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    • The dancer sighed, not quite turning to face Arthur just yet. She wasn't sure what she was planning on doing when she got outside, anyway. "I thought he was. I had hoped that we could come to some kind of mutual understanding, but words don't seem to have any effect on him. I thought. . . I thought better of him. Of Virtuous." She was quiet for a moment before finally turning about. "If nothing else, you've at least admitted you have a fault, and apologized. It would be silly for me to hold it against you." Justine shook her head. "You know, I joined Virtuous in part so I could be who I believed I was, without having to worry about being judged or outcast for the way I speak, or the way I act." 
    • Candide had not been entirely satisfied with the aftermath of things — if he had totally had his way, even more care would have been devoted to those bodies, and the poisoned men would not have been cremated. In the end, though, he realized that that was the best they were probably going to get. The Tsukiochians certainly hadn’t been able to speak for themselves, and his concerns were but one of the group’s. He couldn’t hold it against the Queen too much.   It was still a shame, though.   “Well, I am off, I suppose. I admit I may find this difficult, but... I am looking greatly forwards to meeting Sir Lancelot the Black. That man is one of the two most famous knights of Tameloc living.”   And Candide indeed left, producing a simple but fine dark wood cane from his supplies. On battlefields or in most buildings he had no need for one; his kinesthetic sense had served his motion well in his battling days, and though his blinding had of course damaged it, in open spaces or predictable rooms he had enough left in him to walk with relative ease, steps purposeful but light enough that upon brushing against something he could easily avoid it.   Town squares and streets, alas, were an exception. Enough was going on on most given streets that he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t run into some bystander, or trip over some obstacle. He knew the ebbs and flows of battle enough to at least roughly predict where people would be at any given moment, but common foot traffic was a different matter. It was, frankly, somewhat humiliating that he had to resort to this, but he could at least hope he had some poise to himself nonetheless. He could hope.   Candide made his way to a corner of the town square, found somewhere to sit, and simply listened. That was something he’d always done well with, after all, and it was something he hadn’t lost.
    • Arthur and Simeon just... watched as the whole fiasco happened, honestly somewhat too aghast to respond. As Justine walked off, Arthur without a word got up and headed after her, with Simeon crossing his arms and simply thinking to himself. He briefly looks over at Baldur for a second, but goes back to thinking to himself.   ...   Arthur followed Justine outside, trying to approach the subject as gently as he could; there was a noticeable softened tone to his voice as he approached, knowing he had also similarly insulted Justine... yet he didn't think he was nearly that aggressive.   "Justine... I know I am perhaps not exactly close to the first person you'd confide in, but... his behavior toward you was unreasonable. People should always have an open mind to others... that's something I've been wanting to learn well myself."
    • ..... I think this is the right place for this, as it's a fangame Think J-Awsome_One has a few play throughs here, so let's go   Hello I am Uberle In my attempt to stop lurking here I'm gonna share a run that I've been doing in Insurgence Probably the first fan game I played  I've been meaning to finish up my run of this, but never got to it And still haven't This is a fresh start right from the beginning of the game  Because why not?   Also quick disclaimer I've played through to the absolute end of this game once, but played the older version to the end three times One was a nuzlocke as well, so I know what I'm getting myself into here Really should finish that Anyway nuzlocke rules in case you don't know   -1st encounter in each area -Faint=dead -Nickname everything -Dupes and species clause applies    All set? Let's begin Note: This update is very long, but that's just me getting all the intro stuff out of the way.   Update 1 Abscond   
    • I think revival herbs have always been cheap compared to real max revives because they also lower the happiness of your pokemon 😛
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