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  1. *bump* These thoughts are going to center on some of the VERY RISKY POTENTIALLY UNCOMFORTABLE issues raised by Three Houses due to previous practices in the Fire Emblem franchise. While none of the scenarios are actually "graphic" in nature, they do lead to usage of the imagination and/or raise concerns when talking bout behaviors that are not considered appropriate by all or even most people today - so I'll be hiding these thoughts behind a spoiler tag so as to avoid discomfort. Yes, we're talking about the Avatar and potential S-Supports here.
  2. I don't know a WHOLE lot about Combat Arts in Three Houses yet - and I wasn't one who used them in Echoes all that often - so I'm kind of neutral on them at this point. They seem to work a bit differently in that instead of siphoning a unit's HP, they might cost more weapon durability per strike. That sounds pretty good if obtaining weapons is not too difficult in the game. From what I've seen so far, the school setting, while somewhat unrealistic on its own (hopefully the game removes us from the combat academy for some reason, especially for many years as Edelgard seems to hint at in the E3 trailer) seems to be a very decent place to develop relationships in a strictly support sense. I prefer support conversations to be more "slice of life" than "in the heat of battle" because it allows for the characters to expound a little bit about themselves. With Echoes, what saved the "in the heat of battle" supports was the emotions of the voice actors. Having both Full VA and "slice of life", in-depth supports is a new experience, and one that I think is the best of both worlds. The Avatar has a backstory that allows for them to be an interesting support partner. No. Really. You know how other characters can just bring up something in their past, but Robin and Corrin both had some kind of amnesia and that it relegated them to being a wall for the other person to climb? Byleth's past as a mercenary allows them to draw experience from his past and gives him/her the opportunity to BE the one climbing the wall in supports. Not only that, Byleth is also the bridge character between Sothis - the imaginary suspiciously manakete-girl looking friend - and the rest of the cast, so the only way people can know about Sothis is through Byleth telling them about her. This makes for some potentially interesting Avatar-centric supports where they previously were too vanilla on average. Unless of course, this protagonist be silent. Which...is possible too, I guess. Some people think that's a good thing. I don't.
  3. It's another year, and I'm going to end up buying another video game that releases in a strange time window because....it's freaking Fire Emblem. I think. Positives In Fire Emblem Fates, we were last introduced to the a world where two kingdoms had significant familial ties to an individual, and the world building was focused on the two families, that individual, and a mysterious singer. Fates was my first introduction to Fire Emblem as a franchise, so the Google Maps- inspired world map didn't bother me because I wasn't accustomed to continents and places actually having names. In Three Houses, we not only have the continent already established as "Fodlan", we have three different regions with different governmental structures, every place on the map being the name of a noble family, and we know that a religious institution holds great power over the entire continent. This draws historical overtures to Europe's medieval period, where the land was mostly a feudal society that was also under the great power held by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. While the outfit designs are more of a mix between fantasy and Renaissance-period attire, the world seems set for a major story to take place. This is important to keep in mind, because the smaller more focused setting of a combat academy we the player teach at can dwarf any potential for major rising action to occur in favor of "slice-of-life" "school days" shenanigans. The world is big enough for something important to happen, and detailed enough already to expect it to happen across the whole of Fodlan. That prospect is exciting. The school setting (which I feel I need to establish is a COMBAT OFFICER'S ACADEMY and not a high school, even though we all know Japan is going to make many of the characters within seem like mere high schoolers) seems to play a significant role in the lives of our three "Lords", and it has an INCREDIBLY in-depth "Fire Emblem" purpose when it comes to building up your units. It seems like you and your....roughly 9 or 10 students of choice (depending on which house you choose to teach) will be a natural progression from Fire Emblem Echoes five Villagers, except everything - from using a weapon, to moving in heavy armor or riding a mount while being able to fight effectively, to even leading formations of common troops* is its own stat that each student will need to devote time to increasing. That means that your starting army is VERY customizable, while also making all of those skills seem immersive to the school setting and realistic. If you are a fan of Awakening and Fates' child unit mechanic that let you customize their skillsets, this Combat Academy-based customization will scratch that itch. If you're not a fan of what having such child mechanics does to the story, well this -PROBABLY- will replace that feature given how in-depth it is, and how the roster of students seems to number over the amount of 2nd generation units in Awakening and Fates...unless the game has a reasonable time-skip. The 'Fire Emblem' strategy game we all know and love looks really great. Weapon durability last seen in a Awakening is back. Pair-up seems to be replaced with getting bonuses potentially from the formations of each individual's common troops (kinda like Advance Wars) as well as supports when other units are nearby or using "Gambits." The cell-shading and art-style and battle animations all look pretty great considering its a Switch Fire Emblem, and the only hope here is that there are enough of these battles to feel like it is a Fire Emblem game, and not....Renaissance Persona or something. The school hub...looks really good. It's massive, and explored in an over-the-shoulder dungeon crawler