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  1. Hello, it's me again, back with another missed and now unobtainable key item request - this time featuring Anju's Pendant. Would it be possible for a dev to help me and edit the item into my save?
  2. Just bumping to keep the thread alive! Thanks again for offering to help, @Jan
  3. Thank you for your super in depth reply! Unfortunately, it seems like my game is bugged, as Ana is not present in the location she is supposed to be in. I have combed the underground and library and spoken to everyone, to no avail. I wonder if a dev can help me out here? @Jan
  4. Thank you for the in depth answer, looks like my quest to change the past to save the future ends in my bitter defeat.
  5. Alas, there was only the one autosave file in my folder. I suppose the game reset my settings when I updated, since I usually set it to store 10 backups.
  6. I've been playing my save since V1, and I'm currently using a guide to go back and try and get any key items that have been added to previous episodic content. I'm currently trying to acquire the Family Portrait from the Underground, but the event has already passed, and I can't trigger it at all. If possible, could a dev lend me a hand and add the item to my save? Thanks! Game.rxdata
  7. 1) Wonderfully done @Jan. I'm seriously impressed, you've come so far in all these years 2) I got the true ending but I see some people talking about some sort of code? I must have missed it, can someone please post it? Something something GDC building?? 3) I know the capsule keys are bugged, but what were they supposed to do?
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