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  1. See, I was tracking with you two weeks ago because I kind of thought that we would possibly get an April Direct within the remainder of Reggie's final two weeks working for the big N - and it was right around the time we started to see Best Buy leaking Smash Joker's render potentially in their advertisements. And now its April 15th - there wasn't a Direct earlier this week, and Reggie is closing up shop today. Furthermore, we're now only a week and a half away from more news about the Royal - and now supposedly Persona 5 "S"......which most people are thinking is a Switch port of the original release with a few Nintendo enhancements. Regarding this "P5S" - Atlus actually does have a website domain for it (p5s.jp) that seems like an official announcement when more news on whatever it is will show up - on the 25th - or the second day of the Persona concert. I think the assumption may have been in the Smash community that Version 3.0 was going to drop earlier in the month. Is it possible that Nintendo is waiting on Atlus to make their announcements first? Especially if there -IS- going to be a Switch port announced, and ESPECIALLY if part of Joker's data is information we shouldn't know about yet? - it would make sense. There's still time for 3.0 to be released in April after the fact. --- Some more news about the Royal isn't out yet because its not yet the 24th, but there has been some potential leaks as to who Royal-chan is. P5R is said to be an enhanced version of the original release, with a female protagonist option that isn't Royal-chan, and that has 20 hours of more playtime with Royal-chan as a central character in the new game's plot. That's pretty interesting, and if true, we don't know if Royal-chan is a Smash rep for Persona at all because it could her OR the new protagonist (and yes, still probably only the male Joker we already know about) depending on when Joker DOES find his way to Smash Bros.
  2. It's not much of a sacrifice when an echo fighter is involved. Sorry Richter, everyone was really only asking for Simon, and I LIKE PAC-MAN, DAMN IT-... Titania/Aegislash would be fun. Not a super creative answer, but I think her taunts and King's Shield shenanigans would make her an interesting defensive swordfighter, even in a crowded field.
  3. The first thing that comes to MY mind as to what an alternative story would look like - involves rescuing the OTHER Phantom Thieves (assuming she's not one in the main campaign) when Bad Ending AkiRen strikes a deal with Not-Igor after he is revealed to be Yaldaboath instead. However, it does kind of imply that the "Fridge horror' (or a potentially scary thought from an otherwise harmless story maneuver) would actually be plot and not just a thinking player's reaction. It just seems like Royal-chan makes a great anti-heroine if her trailer sequence isn't meant to hint at her being a FeMC. Someone who exists in a timeline where the Phantom Thieves (or just the ringleader) succumb to personal desire and are no better than the Palace rulers whose hearts they stole.
  4. I'll be honest, I think she's a FeMC because the difference between her and a normal Shujin Academy female student seems to just be her protagonist hair (which is GORGEOUS, sidenote.) - which contrasts with the other female confidants around her age (aside from Hifumi, who doesn't attend Shujin.) Ann pretty much wears street clothes and very loosely adheres to dress code, Makoto doesn't wear the blazer and opts or a vest instead. Haru seems to wear the PE uniform. LIke AkiRen (Joker), she wears the school uniform as it seems it should be worn -and- is rocking the turtleneck. There's also the way the trailer was shot. We're pretty accustomed to seeing the busy city square in Shibuya as a backdrop of Joker's. It's the place where he first sees the outline of Arsene, the inner self of his that yearns for rebellion. The location has significance for the protagonist - so it makes sense to draw comparisons based on the setting. --- However, I will concede, because I have to, that there is no definitive proof. It's odd that she's a first year student. It's odd that she doesn't seem to vouch for the PTs, and even Smash - with its odd leaked information - could use Royal-chan as a alt while still not being indicative of being Royal's protagonist (although, she'd HAVE to use an Arsene-like Persona if that's something Joker can do in Smash...right?) It's very possible she's the protagonist of an epilogue or alternative story - such as P3's 'The Answer'.
  5. That is actually a pretty interesting point. One of the main themes the PTs have is struggling between busting down barriers people have by stealing the hearts of their oppressors... and stealing the hearts of high profile targets because it will increase their own renown. What that means is that in the beginning, the Phantom Thieves were really and truly "altruistic" - but if people depend on the Phantom Thieves too much the PTs were liable to lose that altruism's authenticity. For "Jane" to respond in a manner of "Yeah, helping others is cool and all, but each and every one of us should be benevolent to others instead of praising this vigilante group for doing so" is not only a creative diversion-y answer to someone like Akechi, but is also a meta statement IF "Jane" really is Joker. If it actually ISN'T Joker who is saying this, then "Jane" is being set up as a Makoto-esqe recurring foil to the Phantom Thieves in a unique way, by directly opposing the motivations of PhanSite operator and superPhan Mishima (who works hard in order to generate fame and hype for the group). That isn't disappointing either, because I think that's one of the game's best themes.