experience like you see with Echoes except the camera can probably be moved to view just how massive it looks. This part of the game looks like it was designed to be played connected to the TV for maximum immersion, and I love it. Avatar characters are a bit of a touchy subject among the Fire Emblem community, but I've always played with them save for Echoes (which is my favorite game in the franchise). I like the role the Avatar seems to play in the story as former merc-turned-teacher with strange imaginary friend. There may be the risk that the Avatar in this game has too much importance at this point, but I can't say that it will drag the game down for me personally because I enjoyed Fates and Awakening just fine. Male Byleth...looks freaking awesome. Female Byleth looks fine to me, and I think her design will grow on people once the "she's too unprofessional to be a professor" complaints go down. There's intentionally sexy designs like Camilla - and then there's F!Byleth, who - to me - looks more like a combat "teacher" even though she has an exposed navel. If there's anything I see wrong with her, it probably is that she was getting a test run during the Direct and isn't actually finished yet. We can fight enemies...with punching weapons. It's an FE after my own heart! Seriously though, the weapons in this game might be the best thing bout it. Music. Concerns We know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are heirs of their respective regions, but so far we know that only the Avatar has plot importance while our three lords are just....Officer's Academy students. The plot SHOULD fix this as the game moves on from the introductory period at the beginning, but as of right now these characters seem empty. I'm hoping that Nintendo was just pulling the plot punches in the Direct and that we haven't seen anything substantial story wise...because otherwise the biggest enemy we have to look forward to is some dinosaur looking thing with one those "crests." A lot of people that like to play Fire Emblem are big on emphasizing "Low Turn Count". This game doesn't quite look very friendly for LTC-ers, because none of the students have any "stats" revealed, and instead may only have what appear to be strengths and weaknesses that are tied to "learning" certain abilities. This may leave the game open to be cheesed by having your entire army be made up of a certain class as the most effective option to win in the least amount of turns, and it also means that people who just want to play Fire Emblem will be in the school trying to achieve that perfect army for a good deal of time, which may make it seem like the school setting is too important for some. Lack of recruitable units along a journey. Since the days of Marth, finding your allies as you went along on your quest has been a substantial part of Fire Emblem that carried through all the way to Fates. The sheer amount of young nobles you get to enlist into your forces at the start of the game seemingly leaves very little room for different characters, and since all of your students don't seem to be fleshed out as characters yet, this is probably my biggest personal concern so far.
  4. The only potentially negative with Fern in regards to being a romance option - at least surface level as a character that is considered a rival to the player - is his age relative to the player's. The Onyx Trainer's School seems to actually be much like your typical main series Trainer's School in that the age-range can include the protagonist (there's a female Ace Trainer hanging out on the third floor of the school who seems to be a student as opposed to a teacher, faculty member, or janitor), so the only thing we really know about Fern is that he's younger than Florinia, The OTS Quartet (Julia, Rini, Tania, and Amy) are seemingly just a couple years removed from graduation even though Florinia is the headmistress of the school. Fern also seems to be a student. One thing we can gather is that there is seemingly....ZERO little children in this region that are actually represented by a trainer class and can actually have Pokémon. (i.e. your Picnickers, Campers, Tubers, Pre-schoolers, Fairy Girls, etc.) - and the youngest trainer class represented - the Youngster - even seems to be slightly aged up due to the subject matter of discourse with Youngsters extending into potentially being involved in gang activity. (For instance, a Youngster is serving as a solo "lookout" for the Hotshot and Street Rat that bully Pachirisu/Zigzagoon at the start of the game.) From all this information, we can gather that Fern is a student in a "high school setting". You can further validate this with the Sweet Heart event that gives you the Incinium-Z after the city is restored, as well as spooking the Youngster who is rehearsing a scenario in which he would confess how he feels to someone - in order to access the third floor. "Young Love" is kind of a brazenly recurring sideshow at the OTS. --- The player characters only have "unofficial names" that fans of the game can use to refer to them at this point, as even their gender is determined by the player these days. Therefore, it's safe to assume all the protagonists can be the same age. Taking Reborn's subject matter into account, as well as how directly involved the protagonist must be in order to progress through the story (I.e. joining a gang), as well as how characters address the protagonist. (Characters like Samson or Corin-Rouge may flirt with those who identify as female, and Cain will ALWAYS address you with faux adoration in a more than friendly manner.).... ... we can guesstimate that the player character is aged around 18, or would BARELY be old enough to attend high school within an average age limit. This is good for FernXProtag-shippers, because if both Fern AND the player can attend OTS, then the age gap probably is more narrow than it might have been. --- I'd say Fern is actually not an awful man-crush in this game. You could easily see his self-glorification, and trashing the player as some sort of form of "if they treat you like garbage, they'll like you" approach, but it seems unhealthy given that it goes so far as to joining a terrorist organization, getting his sister involved in a real breaking point between the two siblings, and turning him into the most oppositional rival since Silver.
