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  1. Interesting. Maybe with that in mind, there's room for that sort of mechanic as a different kind of gimmick battle that could be implemented as maybe the main method in a fixed location (similar to one area of Platinum's Battle Frontier) that could be a select-able option for battling other players? That way it doesn't change the core gameplay, but becomes a more recognizable secondary game mode, and one that's more open than stuff like Flying Battles which only last a generation. That being said, there was also rotation battles before and those didn't last either.
  2. No the original idea was that you got a resistance of only your Pokemon's hidden type, so if you wanted to cut out ice attacks, you'd have to carry hp ice basically, but I'm personally leaning toward the idea of it maybe just being a once-per-battle resist anyway, or even something more niche, just because even then, anyone who doesn't feel obligated to carry a hidden type offensively would just use it to negate a weakness. I'd need to think more about how to create a good option for defensive Pokemon to care about their hidden type.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Adding the physical Hidden Power as a different move works too, for sure. And I do agree that it would be nice if the type icon properly displayed. As for the resistance concept, I do think there should be some reason to give defensive Pokemon a reason to think about their hidden type. I hear you on the "no weaknesses" issue, and while Spiritomb certainly never won any awards for being even remotely effective in battle, Mega-Sableye would put that to much better use. That's not even including a lot of other options like basically any pure electric Pokemon doing the same with ground attacks, and other examples like Scizor softening his major fire weakness. I do think that there would be some room to experiment and test out the mechanic with a bit more emphasis on ways to play around with hidden type when it comes to abilities and moves. Imagine, for example, a move like Trick Room and Wonder Room called something like "Hidden Room" which caused all hidden types to apply a weakness instead of a resistance? If I were actually desiging the game, though, I wouldn't just release these changes. I would be very transparent about the concept and release a free demo that would be like a Pokemon Showdown clone with the Ultra Smoon Pokedex (Not the national dex) that included these changes along with some new abilities and moves revolving around this stuff and poll the community on their thoughts.
  5. So I've been thinking about the potential to change up a little about how Hidden Power type works and some other ways that it could become more integrated into the games mechanics. It's something that would drastically change up game play, probably larger than any other mechanic ever introduced to Pokemon, so I don't necessarily know if it would be a change for the better or the worse, so I wanted to see what you all think. So let's talk about Hidden Power. It's an interesting move that allows a lot of Pokemon, particularly weaker ones, to obtain type coverage they can't ordinarily access. It's not perfect though. Its power isn't stellar, the game isn't transparent about what type each Pokemon's hidden power is without visiting a specific NPC, and it's exclusive to special attackers. But what if this all changed? Concept: Every Pokemon has a Hidden Type. This hidden type would be an all-new variable detached from IVs that would impact Pokemon in potentially 3 ways... - Hidden Power: A special attack that always has attack power 70. It is available to every Pokemon via TM and functions as the type that match's the user's hidden type. (This is largely unchanged) - Secret Power: Now is the physical attack version of Hidden Power, and also is always attack power 70. It is also available to every Pokemon via TM. *EDIT* Could also be a completely new move* *EDIT*: One potential new addition to the above could be that normal type Pokemon always get STAB on these moves regardless of hidden type to emphasis the theme of normal Pokemon being more versatile than other types. The biggest of the three: - Pokemon with max happiness will resist attacks that match the user's hidden type (applied on top of their current resistances and weaknesses). Examples: - A water Pokemon with the hidden type: ghost will resist ghost attacks - A fairy Pokemon with the hidden type: poison will take neutral damage from poison attacks - A fire/flying Pokemon with the hidden type: rock will take double damage from rock attacks Hidden type can now be seen in combat by the HP bar of all participating Pokemon; however, an opponent's hidden type will remain hidden until: - They are hit with an attack that matches their hidden type (Ex. If a Pokemon with the hidden type: fire is hit with a fire attack). - One or more of the Player's Pokemon has one of these abilities: Analytic, Anticipation, Keen Eye. Pokemon with one of these abilities will ignore an opponent's hidden type when attacking: Infiltrator, Unaware (Ex. Unaware Clefable's Moonblast will still deal 4x damage to a Kommo-o with the hidden type: fairy). Certain new moves could be added to manipulate hidden type, or current moves could gain said ability. Visiting the Pokemon Aura Specialist NPC and paying some form of restrictive currency (similarly to bottle caps in Ultra Smoon) will allow you to alter the hidden type of one of your Pokemon to another type of your choosing. Pros and Cons... Pros: - Hidden type now becomes more transparent, making it easier for hardcore players to pay attention to, and more accessible for young and casual players to learn about. - All Pokemon now benefit from