  6. This is potentially not super newsworthy - but I don't see any mention of the first part of the titular meaning here on the forums yet. "Persona 5 R" is now officially "Persona 5: The Royal" and we will get more information on what seems to be the "Golden" or "FES" or whatever expanded edition of Persona 5 in exactly one month when the Super Persona Live Concert Event....Thing....happens. In The Royal's trailer, we see a new girl in a Shujin Academy uniform - black blazer included - standing in the middle of Shibuya looking up at the Phantom Thieves logo on the big video board. In the background, we hear a male interviewer, presumably Goro Akechi, ask a female voice about her opinion on the Phantom Thieves. Interestingly, she only goes so far as to assert that helping others is a good and noble deed, before saying she actually dislikes the Phantom Thieves and asserts that the task of helping others should fall on ones self. --- I would like to posit this character's identity as Joker. YES. THAT Joker. First, lets start with what the trailer itself gives us. The interview with presumably Akechi isn't totally unfounded to have been with a Female Joker, because a similar event takes place in original Persona 5 game. Joker isn't nearly as creative with his response as this female voice (presumably the redheaded ponytail girl the trailer lingers on) because of two reasons. The gameplay reason is that Persona protagonists speak in short one-liners, grunts, and exclamations and have their dialogue partners automatically respond to their chosen text options. The story reasoning however, is that Joker can only respond in the original game with options that range from sarcastic to full-on approval of the Phantom Thieves' actions. Here, the female voice's "dislike" could be interpreted as a measured response to keep Akechi off of her trail - seeing as she IS a Phantom Thief. And we know she's supposedly in Joker's position because JOKER is the one interviewed during the TV station field trip in the game - which mirrors the dialogue in the trailer. Her response is a bit lengthier than Joker's in the original game because its being voiced as opposed to selected from a text list, which allows her to craft a response that isn't robotic and can be wordier if need be. --- There are some strange differences however. This girl is a redhead with it done in a ponytail whereas Joker has a pretty awesome curly black mop and glasses. She also has a FIRST YEAR pin on her school uniform's lapel, where Male Joker is canonically a SECOND year student. I don't think these two discrepancies disqualify her as a potential female protagonist however. Persona 3's extended content edition had a female protagonist option that looked nothing like Minato did, so Atlus absolutely doesn't have to make their female protagonists merely genderbent by precedent. Finally, not all of the Phantom Thieves are in the same class, so P5R can place Female Joker with other classmates even if she is a first year student. --- Finally, there's the part where the second part of the title comes in. A dataminer named Dr. Hypercake found some odd things in Joker's files in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They noticed that Joker has a similar file composition as Robin, the Avatar unit from Fire Emblem: Awakening that can be either Male or Female in both FE:A as well as Smash. They found the files "JANE", "JACK", and within the "JANE" file they even discovered that there was room for a ponytail hairstyle somewhere in Joker's outfit kit. That didn't make ANY sense, because Joker doesn't ever sport a man-pony in any P5 game he's featured in, even if he can have extensions in the Dancing in Starlight dance spinoff. However, if Joker all of a sudden has a toggleable gender coming with a trailer for P5R in April dropping at right about the same time Joker is introduced as a Smash character - it makes complete sense for a ponytail-sporting female to be found in Joker's roster spot as an alternate costume. ....and that's exactly what we have. Persona 5 the Royal's next trailer with more information AND Joker's Smash debut are going to drop fairly close to one another in April. --- Of course, that's not "PROOF" by any means that this new redhead is the FEMC of P5. She could just as easily be an additional confidante (for the Aeon persona like Marie was in Golden) or some kind of antagonist based on her dialogue. What do you all think?
