Emerald: 20 Diamond: 20 Pearl: 20 Platinum: 19 Black: 21 White: 20 Black 2: 21 White 2: 20 X: 20 Y: 18 Sun: 20 Moon: 20 Ultra Sun: 18 Ultra Moon: 20
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