hidden types, not just special attackers. Cons: - It's an all new system to learn and would require time for everyone to get used to the new mechanics. - Maybe Con?: An added resistance that players can choose is a MASSIVE change, and I can't say if it would be for the better or worse. Possible alternatives: In the event the idea seems too extreme, there are ways that it could be mitigated so it's less demanding. Here are some other ideas that could work in place of the added resistance if that seems too much for some people. If you think it's too much, share which of these ideas seems better, or if you have a better idea yourself: - Hidden type resistance reduces damage by 25% instead of 50%, essentially making it a half-resist, thus less impacting but still helpful, like Filter or Solid Rock. - Hidden type resistance overrides a Pokemon's natural resistance if that type would be neutral or super effective (Ex. a fire/flying Pokemon would resist a rock attack instead of take 4x damage); however, this effect only applies once per battle. - Instead of having a hidden type resistance, the move Hidden Aura places a 5-turn barrier on your side of the field (similar to screens) that makes all Pokemon on the user's side of the field resist the user's hidden type unless they would unless they would otherwise be immune or absorb that type (like in the above example). If overriding is too much, then a simple resistance is added to all Pokemon on the user's side of the field instead (Ex. a fire/flying Pokemon would take 2x damage from a rock attack instead of 4x damage). Share what you think of these ideas below along with what kind of changes you might do to it if you think it needs to be changed.
  6. But wait a second, by this logic, that would also mean that abilities like Storm Drain and Lightning Rod are also too broken and cheap ways of improving weaker Pokemon. For lightning rod, you have an immunity + stat boost (which is usually better than a heal) + free Follow Me against every electric type attack. Storm Drain is immunity + heal + Free Follow Me against all water type attacks. Sure, you could argue that the Follow Me benefit is doubles exclusive, but you also would recognize that SR absorption may as well be singles exclusive since SR isn't nearly as oppressive in doubles and often times just isn't used. Also, I have to say that I think "giving up on certain Pokemon is sometimes the only way to deal with the situation" is an awful way to look at game design. Imagine if that's the mentality a construction team had when building a house. Someone does something incorrectly that would compromise the structural integrity of the building, and they're just like "Well, we should just give up on that and carry on." Gamefreak has complete and total power to improve and fix the parts of their product that are old, outdated, and in desperate need of repair, and as game designers, I believe they should.
  7. @NickCrash Also a lot to reply to, so bear with me. I don't think the starter criteria have to be overly blatant. Sometimes taking inspiration from a design or a concept is enough. Sure, the water starters don't all necessarily embody the style of the weapon, and maybe it really is just a coincidental thing, but it's also unusual how all of them at least have 1 detail that strikingly resembles a weapon type that otherwise seems unusual, like Primarina's spikes. Also, I don't think the club reference was meant to showcase how Primarina fights, but is more meant to be a joke on clubbing seals. I also didn't specify that they had to be amphibious at all. With the grass starters, prehistoric doesn't necessarily have to mean dinosaur or reptile. That's just the Mesozoic era. You also have the Paleozoic era which is notable for the Cambrian period full of bizarre sea life of which all other life seemingly evolves from, and more recently the Cenozoic era which comes after dinosaurs and has a lot of mammals. Birds are just as old as dinosaurs as well, and Decidueye is also a reference to the extinct Stilt Owls that lived on the Hawaiian Islands. Serperior is based on the Titanoboa, a 2.5 ton boa stretching as far as 42ft long that's also extinct. Sceptile abandons a lot of the gecko visual details and has a much stronger visual appearance to that of raptors. And Torterra's body is very un-turtle like and actually has a lot of visual similarities with the Ankylosaurus: the neck spikes, the raised back armor, and the body structure. You're right in noticing Torterra's connection to the turtle that holds the world on its back, as each generation has its own theme for their starters. Sinnoh's starters are all based on creatures of mythology. Some other examples would be Alola's theme of performers (archery, wrestling, and singing), Kalos' RPG theme (Tank, Caster, Melee), or Unova's theme of leaders of empires. I'd wager this new set will be styled around different positions of a football (soccer) team. Scorbunny becoming the striker, Sobble becoming the goalie, and Grookey becoming the cheerleader/band performer. Also, with the chinese zodiac theme for Fire Starters. I don't see why the Pokemon has to be a directly literal representation of that creature. Charizard, for example, has a much stronger European dragon design than a Chinese dragon. Weasels may not be biologically as close to rodents as you might think, they do share a lot of aesthetics, and people used to believe they were rodents. Meanwhile foxes and dogs are very close biologically. Also I don't see the problem with another Fire-type horse Pokemon and it's crazy to think they couldn't be anything but the same. How many frog Pokemon do we have? How many cat Pokemon do we have? How many mice, rabbits, fish, mushroom, butterfly, moth, and flower Pokemon do we have?