  7. Hmm...how to attempt to defend Fates but stay on topic-.....oh, I know Fire Emblem: Awakening Why THIS Fire Emblem for me? Because I got into Fire Emblem with Fire Emblem Fates - and I imagine many people above had at least played Awakening first. Meaning, I had to compare Awakening to Fates, where most do the opposite. The games I came into the series with draw much of their inspiration from this game - and I think many of the times those games tried to do what this one did right, it felt shoehorned or rushed. Having children, having a wide swathe of supports between characters that would reasonably meet for the first time while in the army they are currently in - all of THOSE experiences are definitively more enjoyable in Awakening...well, maybe not the supports, but that's the most subjective point here. Where Fates decides to go a different path from Awakening, it makes Awakening suffer from a retrospective view. When your first experience with Pair Up is that both you AND your enemy can use it, and then Awakening decides that's only something you can do - it feels madly overpowered in the earlier game. The only thing a magic user with Nosferatu has to worry about on the enemy phase is their weapon breaking - because Nos-tanks can single handedly break Awakening if the Second Seals didn't do that already. Map design was significantly less compelling than Conquest, a bit less than Revelation (although less painstakingly gimmicky in that route), and comparable at best to Birthright. It might have all been drops in the bucket compared to a small lake of Fates' issues - if Awakening's story was definitively better throughout. The Valm arc in the middle didn't feel all that significant and was a significant lull aside from giving Chrom the exalt role and Robin chances to go beserk in front of Lucina - none of which needed us to go on a campaign for. While the first and final acts of Awakening are definitely better than Fates - its not a completely ironclad story either - and for me, it was more easy to criticize than a trio of games that were introduced before it.
  8. I think the point is that most moves that are based on sound seem to be normal type. Of course that doesn't mean that Grookey is going to end up a Grass/Normal type Pokémon - but if music is indeed a key aspect of its design than it does make it seem like a fair guess due to the nature of sound-based moves. The entire Popplio line is based on circus performance, while Primarina itself is really an allusion to a bard as the previous two generations have made their starters into the mold of traditional RPG classes. Kricketune is Bug type because it really is just a cricket. It doesn't necessarily use too many moves related to its music composition ability, and when it does use something like Sing and Perish Song, those moves are still Normal Type. Kricketune could have arguably been given the Bug/Normal dual-typing to account for its background, but that typing isn't that exciting. Chatot just straight up IS a Normal type Pokémon. Yes it has a Flying subtype, but lots of traditional looking avian Pokémon are Flying/Normal - and the sound-based moves it uses are Normal. --- I will agree with you on the Zodiac point though. Foxes and Meerkat/Prairie Dog-lie creatures are loosely connected to dogs and rats.
  9. Outside of possibly your own viewpoint, the Tepig line was the only Fire starter to fall flat with the fanbase in general. The hope with the Litten line was that they wouldn't go Fire/Fighting and that maybe that Game Freak would resist the temptation to make Incineroar bipedal. They went one for two, and after half of the Pokémon fanbase cooled off on Litten hype, at the end of the day, it still met some expectations. Smash Bros. can only be said to have helped the Heel Pokémon's popularity, if even by a little. Poor Emboar is in a league of its own. --- I'll just say it. I do not have a problem with another Firefighter Pokémon so long as the design is cool and there is a lore reasoning for the way the Pokémon behaves. I can empathize with people who are burned out with the type combination (no pun intended), but it has KINDA been a little while since Gen 3, 4, and 5 my friends. (Also Fighting is one of two favorite types, I'll admit bias - but even I was tired of the trend when it was...you know....still actually a trend.) The way I see it, ALMOST ALL of the Fire type Pokémon have the same burning spirit and fierce loyalty to their trainer that makes for a really solid starting partner and plays well into the Fighting type. It could just be that same spirit that all Fire types have (even if Charizard, Typhlosion, Delphox, and Incineroar) that is as requisite in a Fire starter as it is the Pokémon fit into the Zodiac. Delphox and Incineroar say Hi. I say its time we let memes die. --- Now, as for Sword/Shield thoughts, I'll try to be concise. We saw enough information in the Direct for me to know that I will buy the game. I really like the Galar region's beautiful sense of scale. The game looks like a traditional Pokémon main series adventure that at the very least will slake my thirst for a new Pokémon journey. All three starters have a chance they'll be my first partner. The United Kingdom's history and background look very well translated and pique my interest. The names of the two versions are both great. This is by no means an assurance that the game will be enjoyable universally, and without knowing what the "trying new things" that were mentioned by the developers at the end of the Direct are I can't say for sure if Generation 8 is an overall positive or negative time period in the franchise as of yet. But, I know what I am buying already, AND if I can manage to stay unspoiled except for maybe the final evolutions of the starters to assist in making my decision, then I expect this to be a good time.