  5. This thread is going to need some pretext, because I can be a bit blunt or brash when explaining things and that doesn't particularly sit well with everyone who may read this. The point of this thread is to share what I think I would do if I were either "Ame for a day" or someone who was allowed to make suggestions regarding the game's aspects before the project would hypothetically be released with a price tag and Nintendo Directs start talking about season-passes and potential DLC. ANY CRITICISM that is found here is not meant to sound "holier-than-thou" or disgusted. It's simply being given due to the times. Pokémon Reborn is nearly completed as a project - and while I'm not expecting a huge marketing push and/or the game to be made available for sale for obvious reasons - I want to try and come at the game as if Amethyst really was working on a mainstream Pokémon game for Game Freak and Reborn was the project she delivered hypothetically. In other words, the critique is not meant to seem "necessary" - but if it sounds like the frustration of a player who has experienced the game is coming through, well, you kinda have to play the game before you can leave any kind of criticism or suggestions right? As long as people have read the context above, then people will at least know where I'm coming from. Furthermore, I'm also interested in seeing your responses to my criticisms, as well as allowing you to join me in offering some of your own. This is kind of an important invitation, because I don't REALLY have many negative things to say about the gameplay itself. So I might NEED someone who may know more about Pokémon as a game to point other things out that I miss. Also, if Ame is out there reading this, it would be kinda neat to hear what she'd have to say about her own game if she were to put herself in a critic's shoes. I'd get a kick out of that - especially because I know Ame would understand the hypothetical situation at hand and perhaps that would influence how she feels about different aspects of the game - or at the very least she can explain why the product IS suitable for a mainstream Pokémon game and that would be cool to know too. Alright. Here goes. --- If this game were to ever become a part of Pokémon's franchise, Pokémon Reborn has a bloated cast of characters that compound the issue of having a bloated cast by giving each and every member a backstory, their own goals and motives, and tying it all into the game's plot. 2. There is seemingly SOMETHING missing with Team Meteor in the beginning of the game, and its ties to Arceus (which is probably Reborn's box art Legendary given the events that surround it) are not truly explained as vividly as they could be because of the thing that needs to be expounded upon the most in regard to the evil organization. Its DISorganization. I have some more, and I may either add them in a response post, or put them here if the thread isn't generating a lot of a buzz. I've already typed a good deal already, so I'm going to see what the first two points bring up and give my wrists a break.
  6. Some observations. I really like Plant's up air for two reasons. It's really good recovery, and it also drags in characters for repeated damage. This makes dancing around the edges of the stage and getting your opponent to chase after you in order to set up the move. With proper timing, it combos with the grab. A lot of decent damage-racking comes off of either Plant's grabs or the poison. That really cool down b is somewhat difficult to maneuver because it involves having to tip over the pot Plant is in. It has significant lag and accuracy issues, especially if unpracticed. It's a shame, because it has insane range. So, here's how I've found Plant to be successful. Try to set up the poison often early in the stocks. The poison alone racks up like 40 percent damage and combining it with a jab can get you much closer to the launch range very quickly. Poison also does some silly things like allowing Plant to hide and then set up a combo or the down B while invisible. When in doubt, side B. You can use the spikey ball neutral b as an edge guarding weapon, but its tricky to use. Remember, the ball being closer to Plant's mouth means it will travel farther to the side when you flick it over. Further from Plant's mouth shortens the distance the spikeball travels. You can down grab and then combo pretty reliably, including air smashs and specials, so when you're a little closer to taking a stock, go for grabs if you are in the middle of the stage. Plant's down air can spike.
  7. I'm just gonna jump right into this one. Fair warning, it's going to be messy. I miss being a kid. Not only was it much less stressful when my only problems were trying to one-up my friends at school, trying to keep my grades within a reasonably acceptable margin, and honing my leadership skills by being a section leader in band without making my fellow trombone players dislike me. It was much less monotonous. There was never a dull moment in high school. Never days, hours, seconds that just dragged on only to collide with the next period of non-progress or boredom. It's gotten to the point where I had missed owning a home console to play video games one up until I was given a Switch for Christmas - and that I'm actually considering diving into the world of fun single player experiences on said Switch, like Breath of the Wild and Octopath Traveler. It's gotten to the point where I've become passionate enough to actually make it to the end of a current episode of Reborn, a game I couldn't even beat Noel in not too long ago. All of a sudden, video games have dangerously become a time-sink that my body craves - all because it was a huge guilty pleasure of mine when I lived my best life. As a moderate-conservative in a generation that is predominantly liberal in an age where the worst of conservatives manage to win office all around the globe, it's an exhausting political climate to try and live and love as many people as possible in. People attack you for trying to rationalize or normalize a President that you didn't even vote for because of the potential good that President might bring. People attack you for criticizing a President that is "righting the wrongs of that other guy" and "works for us folks." There's no place for me to rest my head sometimes, and if there's one thing worse than having a minor identity crisis alone, it's not finding a crowd that you can reliably unpack all that is causing you to lie awake at night, or influencing the direction of your dreams when you finally do fall asleep. It's becoming more and more evident that the current is pulling me toward the monotony that is adulthood, and that I have to swim to the opposite shore against the current to become the adult that I want to be. Unfortunately, I've swam too far to turn around and try to make it back to the shore I started on. So the goal should be clear, get to the point where I am doing what I love, and I'll never have to work a day in my life, right? If only I was the master of my own destiny. I was never really good at making friends. Whenever things like stumbling onto this here website and accidentally finding a bunch of really decent people by accident happen, they catch me by surprise. I had only stopped to talk about Pokémon a few times, and I ended up having my heart warmed, broken, and bandaged all in the span of a year and a half, followed by meeting several supporting cast members in the years to come. This place became the place I could talk about my guilty pleasures and live them out along side those who enjoyed them with me. It's been great. However, the two halves of me are in conflict. I want the chance to live a crazy adolescent life because I feel like it went away far too soon. I want to make mistakes, and learn the hard way, like my sister did - but I'm too old to make some of those mistakes and my leash is much shorter because of it. On the other hand, I want to settle down. I want the occupation I have groomed and prepared myself for the what feels like MANY years after high school right now. I want to find a wonderful wife that makes me feel like I've learned absolutely nothing during that time while letting me hold her hand as I proceed to complain to her about things. I want a daughter. MAYBE I want a son. I want. And maybe that's my problem. ...but being content with what I have, which is sage advice, feels tired. ...anyway, that's all I've got. This is an open invitation for you guys to ask further questions, give any advice you think you can muster based on what little I wrote in specific here, or for any of you old friends of mine, to call me out on sounding stupid. You guys are all alright, regardless on if you do any of that, or decide to just move on. Thanks for getting this far.