  8. In all honestly, I don't think Molten Rock is really that strong when taking into account Magcargo's speed and typing. A really great way to make poor type combinations more viable is for those Pokemon to have abilities that allow them to counteract some of those weaknesses. Abilities like Volt Absorb and Water Absorb already exist specifically to neutralize a given type, and none of the Pokemon with those abilities are all that ground breaking. Meanwhile Poison types already ignore the Poison condition, and all of them absorb Toxic Spikes on switch in. The thing about Stealth Rocks is that it desperately needs more ways to counter it other than just Rapid Spin and Defog because both of those options still require that someone switch in and take the damage. Spikes has to be layered several times for it to get to that level, not used in one turn. And as I mentioned, Toxic Spikes can be immediately absorbed just by switching in a Poison Pokemon of any kind. Stealth Rocks is still very oppressive. Magcargo's stats and quadruple weakness to Grass and Water are three reasons why players will forever be apprehensive, but having an ability that allows Magcargo to switch in and heal on Stone Edge or Stealth Rocks, as well as removing them if they're already on the field has a trade of that I think warrants some attention without tipping the scale aggressively into always being on an OU team simply for that reason. There will still be much stronger Pokemon who can simply use Rapid Spin at the trade off of needing to switch into them and use a turn.
  9. Chatter is a flying type move though, which was Chatot's signature. And I imagine if GameFreak didn't treat Flying type as an accessory, Chatot could've ended up pure Flying.
  10. Not necessarily true about the Sound thing. Chimecho is Psychic, Primarina is Water, Kricketune is Bug, and Chatot is Flying. All of them are sound-themed. Also Typhlosion is a large weasel or field rodent of some kind, hence the mouse connection, and foxes are different, but close to dogs biologically.
  11. Blastoise: Rocket Launcher - The cannons on his back. Feraligatr: Brass Knuckles - The ridges along his arms. Swampert: Japanese War Fan - His tail. Empoleon: Trident - The trident on his face. Samurott: Katana - Using the sea shells on his arms as swords. Greninja: Shurikens - Water Shuriken. Primarina: Spiked Club - The spikes around his waist where the 'mermaid tail' starts.