  10. It's a rule I can respect - and past me was all about overenforcement as opposed to inaction in order to make the community a better place. Do I think people that use this word in the context of a fictional character are trying to be inherently vicious? From what I've seen in various communities where this would be the case - no. Do I think people should ever call other, actual PEOPLE that? That's a swift warning from me in the past, because the context is indeed so vastly different. People....I guess have been liable (because I haven't ever seen this happen personally, thank goodness) of ignorantly assuming why a person makes the decisions they do. The usage of the word in the context of a fictional character is pointed -usually- because the character designer intended for someone to appear the opposite gender than they really are for shock value at the very least. I don't think transgender individuals have such a goal in mind when identifying as transgender or going through transition. --- The real question should be - is this too much of an ask for us as community members? That answer should be a resounding no. All it amounts to at the end of the day is a different set of keystrokes. Perhaps a few more keys than you used in the past to convey the idea, but at least you endeavor to not rob someone of their comfort while here.
  11. *bump* These thoughts are going to center on some of the VERY RISKY POTENTIALLY UNCOMFORTABLE issues raised by Three Houses due to previous practices in the Fire Emblem franchise. While none of the scenarios are actually "graphic" in nature, they do lead to usage of the imagination and/or raise concerns when talking bout behaviors that are not considered appropriate by all or even most people today - so I'll be hiding these thoughts behind a spoiler tag so as to avoid discomfort. Yes, we're talking about the Avatar and potential S-Supports here.
  12. I don't know a WHOLE lot about Combat Arts in Three Houses yet - and I wasn't one who used them in Echoes all that often - so I'm kind of neutral on them at this point. They seem to work a bit differently in that instead of siphoning a unit's HP, they might cost more weapon durability per strike. That sounds pretty good if obtaining weapons is not too difficult in the game. From what I've seen so far, the school setting, while somewhat unrealistic on its own (hopefully the game removes us from the combat academy for some reason, especially for many years as Edelgard seems to hint at in the E3 trailer) seems to be a very decent place to develop relationships in a strictly support sense. I prefer support conversations to be more "slice of life" than "in the heat of battle" because it allows for the characters to expound a little bit about themselves. With Echoes, what saved the "in the heat of battle" supports was the emotions of the voice actors. Having both Full VA and "slice of life", in-depth supports is a new experience, and one that I think is the best of both worlds. The Avatar has a backstory that allows for them to be an interesting support partner. No. Really. You know how other characters can just bring up something in their past, but Robin and Corrin both had some kind of amnesia and that it relegated them to being a wall for the other person to climb? Byleth's past as a mercenary allows them to draw experience from his past and gives him/her the opportunity to BE the one climbing the wall in supports. Not only that, Byleth is also the bridge character between Sothis - the imaginary suspiciously manakete-girl looking friend - and the rest of the cast, so the only way people can know about Sothis is through Byleth telling them about her. This makes for some potentially interesting Avatar-centric supports where they previously were too vanilla on average. Unless of course, this protagonist be silent. Which...is possible too, I guess. Some people think that's a good thing. I don't.