  8. Chase

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    ....Wait. I remember the Jasper lady telling me Fern makes for a terrible JRPG protagonist and that Reborn is stuck in a time loop where he gets to TRY to be the hero over and over and over and fails, while OUR sorry butt isn't even supposed to exist at all. "They couldn't do it" in Rejuvenation would then stand to reason that "they" are Fern and Friends, who fought Team Meteor valiantly in EVERY. OTHER. timeline in which we the players have no existence to speak of. This isn't Black and White and Black and White 2 where Hilbert/Hilda DID really save the Unova region from Team Plasma before the events of the sequel games. If the city couldn't have been restored - then it means someone other than US failed to restore it. One of the things I've often wondered is if the furtune-teller can't see the protagonist's future because all of the player characters (iincluding ourselves) are supposed to die on that train. I've always THOUGHT that it wasn't right to assume the furtune teller couldn't see us die on that train in the past, but fortune tellers are seers into the future and perhaps so exclusively. Let's say that none of the player characters and Ame - who we KNOW is on the same train that wrecks during the station bombing with us - don't make it off the rails. 1. Unless Ame is responsible for sending Julia, Florinia, and Fern to go infiltrate the factory at the beginning of Reborn, this still happens even with Ame's much, much earlier demise. There just isn't a certain silent protagonist with them. The fortune teller predicts that Fern and his colleagues succeed in the early going, earning a string of victories, but without Ame around, we are missing a piece of the information we have when it comes to the city restoration question. Ame is partially responsible for starting the project, alongside another prominent figure - Adrienn. 2. Adrienn is stuck in a fairy ring that is undone when Cain, Radomus, and a certain silent protagonist arrive in pursuit of El, looking for Gardevoir at Luna's request. It's very possible Radomus doesn't need Cain (and would still have him around without us) to accept Luna's plea to give chase. However, it's also possible Radomus, who has never lost Gardevoir at all really, doesn't leave his castle. Especially if Cain has his gym battle and departs before Elias drops the fake ransom note. Without Radomus, or Cain, entering the old city and freeing Adrienn from the fairy ring, Adrienn doesn't restore the city. However, xe does actually get out eventually to arrive in Rejuvenation's story. Without Ame however, xe does lose a major figure who can help xem with the project - increasing the likelihood xe fails in xyr endeavor and has to show up in the Aevium region to give exposition about Reborn...or however that goes. Long winded thought trail cut short - the player character seems a little pivotal in the events. Rejuvenation's lore I can't recall clearly off the top of my head, but Reborn did come first and the games' plots - at least to my knowledge - aren't mutually bound. I do know that Rejuvenation is heavily INSPIRED by Reborn and does make reference to it, but I don't know how significant Reborn and it's seemingly failed timeline directly impact the plot of that game to elaborate any further than that.
  9. Normal Metroid I'm abysmal at because I'm not fond of primarily ranged attackers and I end up playing her like a melee character even when it's not totally optimal, with the occasional charged up B in multi-man smash bouts. I haven't even TOUCHED Dark Metroid yet. Zero Suit?.... Zero Suit is definitely an alt of mine. Even though the premise with ZSM is kind of her weapon, she is much easier to go hand-to-hand with, and characters that are slippery like ZSM is make for a fun time.
  10. I'm NOT Leffen or anything special when it comes to Smash, but Smash Ultimate really excaberates the differences between the Zeldas. For the first time in like ever, Adult Zelda feels REALLY slow - and he kinda hits like an Ike would. Granted, Ike is pretty good in this game, so that probably isn't a bad comparison to be made. I'd have to say I prefer playing as Young Zelda, because my favorite Zelda title is Majora's Mask, and it feels most like the earlier Smash Zelda iterations to me. I dig both Adult and Toon Zelda's aesthetics though, so it's hard to say I don't like any of them. I'm a swordfighter main.