  12. Magcargo is one of many interesting Pokemon from Gen 2, and also like many Gen 2 Pokemon, he's fairly underwhelming competitively. As the sole owner of the Fire/Rock typing, he struggles to play the bulky role his stats intend for, not to mention that, despite his high defense, his low HP and middling special defense also limit him pretty heavily. It's a shame, really, so I want to investigate a new way Magcargo could develop an identifiable niche that we could possibly see in Gen 8. Magcargo, the Lava Pokemon Typing: Fire/Rock Abilities: Magma Armor/Flame Body/(Weak Armor) -> Flame Body/(Molten Rock *NEW*) Stats: HP: 60 -> 80 ATK: 50 DEF: 120 -> 130 SPA: 90 SPD: 80 -> 90 SPE: 30 -> 20 Total: 430 -> 460 (Net +30) Molten Rock: A Pokemon with Molten Rock heals 1/4th of its maximum HP when hit with a Rock-Type attack; including Stealth Rocks. NOTE: Stealth Rocks will be absorbed like when Poison Pokemon switch into Toxic Spikes. Concept: Many Johto Pokemon could use a minor stat readjustment so that their average totals aren't as low as they currently are. This small adjustment gives Magcargo a stronger role as a defensive Pokemon with more health to soak up damage, and a bit more defenses. Magcargo's speed is already painfully low, and he is a snail after all, so he should be fairly slow. But the real big deal is Molten Rock. Essentially, this is the water absorb/volt absorb for Rock attacks. Rock is an offensive type that could use a slap on the wrist. It doesn't need to be destroyed, but it could stand to be taken down a notch. With Magcargo absorbing rock attacks, a type he would ordinarily be weak to, suddenly there's a Pokemon who can switch into Stone Edges with complete safety, but the real kicker is being able to absorb Stealth Rocks on switch-in and prevent them from being applied. Stealth Rocks is an extremely powerful tool and one that constantly needs to be taken into account. Rapid Spinners and Defogers can already rid the field of them, but since Magcargo doesn't need to use a move to do that, he would have a slight edge over those Pokemon. Being 4x weak to Water and Ground though will still pose to be an issue, so I don't necessarily believe he would suddenly become an ubers threat, or even OU, but I believe these changes would at least give him a role that would warrant experimentation and use across more than just ZU/PU.
  13. Personally, I love the design of Grookey so far. His design reminds me of some of the simpler designs from Gen 1-3, and I personally prefer the slightly muted colors and simplistic shape. He seems to have some kind of musical or dance inspired powers, hence the drumming on the rock and "Groovy" seemingly a source of inspiration for his name. Something else to consider is that Grass Starters are always based on some kind of prehistoric/extinct animal. Grookey definitely has a bit of a lemur-esque appearance. That's not to say his evolutions will, Pikipek evolving into Toucannon being a great example, but if we assume for a second that he will retain that, he'll likely be based off a lemur from the Eocene epoch. As for typing, there's that weird moment in the trailer where these parts of the grass stay compressed until a moment after Grookey runs away that seems very odd. I have no idea if this is meant to imply some kind of secondary typing or what, but I'm getting a Grass/Psychic vibe. Sound, though, isn't a type, so it could really be anything. Scorbunny's design is probably my least favorite, but not by much. I think what I don't like about the design are her body proportions in the body/legs/feet areas. She looks very cartoonish, which isn't to say that Pokemon should be hyper realistic, but it's like the Incineroar problem. Incineroar doesn't really try to have any semblance of realism or organic design, he's just a cartoon character. Meanwhile, compare him to Infernape who's design retains a level of natural, ape-like design while adding in features that allude to Sun Wukong. You get something that looks much better. With Scorbunny, who seems more like a hare than a rabbit for the record, you get this concept of speed and energy. I think she would look a lot better if her body were less round and more ovular, and the legs were thicker with thinner feet to have more emphasis on those long, powerful legs hares have. Something closer to the hind legs of this image: The point is to have a balance between aspects of realism and animation. Maybe to retain the Pokemon aesthetic, the foot pads could be a larger, and the yellow patches could be on the back of the legs under the knee joint. While we're on those yellow patches, I get a strong Fire/Electric vibe, which would not only be fantastic for a type combination that we've oddly never had yet, but I think would develop into a really cool design. I have little faith though, as the Fire Starters seem to get further and further into raw cartoon character designs with every passing generation. $10 says we're getting the Trixx Rabbit on Fire with her final evolution. Sobble is middle ground for me. At the moment, there's nothing particularly unique about his design or his personality in the trailer that stands out to me. He's not that different, visually, than Pokemon like Mudkip or Wooper. Personally, the only thing I'm slightly adverse to are his eyes. I kinda wish they were less cartoonishly ovular and more round like amphibian eyes. His invisibility is something to note, but it's difficult to know what that means in regards to his typing or moveset. Is it Acid Armor? Is it the Color Change ability? Color Change is just a worse Protean, but Greninja already claims Protean among starters, so that seems unlikely. Since Gen 6, ti seems like starters are always getting exclusive hidden abilities, even if those abilities don't necessarily compliment those Pokemon in functionality (Magician, Liquid Voice, etc.). So it's difficult to say. Water starters also are all influenced by some kind of weapon type, but it's basically impossible to get a better grasp on what kind of weapon inspiration they'll go for with Sobble yet. He's not like Grookey where the inspiration is an animal and thus we can narrow down options based on his appearance. That being said, Sobble does appear to have a long coiled tail, so maybe a whip? Though it wouldn't be the first time a water starter began developing a cool feature only for it to be taken away in the final evolution (Wartortle's awesome tail, Froakie/Frogadier's frubbles, etc.) So who knows?
