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  1. Lealush

    NEW sticker guide (Episode 18+)

    Ah thanks figured it was around there since well it's a circus, but had no clue still where at there then thank you.
  2. Lealush

    NEW sticker guide (Episode 18+)

    I feel kinda dumb but I was wondering where you get the balloons the kid is looking for?
  3. Lealush

    E12.1 Bug Fixes

    I have had the box slow down before fully filling like 5 box slots, but I have had my box crash and delete everything once before after catching a whole bunch of pokemon all at once I would recommend not catching so many at a time and move some to other boxs not full yet it might help, I have experienced this only once so not much of help here.
  4. Lealush

    What're YOU listening to?~

    I enjoy Nightcore a lot.>.>
  5. Lealush

    Aaand we're back!

    Well since the hosting is more expensive I would be more then happy to donate if you needed some money that's if it's needed; but wasn't sure so felt like mentioning something at least.