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  1. The only thing i have to say is try to forget about plusle and simipour. Not so good in this state of the game and later or at least if you like em so much have some sub pokemon that you can swap in your team.
  2. AntonyJr


    ok found it i did it !
  3. AntonyJr


    so how do i go back to this because deleting the font file dont work
  4. AntonyJr


    is there a way to make the game look like this ? I think it has to do with fonts right ?
  5. AntonyJr

    reaper cloth

    yea i found it on a post in reborn that shows all items location but thanks for the answer and your help
  6. AntonyJr

    reaper cloth

    i want to evolve my dusclops where do i find reaper cloth ?
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. AntonyJr


      Thank you a lot !! You are awesome stay healthy man !!

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄 and thanks a lot, i hope you stay healthy as well 😄

  8. Also this was so important for my playthrou since i started with beldum as a starter. Thanks a lot again
  9. I was trying to make the mega ones change in paint.net and i couldnt do it i searched in tutorials and still couldnt fix them.Probably im bad but you are a lifesaver.I would like to see more custom recolors that you made for your favourite pokemons and i may use them
  10. Thank you man thanks a lot
  11. the only problem i have is the quality i dont know how to change it
  12. i will actually use them they so good ty
  13. i resized it but the quality is kinda bad so can you explain what you mean with that
  14. do you have any editing software in mind ?
  15. I want to change shiny metagross color to how it normally is gold and silver.Can i do that? When im changing the battlers to others from internet the image in game is too small. Can someone help ? Compare the normal ones to the ones i found on the internet in the photos down P
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