  11. Welcome to the Hunties! I'm your host. Hunter, and I've chosen to nickname the award family after my most loathed nickname that has somehow been used to refer to me more than once. Gotta use that power for good somehow. Anyway... The point of this thread is to give some shoutouts to Pokémon whose performance in Pokemon Reborn has been conducive to progressing through the game. For those of you that don't know about my efforts with the game - I have been REALLY bad at it ever since the late single digit episode releases. And I'm still really bad at it, but as I'm writing this I am the farthest I've ever gone, preparing to take on the literary lady of steel, Titania, for the right to access Mega Evolution and Z-moves, as well as develop the second remaining city restoration project. For the longest time, I couldn't get out of Tanzan Cove because Noel is literally the most evil "good" child ever. Feel free to leave some blurbs about Pokemon that made your journey through the Reborn region a little bit easier, or whose efforts have contributed to success in other ways. You don't have to use my name as the award. If you don't want to. --- the Huntie for mainstay starter Pokemon goes to.... Charmander. The Charizard line hails all the way from the Kanto region, and the draconian species has been around as long as Pokemon has been as a franchise. Charmander and Co. have won the award for being an incredible asset in combating the earliest challenges the Reborn League has to offer, simply through it's early Dragon-type move, Dragon Rage. Later on, Charizard is able to participate in matches against powerful Fighting type Gym Leaders, as well as gain power in areas like the Tourmaline Desert. The struggle isn't a stranger to the award winner, especially with Stealth Rock, which is an automatic KO condition for Charizard on certain fields, and other Rock-type moves being a favorite for Reborn's trainers to employ as coverage options, but despite that and a somewhat shaky mid-game, Charmander was able to hang on to it's first roster spot throughout the entire journey and is a viable option for other trainers as well. In the future, a good number of Charizard natures will become viable with the release of both of it's Mega Stones, which might ....maybe... be interesting against an A.I. that has to account for them. the Huntie for surprising secondary starter Pokemon goes to.... Squirtle. Squirtle also is a veteran starter Pokemon from Kanto and is the first in a line of Water types. The turtle Pokemon as a starter in Reborn faces a very unfavorable beginning to its journey, with the two lead off gyms holding a type advantage over it. Squirtle also faces a very limited learnset filled with support moves, a handful of physical attacks, and only a couple of decent special attacks for it to make use of. However, as an event Pokemon, it is found relatively early after being given access to the Wasteland and comes with at least a viable option for a coverage move in Aura Sphere, which helps Squirtle build up its moveset. The Water starter, like most other Pokemon in its type, is perfectly capable of running a Water HM movepool in a pinch, and is a great user of Surf in battle as well. It also has Heart Scale access to Flash Cannon, which can be used to further diversify Blastoise's moveset for tougher battles. The shining reason for Blastoise winning this award however is it's decent bulk and good defensive typing. Blastoise may not the most heavy hitter, but she has been able to deliver absolutely critical moments of survival when her trainer needed it most, regardless of what species her assailant was or what type of damage they were inflicting on her. In the not-too-distant future, the event Squirtle may hold the Blastoisinite, which will make moves like Aura Sphere and her native Water Pulse hit for massive damage, alongside a much needed BST increase, thanks to Mega-Blastoise's ability Mega Launcher. the Huntie for not-surprising game-breaking Pokemon goes to.... Drilbur. The Excadrill line wins this award because of it's very decent typing, reliable speed tier, and choice of two absolutely helpful abilities in Mold Breaker (which the trainer has used simply to attempt to keep the game as difficult as it SHOULD be) and Sand Rush (Which apparently just makes Excadrill win every battle under the right conditions.) Excadrill very much might just be the reason the trainer is where they are today, and showing up before Corey as a Mystery Egg hatch is truly a stroke of luck for any trainer who manages to experience it. the Huntie for Most Valuable Early-Game Pokemon goes to.... Male Espurr. The Espurr line features an interesting choice between an early game offensive Psychic type in Female Meowstic, and an incredible screen-setter in Male Meowstic thanks to Prankster. This trainer absolutely hates the ability Prankster, but sees the moves Reflect and Light Screen as not-too-unfair moves to take advantage of the ability with, and with the raw power several of Reborn's trainers have, being able to mitigate damage with 100% confidence for a decent amount of playtime is what made Espurr the winner in this category. the Huntie for "cheesing" difficult optional battles goes to.... Carvanha. There are LOTS of event Pokemon that come with moves such as Destiny Bond or Perish Song for the purpose of giving players the option to "win" battles they probably shouldn't - and this trainer's favorite of these Pokemon is Sharpedo. Aside from making use of the item Focus Sash when necessary, Sharpedo is a fast Pokemon that has access to Crunch and Ice Fang, and further breeding can get the Pokemon Psychic Fangs, which allows it to take on Poison and Fighting types. It comes with the ability Speed Boost, and it also was given a Mega Stone to break free of the "only good cheese" stigma it might carry and take on the mantle of "late game cleaner" that it wears during competitive play.