  14. Ivysaur, Wartortle, Quilava, Croconaw, Grovyle, Marshtomp, Monferno, Pignite, Dewott, Chespin, Braixen, Rowlet, Torracat, Brionne... For some reason, many starters seem to have this trend of cool middle evolution/disappointing final evolution. Sometimes its because the design doesn't really change much (Typhlosion), because the design takes a dramatic shift in theme out of nowhere (Blastoise), or goes a little too far and makes the design less of a Pokemon and more of a Digimon in style, if that makes any sense (Delphox/Primarina). No hate on Digimon, but I like for each to maintain their own styles and not bleed into each other. This is, of course, my own opinion, so feel free to disagree. Outside of starters: Gen 4's "Patch-Up Job" evolutions mostly: Weavile, Lickilicky, Rhyperior, Magmortar, Electivire, Ambipom, Yanmega, Gliscor, definitely Probopass, Dusknoir, Tangrowth, and Togekiss especially for me all look worse in a way than their former selves. It's not as much an issue of bad design, but Gen 4 is where the shift in style really started to change for Pokemon, such as much bolder, more heavily saturated colors (Just look at the difference between Rhydon and Rhyperior and you'll see what I mean) and also where the designers started overcomplicating many designs with too many small details. Palkia and Dialga, for example, are extremely busy designs with a lot more details than they needed, and the same is true for many of these designs. Togetic is my favorite NFE Pokemon, and the one I'm most salty about changing from an elegant fae-like design to an airplane. The others I haven't mentioned either benefit from split evolutions, (Gallade, Froslass) where their former selves are still at least somewhat viable, or others that also look good (Honchkrow, Mismagius) but I also like their pre evolutions and kinda wish they were separate. Mamoswine is the only one I think is a legitimate improvement. Dragonair, as others mentioned, should've been a split evolution. I feel the same for Flaaffy, and I also really love Mareep. I wish Mareep was a form-based Pokemon with a full coat, defensive form (Mareep) and a sheared form (Flaaffy). Ampharos could've been his own thing. Same goes for the Vulpixes where I kinda wish they were separate from Ninetales because I like both for different reasons. I also just wish Pokemon Evolution was actually not about a species growing more mature as if they were aging, but was actually all about adapting to different environments with different (but not stronger) stat spreads, typings, abilities, and moves. Like, I wish Evolution was swapping a Pokemon between the base form and their 'regional variant/form' with the capability to evolve back if the situation revolving around that Pokemon's environment changes. Scyther to Scizor, in concept, is more what I wish all Pokemon evolution was like. Scizor doesn't have more points to his stats, he just moved Scyther's points around and developed a new typing, ability, and moveset. Granted it's blatantly better than Scyther's in practice, but if there was a greater attempt at keeping some amount of balance around evolutions, like shifting strengths and weaknesses to better suit the team, you'd probably have a wider array of viable options in Pokemon. I mean, even when you look at Gen 1 by itself, you don't really have 151 different Pokemon to choose from. No one ever said "Hmm, should I take Dragonite on my team or Metapod..?" You don't consider the options between Charmander and Charizard. One is flat out better in every way possible than the other. You actually had only 91 'reasonable' choices for Pokemon, and I say 'reasonable' including options like Beedrill and Fearow. Imagine if those other 60 designs weren't just blatantly worse than one of the other 91, and actually had their own unique styles that, while maybe not being perfectly balance, at least warranted the option for being a choice, even in a lower tier.