  13. It's another year, and I'm going to end up buying another video game that releases in a strange time window because....it's freaking Fire Emblem. I think. Positives In Fire Emblem Fates, we were last introduced to the a world where two kingdoms had significant familial ties to an individual, and the world building was focused on the two families, that individual, and a mysterious singer. Fates was my first introduction to Fire Emblem as a franchise, so the Google Maps- inspired world map didn't bother me because I wasn't accustomed to continents and places actually having names. In Three Houses, we not only have the continent already established as "Fodlan", we have three different regions with different governmental structures, every place on the map being the name of a noble family, and we know that a religious institution holds great power over the entire continent. This draws historical overtures to Europe's medieval period, where the land was mostly a feudal society that was also under the great power held by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. While the outfit designs are more of a mix between fantasy and Renaissance-period attire, the world seems set for a major story to take place. This is important to keep in mind, because the smaller more focused setting of a combat academy we the player teach at can dwarf any potential for major rising action to occur in favor of "slice-of-life" "school days" shenanigans. The world is big enough for something important to happen, and detailed enough already to expect it to happen across the whole of Fodlan. That prospect is exciting. The school setting (which I feel I need to establish is a COMBAT OFFICER'S ACADEMY and not a high school, even though we all know Japan is going to make many of the characters within seem like mere high schoolers) seems to play a significant role in the lives of our three "Lords", and it has an INCREDIBLY in-depth "Fire Emblem" purpose when it comes to building up your units. It seems like you and your....roughly 9 or 10 students of choice (depending on which house you choose to teach) will be a natural progression from Fire Emblem Echoes five Villagers, except everything - from using a weapon, to moving in heavy armor or riding a mount while being able to fight effectively, to even leading formations of common troops* is its own stat that each student will need to devote time to increasing. That means that your starting army is VERY customizable, while also making all of those skills seem immersive to the school setting and realistic. If you are a fan of Awakening and Fates' child unit mechanic that let you customize their skillsets, this Combat Academy-based customization will scratch that itch. If you're not a fan of what having such child mechanics does to the story, well this -PROBABLY- will replace that feature given how in-depth it is, and how the roster of students seems to number over the amount of 2nd generation units in Awakening and Fates...unless the game has a reasonable time-skip. The 'Fire Emblem' strategy game we all know and love looks really great. Weapon durability last seen in a Awakening is back. Pair-up seems to be replaced with getting bonuses potentially from the formations of each individual's common troops (kinda like Advance Wars) as well as supports when other units are nearby or using "Gambits." The cell-shading and art-style and battle animations all look pretty great considering its a Switch Fire Emblem, and the only hope here is that there are enough of these battles to feel like it is a Fire Emblem game, and not....Renaissance Persona or something. The school hub...looks really good. It's massive, and explored in an over-the-shoulder dungeon crawler experience like you see with Echoes except the camera can probably be moved to view just how massive it looks. This part of the game looks like it was designed to be played connected to the TV for maximum immersion, and I love it. Avatar characters are a bit of a touchy subject among the Fire Emblem community, but I've always played with them save for Echoes (which is my favorite game in the franchise). I like the role the Avatar seems to play in the story as former merc-turned-teacher with strange imaginary friend. There may be the risk that the Avatar in this game has too much importance at this point, but I can't say that it will drag the game down for me personally because I enjoyed Fates and Awakening just fine. Male Byleth...looks freaking awesome. Female Byleth looks fine to me, and I think her design will grow on people once the "she's too unprofessional to be a professor" complaints go down. There's intentionally sexy designs like Camilla - and then there's F!Byleth, who - to me - looks more like a combat "teacher" even though she has an exposed navel. If there's anything I see wrong with her, it probably is that she was getting a test run during the Direct and isn't actually finished yet. We can fight enemies...with punching weapons. It's an FE after my own heart! Seriously though, the weapons in this game might be the best thing bout it. Music. Concerns We know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are heirs of their respective regions, but so far we know that only the Avatar has plot importance while our three lords are just....Officer's Academy students. The plot SHOULD fix this as the game moves on from the introductory period at the beginning, but as of right now these characters seem empty. I'm hoping that Nintendo was just pulling the plot punches in the Direct and that we haven't seen anything substantial story wise...because otherwise the biggest enemy we have to look forward to is some dinosaur looking thing with one those "crests." A lot of people that like to play Fire Emblem are big on emphasizing "Low Turn Count". This game doesn't quite look very friendly for LTC-ers, because none of the students have any "stats" revealed, and instead may only have what appear to be strengths and weaknesses that are tied to "learning" certain abilities. This may leave the game open to be cheesed by having your entire army be made up of a certain class as the most effective option to win in the least amount of turns, and it also means that people who just want to play Fire Emblem will be in the school trying to achieve that perfect army for a good deal of time, which may make it seem like the school setting is too important for some. Lack of recruitable units along a journey. Since the days of Marth, finding your allies as you went along on your quest has been a substantial part of Fire Emblem that carried through all the way to Fates. The sheer amount of young nobles you get to enlist into your forces at the start of the game seemingly leaves very little room for different characters, and since all of your students don't seem to be fleshed out as characters yet, this is probably my biggest personal concern so far.