  12. Chase

    Pokemon reborn suitability

    In my view, Pokémon Reborn falls somewhere between "E for Everyone 10+" and "T for Teens" - with my lean currently toward making the game suitable for teenagers and upward due to the nature of the following content. Violence: Reborn differs from the main series Pokémon titles in that there are scenes within the game that feature hints of "strong" violence, with a few of them insinuating death. The most profound violent scenes that come to mind are the deaths of Kiki and Ame, with Ame's death in particular featuring blood spatter (if I recall). Both attacks on Kiki and Ame are witnessed by the player firsthand. On top of that, Titania slaughters a few Meteor grunts with Aegislash off-screen, but the player encounters the fallen grunts when they arrive at the Water Treatment Center. Erring on the side of caution - the minimum rating that can be expected on account of the theme of violence should probably be "T" - mostly due to the presence of blood and the insinuation of fatality that can be found. Crude Humor: Reborn also alludes to suggestive themes and makes light of them. It is important to distinguish that crude humor and sexual themes are not one in the same however, so when someone mentions Terra's incredibly graphic language, it should probably fall here, as opposed to sexual themes, which would seemingly be more in line with things like partial nudity and the act itself. After all, Terra and to a lesser extent Cain speak the way they do with at the very least a secondary function of trying to provide levity. I'll cover Cain in another segment, but Terra's incredibly blunt description of things she claims to do with Ciel could be debated as an instance of crude humor. Other areas are not sexual in nature but allude to violence. Solaris mocking Cal over Kiki's death. Fern talking about Corey after his. These instances are all varying degrees of where Reborn uses crude objects to inject somewhat funny moments into the story. Again, erring on the side of caution, the rating on account of crude humor should probably be "T" - 13 years is the expected age for crude humor to begin being acceptable in the VG industry currently. Sexual Themes: Reborn isn't particularly shy about mentioning sexual acts, and has a few characters that even deviate from norms (either for comedic effect or for the sake of progressive views on sex many other games don't particularly share currently.) It also doesn't offer straight cheesecake. While Terra and Cain run their mouths on the matter, there isn't any instances where the imagination is totally thrown out the window. Players are left to imagine for themselves Ciel covered in ketchup or if it is really better with the lights off or not. The game doesn't offer graphic nudity, and there definitely isn't any actual sex. I think when you boil it down - innuendo is highly present, but Terra leaps from innuendo to a verbal mention of exactly what she means. This makes it a debate on if Terra herself is strong enough to push Reborn - solely on account of sexual themes - from "E for everyone 10+" (where innuendo is fair game) to "T for Teen" (where more concrete mentioning is fair game.) I would say that Cain is an "E for everyone 10+" character. With a libido yes, but most of his dialogue is dependent on suggestion, not straight talk. Strong Language: Reborn's outright worst content offense in my humble opinion is the amount of characters that use profanity. I believe there's at least a couple more than Saphira and Charlotte Belrose, Terra, Blake, and Titania (perhaps her brother Hardy when he's visibly upset?). Regardless on whether or not people agree with me on that statement, the kind of content that is most liable to push Pokémon Reborn towards a Mature rating isn't the violence or the sexual allusion, but its use of strong language. There are multiple characters in the game who employ it, with a few somewhat regularly. If I were to advise any revision for a ratings board - toning the language down would be the it. On top of those things, there are a few more matters of interest. Team Meteor is a terrorist organization that makes use of explosives and causes extreme pain to people and Pokémon alike - which is a step up from most main-series evil organizations in level of severity. The game actively encourages the player to join a street gang to progress the plot. The game features simulated gambling - which is seemingly benign - but has resulted in the closure of the Mauville City Game Corner in OR/AS and the lack of one in later generations of Pokémon games. There's also the allusion to illegal/harmful (take your pick) drug use prevalent in Reborn City and the player able to find said paraphernalia and exchange it for a side-quest. Theft is encouraged. At the very least, Pokémon Reborn is a game one should not pick up until they are at least 13 years old - with a high suggestion that parents make their children aware of the kinds of things Reborn offers beforehand. If not, it's a game for high-schoolers, that deals with high-school level issues such as stress, depression, drug addiction, loneliness, broken families, fatal violence, and sexual content. I wouldn't say that it's a majority "M-rating" game, but the language used along with the envelopes being pushed can be shocking for unprepared parents and players.
  13. Should any of this ever happen? Probably not because as Cass alluded to, the pain these characters have felt is a big part of who they are portrayed as and it wouldn't make for a super alright dating sim at the end without compromising the plot or at the very least raising questions that don't need to be raised. --- For the hell of it though, let's assume Vero, Alice, Kuro, Lucia, Ari, Decibel, or whoever the hell you are, MAKE EVERYONES HURT GO AWAY. ...the next thing that would have to be addressed is the player's age. The characters in Reborn have various ages, so picking any age as your own in a future update would lock you out of certain characters' routes regardless of which age you actually pick. That's not fun - but - so it goes. Without the age being toggleable at all, you get stuck in a weird place where you can make creepy old guy glances at Heather, or Sigmund makes creepy old guy glances at you. --- All that aside, here's who I'd consider trying to unlock dialogue with. - Florinia. I don't think it's too unreasonable to pick Florinia against the rest of the cast, and working to bypass her emotion shields seems super cheesy and cliché and that's the start of a good dating sim route. - Cal. Best character in the game. - the Ringmaster. BACK OFF LOSTY STOP HAVING THE SAME TASTES I DO. YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST RANDOMLY SHOW UP AND MAKE ME LAUGH LIKE OLD TIMES. - The 7th Street Doxy Move Tutor. YEAH I MEANT WHAT I SAID ABOVE. - Randall. Also the best character in the game.