  15. To be completely honest, I've never understood the charm of the starter Pokemon. It's kinda hard to explain... There are starters that I like, but I hate that they're starters, if that makes any sense. Like I don't want the games to force the same Grass, Fire, Water trio option on me every game, and for the games to act as if that is my spirit animal that will be my partner for the rest of my life. What if I want my special partner to be a Primeape? or a Donphan? or a Chimecho? Maybe I want to be an Ice-type trainer and have a Snover as my first partner. Most of my playthroughs in Pokemon, I drop my starter the second I catch something I like, and for the rest of the game, I pretend that was the Pokemon I received at the start of my journey. For a long time, I thought everyone else was the same--only keeping the starters if they liked those Pokemon more than the other hundreds of options. But time and time again, I see a lot of people referring to "that special Pokemon you began your journey with" and naturally that means it was a starter Pokemon. That being said... My Gen 1 Favorite is Wartortle. Wartortle is one of the Water-types I actually do like and wouldn't mind training if he wasn't a middle-stage Pokemon and thus "incomplete." I've never really liked Blastoise and am quite salty that the designers intentionally chose for squirtle to get this long, cloudy tail and ears, only to rip them off 16 levels later and shove two cannons that have no place being there into his shell. I wish the designers continued that design trend and Wartortle would've evolved into something with an even longer tail. Gen 2 is Meganium. Because Meganium is my favorite fully evolved starter, he is the worst starter in the entire game. Fate wouldn't have seen it happen any other way. I just like the simplicity of the design, and I really enjoy seeing various art of different Meganium forms. Seriously, looking up "Meganium Pokemon Variants" and you'll see a lot of cool ideas. Gen 3 is Marshtomp. Swampert's design got too grizzly for my liking, and I always found Marshtomp to be a great happy medium between Midkip's cuteness and Swampert's power. Again, Marshtomp is just an incomplete Swampert, though, because that's just how Pokemon was designed. I'm not as in love with Marshtomp, though, as I am with Wartortle. Gen 4 is Torterra. The other fully evolved starter I like, but less than Meganium. I love the bonsai design for Torterra and think it makes for such an interesting Pokemon design. Also like Meganium, there are a ton of cool concepts for Torterra variants with other trees and seasonal designs. Naturally, Torterra is also very low tier, but not as bad as Meganium. Be thankful I didn't like you more then Meganium, Torterra, or you'd be an even worse Pokemon. Gen 5 is Dewott. Like the other Water-type middle stages, Dewott has a great improvement from Oshawott, but then drives off left field to be what Samurott is. I guess I'm just a fan of happy mediums. Too bad they weren't designed to have anything advantages that their evolved forms don't have. Gen 6 is Braixen. I liked Braixen before Pokken was a thing. It would've been nice to see Fenniken's evolutionary family stay in the quadruped world like most of the fan art tried to predict, but GameFreak seems to have a vendetta against them, so I'm not sure we'll ever get a quadruped Fire starter. Even when we go to the horse or ram chinese zodiac inspirations in the future, I'm sure GameFreak will find a way to turn them into a cereal box mascot. Yeah, that's more about Incineroar, but Torracat isn't my favorite Gen 7 starter so this was really the only time to bring that up. Anyway, Braixen... I guess I just like that Braixen goes for the spell caster aesthetic in a way that doesn't take a shovel and bash you in the face with it like Delphox does. Gen 7 is Brionne. A lot of people were skeptical of Popplio, and while I wasn't in love, I liked the circus feel. Again, happy medium Brionne is able to pull of the circus performer aesthetic in a way that feels natural and simplistic. It's not like someone's screaming in your ear "LOOK AT ME, I'M AN OPERA SEAL-SIREN WITH A GENDER RATIO THAT WILL DEFY YOUR EXPECTATIONS!" like a certain seal Pokemon I could choose to name, but won't. (Hint: It's Walrein). Also, why did we get Sparkling Aria instead of a water balloon attack like Popplio and Brionne are supposed to use?
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