  14. The only potentially negative with Fern in regards to being a romance option - at least surface level as a character that is considered a rival to the player - is his age relative to the player's. The Onyx Trainer's School seems to actually be much like your typical main series Trainer's School in that the age-range can include the protagonist (there's a female Ace Trainer hanging out on the third floor of the school who seems to be a student as opposed to a teacher, faculty member, or janitor), so the only thing we really know about Fern is that he's younger than Florinia, The OTS Quartet (Julia, Rini, Tania, and Amy) are seemingly just a couple years removed from graduation even though Florinia is the headmistress of the school. Fern also seems to be a student. One thing we can gather is that there is seemingly....ZERO little children in this region that are actually represented by a trainer class and can actually have Pokémon. (i.e. your Picnickers, Campers, Tubers, Pre-schoolers, Fairy Girls, etc.) - and the youngest trainer class represented - the Youngster - even seems to be slightly aged up due to the subject matter of discourse with Youngsters extending into potentially being involved in gang activity. (For instance, a Youngster is serving as a solo "lookout" for the Hotshot and Street Rat that bully Pachirisu/Zigzagoon at the start of the game.) From all this information, we can gather that Fern is a student in a "high school setting". You can further validate this with the Sweet Heart event that gives you the Incinium-Z after the city is restored, as well as spooking the Youngster who is rehearsing a scenario in which he would confess how he feels to someone - in order to access the third floor. "Young Love" is kind of a brazenly recurring sideshow at the OTS. --- The player characters only have "unofficial names" that fans of the game can use to refer to them at this point, as even their gender is determined by the player these days. Therefore, it's safe to assume all the protagonists can be the same age. Taking Reborn's subject matter into account, as well as how directly involved the protagonist must be in order to progress through the story (I.e. joining a gang), as well as how characters address the protagonist. (Characters like Samson or Corin-Rouge may flirt with those who identify as female, and Cain will ALWAYS address you with faux adoration in a more than friendly manner.).... ... we can guesstimate that the player character is aged around 18, or would BARELY be old enough to attend high school within an average age limit. This is good for FernXProtag-shippers, because if both Fern AND the player can attend OTS, then the age gap probably is more narrow than it might have been. --- I'd say Fern is actually not an awful man-crush in this game. You could easily see his self-glorification, and trashing the player as some sort of form of "if they treat you like garbage, they'll like you" approach, but it seems unhealthy given that it goes so far as to joining a terrorist organization, getting his sister involved in a real breaking point between the two siblings, and turning him into the most oppositional rival since Silver.
  15. This thread is going to need some pretext, because I can be a bit blunt or brash when explaining things and that doesn't particularly sit well with everyone who may read this. The point of this thread is to share what I think I would do if I were either "Ame for a day" or someone who was allowed to make suggestions regarding the game's aspects before the project would hypothetically be released with a price tag and Nintendo Directs start talking about season-passes and potential DLC. ANY CRITICISM that is found here is not meant to sound "holier-than-thou" or disgusted. It's simply being given due to the times. Pokémon Reborn is nearly completed as a project - and while I'm not expecting a huge marketing push and/or the game to be made available for sale for obvious reasons - I want to try and come at the game as if Amethyst really was working on a mainstream Pokémon game for Game Freak and Reborn was the project she delivered hypothetically. In other words, the critique is not meant to seem "necessary" - but if it sounds like the frustration of a player who has experienced the game is coming through, well, you kinda have to play the game before you can leave any kind of criticism or suggestions right? As long as people have read the context above, then people will at least know where I'm coming from. Furthermore, I'm also interested in seeing your responses to my criticisms, as well as allowing you to join me in offering some of your own. This is kind of an important invitation, because I don't REALLY have many negative things to say about the gameplay itself. So I might NEED someone who may know more about Pokémon as a game to point other things out that I miss. Also, if Ame is out there reading this, it would be kinda neat to hear what she'd have to say about her own game if she were to put herself in a critic's shoes. I'd get a kick out of that - especially because I know Ame would understand the hypothetical situation at hand and perhaps that would influence how she feels about different aspects of the game - or at the very least she can explain why the product IS suitable for a mainstream Pokémon game and that would be cool to know too. Alright. Here goes. --- If this game were to ever become a part of Pokémon's franchise, Pokémon Reborn has a bloated cast of characters that compound the issue of having a bloated cast by giving each and every member a backstory, their own goals and motives, and tying it all into the game's plot. 2. There is seemingly SOMETHING missing with Team Meteor in the beginning of the game, and its ties to Arceus (which is probably Reborn's box art Legendary given the events that surround it) are not truly explained as vividly as they could be because of the thing that needs to be expounded upon the most in regard to the evil organization. Its DISorganization. I have some more, and I may either add them in a response post, or put them here if the thread isn't generating a lot of a buzz. I've already typed a good deal already, so I'm going to see what the first two points bring up and give my wrists a break.
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