  14. Chase

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    Kanto: CHARIZARD When I was a kid, I had this misplaced notion that you were SUPPOSED to choose the starter on the box art. And I was right. After picking up Pokémon Red, I was rewarded with the coolest of the three starter Pokémon in Generation 1, an actually "tough" opening portion of the game (Charmeleon isn't going to handle Brock and Misty alone), and the ability to look elsewhere at Kanto's many other Grass and Water types - many of which I had a particular fondness for... On the other hand, Kanto doesn't have a vast array of Fire types, and I like Charizard more than any of other choices that -are- present. Johto: FERALIGATR Johto is one of the regions where it is very tough to say which of the three starters I like DEFINITIVELY more than the others. I like Meganium's entire line's appearance game, and I like Typhlosion's as well. But I always, always, ALWAYS picked Totodile. Hoenn: SCEPTILE Where Johto had a bunch of really cool looking starters, Hoenn has what feels like a bunch of REALLY GOOD matchup-wise. Mudkip however, is utterly gamebreaking and doesn't look all that cool to me when it evolves into Swampert (although I'll admit, Mega'Pert over there is funny looking and I appreciate not missing "arm day"), and Blaziken has a somewhat difficult time in the early game compared to the other two. Sceptile is the happy medium, being a good choice early on while having some tougher fights (Flannery, Winona) to look forward to later on. Mega Sceptile is also EASILY my favorite Hoenn mega. Sinnoh: EMPOLEON A purely aesthetic choice because I have not had the pleasure of making a run through the Sinnoh region. However, I can tell you that Empoleon is a very sleek looking Pokémon and in another region where I'd be content with picking any of them to roll with, the looks win out. (I do know that Piplup's learnset is iffy at times.) Unova: SERPERIOR Smugleaf. In recent years pokemon such as Dartrix , Lilligant, and Tsareena show up, and you have a grass type Pokémon that just exudes confidence. In a generation where the starters were very much acquired tastes and the designs were less generic and more partial, Snivy ushered the era of sassy grass type Pokémon. Competitively, Serperior makes its hay on spamming a move and then flipping its "trade-off" side effect to one that makes clicking the move again EVEN BETTER. Contrary is cool. At least in the battle simulator. Kalos: CHESNAUGHT I had told myself I was going to pick Chespin as soon as the idea that the Kalos starters were based off of traditional RPG classes came to be. Greninja is a very....for lack of a better word "sexy" (as in generally an attractive choice, - some of you go there mentally and either judge or try to group me into something I'm not about....you sickos.) Pokémon with a great hidden ability. Delphox finally broke the "Firefighter" drought Fire starters had and while I thought Braixen is a prettier Pokémon before it evolved, it definitely looks like the traditional RPG magic caster. However, I have a soft spot for Paladins, and Chesnaught ends up with a combination of my two favorite types. Grass, and Fighting. Finally, Chesnaught's hidden ability, Bulletproof, makes it immune to ball and bomb type moves, most notably Sludge Bomb, a common Poison type attack. Then there's Spiky Shield. Then there's access to Drain Punch via breeding. Chespin's evolutionary line is outright, uncontested, my favorite of any starter in Pokémon history... and I don't even like Gen 6 that much. Alola: INCINEROAR I had told myself I was going to pick Rowlet when looking at the leaks-...until I saw Dartrix and Torracat. Torracat is definitely one of my favorite middle stage evolutions. Incineroar is admittedly a bit of a hot mess appearance wise, but the lore behind it makes it forgivable. It's made to be goofy and its based on some real life fake combat antics. It's also likely to be a Smash main of mine in the very near future.....and I guess Intimidate is a solid hidden ability for games like Reborn as well as competitively....and I guess Fire/Dark is kinda cool...and Darkest Lariat is good. Okay, "Tiger Mask", take your win.
  15. Chase

    Why you shouldn't hate you Rivals.

    A "rival" is someone who competes with someone for the same objective or to prove superiority. Literally all there is to it. I wanna go through all the main series rivals -AND- one in Reborn to sort of discern if they are truly rivals or not - and whether or not hatred makes them more compelling. --- GEN 1 - Blue. Blue absolutely IS a rival, but he is mostly so in that both you and him are trying to become Kanto's Pokémon League Champion and it all comes down to who can win between two trainers who have both bested the Elite 4. With regards to our next door neighbor from Pallet Town's attitude, what's interesting is that Blue is never - at least considerably - rude to the player. He does have an aire of arrogance, but that comes with being in a heavily involved Pokémon family prior to going on his journey. Blue passes the test not because of his personality but because of his purpose. You might be shocked by a few others who make the cut too in this regard. GEN 2 - Silver. Silver is the biggest jerkface of the main series, which the player's "motivation" to compete with him stemming from Silver's stealing his starter from Professor Elm and constant penchant for shoving the player out of his way. That "motivation" however - wouldn't be enough to qualify him as a rival through purpose. Silver does have a very good story arc throughout the game, when he comes to realize the reason for his lack of success is wrought out of being a careless Pokémon Trainer who was using his Pokémon as tools. Not only that, Silver even manages to literally BECOME your rival in a strange twist that would later be repeated. Silver has a significant disdain for Team Rocket, and has good reason to want to take them down. The player and Silver are both trying to stop the organization - as seen when Silver finds the player at the Goldenrod City Radio Tower during the Rocket raid. He also qualifies as a rival because he comes off as DESPERATELY trying to prove he is better than the player. This means Silver is a superiority clause rival. He may be the only main series rival to go that route. GEN 3 - Brendan/May, Wally The first game to start giving you multiple friends to compete against, and the first one to have a character that is typically considered a rival NOT qualify much at all. The first person you battle routinely is Professor Birch's son/daughter. You meet them in their room when you move into Littleroot, discover that their Pokémon journey is more of a supplementary field work marathon on behalf of their dad, and the character is relegated to giving the player helpful items after friendly battles. Brendan/May doesn't strive for