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  1. I remember there was a future in reborn site where you make you own team with moveset and u pick your avatar and maken a trainer card.Wheres that now ?What i meant with splashart was the hidden content you created with your teams and reserves (friends from reborn)you said from a painting programm ?
  2. AntonyJr


    Thank you so if i understand correctly i get buizel and houndour if i join magma.
  3. thank you i think that was the weather not foggy so thats explains a lot.Also how do you make these splasharts with your teams ?
  4. My flaffy used discharge on staravia twice without it being super effective.Is this a bug or its something that i dont know like weather( was foggy)?
  5. AntonyJr


    I just arived at lapis ward.What gang should i join?
  6. im searching right now too if u intresteed
  7. He gave me an amazing riolu with lucarionite and super good moves and a marrep with ampharosite he is awesome and doesnt request anything back .
  8. Mine would be probably levitate becasue its like flying in a way
  9. AntonyJr


    i think im looking for a physical one with swards dance close comb ext speed and dont know what else maybe earthqueke or sth else dont know. Btw thank you both for your replies can i ask for more pokemon in the future ? Also how do we trade ?
  10. AntonyJr


    Anyone who willing to give me a riolu ? Sadly i dont have something to return i just started the game and i want riolu to make it friendly and evolve it as fast as possible.
  11. AntonyJr


    Problem solved. Thank you !!
  12. AntonyJr


    I just downloaded the game and a message about fonts pop(one or more fonts used in this game do not exist on the system.The game can be played but the look of the games text will not be optimal.To install the necessary fonts copy the files in this games fonts folder to the fonts folder in control panel). It tells me what to do but i dont know where the control panel fonts are? Sorry if this is too obvius to solve im just bad :D.
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