the same purpose as the player (or at least, they don't make the Pokedex recording a competition, as a later potential candidate does) - therefore, it is difficult to say they are even your rival at all. WALLY on the other hand, is the main rival in Hoenn, via purpose. His screen time is very limited, but provides the wonderful effect of time passing and a once sickly boy not only becoming more durable to the elements, but a strong Pokémon Trainer who challenges the player in Ever Grande City to see if they are ready to take on the best of the region's best. The negative is really that we don't see him all that much, because it is an interesting "mentor-mentee" relationship that seemingly forms between the player and Wally, with Wally, the Student, trying to become the Master at the end, by beating you with a quality team. GEN 4 - Barry I don't have any personal experience with Barry as a rival, but I don't think you can really call him one through the two criteria (shared purpose that they compete with you over, superiority) based on what I've read. Barry seems to be an awesome friend who takes risks and knows what he wants - but it isn't necessarily that he wants what you do, or thinks he's better than you at achieving YOUR goals. I could be wrong however. GEN 5 - Cheren, Bianca/N/Hugh Of the four characters, Cheren clears the hurdle and earns the title of "rival" due to the having a desire to become the Unova League Champion. He is FAR less successful than Blue before him, in part because N's involvement with the Pokémon League kinda just opens the door for a battle of opposing forces instead. Cheren is your reprensentation of "idealism" - which is half of an important conflict in the Unova titles. He wants to be the best there ever was, and works hard to achieve that goal. Bianca is simply your friend. She has her own goals, and definitely doesn't see herself as better than you when it comes to yours. This is due to her being the other side of the coin to Cheren. Where Cheren is an idealist who wants to constantly improve, Bianca understands that being the best Pokémon Trainer isn't for her fairly quickly and seems to have less drive than you and Cheren in comparison. Bianca doesn't want to become the Champion either, so where Cheren qualifies, Bianca simply does not. Truthin. N is more similar to Reborn's Taka than he is to say...Fern or....Fern. He's in with the wrong crowd, doesn't have a particular desire that mirrors yours, and he may be confident to a certain degree, but it isn't in superiority so much as it is in that he believes his actions are the correct ones to take. His battle with you at the Pokémon League seems to be interpreted as one between equal forces that are simply opposing one another fundamentally. He may be an intriguing recurring opponent, but he isn't your rival because he doesn't want to be Pokémon League Champion (at least in the sense that the player does), nor does he think he is an outright better trainer. Nate/Rosa have a different character to consider in Hugh. What's interesting bout this guy is simply that it's more like we're trying to compete with HIM than it is him trying to compete with us at times. Hugh is a very determined, easily angered trainer who has a clear purpose very early. Going after Team Plasma to rescue a Purrloin that was stolen from his sister. We kinda get dragged into it. Hugh is a good opponent that ACTS like a rival should - but whether he is or not comes down to how you view the situation he and Nate/Rosa have as a duo. It really just seems like they are childhood friends and he's being a ringleader if anything to me. He doesn't so much interest in being a Pokémon League Champion, and while he kinda flexes on us because he's had his Pokémon longer than we have, he doesn't consider himself better than us either. GEN 6 - Serena/Calem, Shauna, Tierno, Trevor. All four of these people are amicable friends but none of them seem to be developed as much as the "not chosen player character" - or Serena or Calem - is. And while that doesn't seem that much better given the repurposed models and bland dialogue, Serena and Calem are DEFINITELY rivals in purpose. Not only in merely being a Pokémon League Champion, but in the best rival scene in the game, having to battle for the right to use the sole Mega Ring in the Mega Evolution Guru's possession. They are genuinely disappointed in losing that battle. Anyway, Serena/Calem want to be champion as you do and want to use Mega Evolution as you do and are forced to fight you for the right to do either. They are a bona fide rival. In fact, at Café Soleil in Lumiose City they make it a formal proposal. Shauna doesn't have a similar purpose as the player and the rejected player model character does. They are seemingly just in it for the ability to bond with their partner. Shauna is more of an asset character to the protagonist than she is a rival. She also definitely doesn't consider herself superior to us. Tierno has a random moment where he wishes to battle the player as they approach the Snow city in Kalos. However, it is borne out of impulse more than anything else. Tierno isn't a rival. Trevor...may actually be one if you choose to routinely compare Pokedexes with him. However, he's simply a friend elsewhere. GEN 7 - Hau, Gladion Both are rivals here. Hau is literally USUM's Champion encounter - and is also doing the Island Challenge with you. He may not be as determined as the player is to complete it in a timely manner (islanders are super chill) but there's enough there to say he qualifies in purpose. Gladion has a shared interest in taking down the Aether Foundation (or at least opposing the agenda of his mother, Lusamine), and is the second coming of Silver although the game's presentation and dialogue make Gladion appear more easy to relate with than Silver. Silver was a rival, ergo, Gladion was a rival. --- Now, if people believe hatred has anything to do with making a good rival that's more of a preference thing than a science. Some of the rivals in this series BY DEFINITION are nice people that call you their friend. However, people tend to appreciate their rivals going for the superiority angle. Fern - everyone's favorite grasshole in Reborn - nails "Rival" in both strokes. All of a sudden, you piss him off so much he wants to be Pokémon League Champ, and he DEFINITELY thinks he's superior to you. On top of that, the player may be unseating Fern as -....well, let's just say it's a total rivalry in the ugliest sense of the word. It happens this way in real life sports as well. Some of the most memorable rivalries are the ones where both parties absolutely despise one another. However, there are definitely good rivalries that are borne simply out of proximity or something else that is completely benign (such as both schools being academic powerhouses - think Harvard and Yale - hey look, purpose rivals!)