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    • She repairs her mask easily afterwards. Do you need a link for that? Also, Melanie is Maria, a girl who knows advanced caculus while she's 10, so like, im willing to cut her some slack even if the trick is simple.
    • We should note Angie failing to sacrifice Melia is what triggers her mental breakdown, so perhaps there is struggle going on her in mind? It's interesting to note, Angie has someone inform you about strategy just like Vitus does when we fight Maria, sure it's a gameplay mechanic but still.   In regards to Madam X, she was outsmarted by a little girl, and not with some complicated trick or anything, but a goddamn trap door. That's hilarious, and not something you'd want to associate with the Big Bad or one of them at least. But I'm a tad disapointed, we don't get another rematch with her, like the duel with Solaris at Fiore Mansion, it's a serious missed opportunity to reduce her to a cutscene boss. That said, i'm now more worried about the Surfer duo, because they've been putting a better performance and having a much threatening presence than Madam X has recently. But wait, repairs the damage? last i checked she left with a broken mask, and she mentions her suit is actually limiting her, kinda like Darth Vader. But hey, we'll see if Xenpurgis brings her back some credibility.       Speaking of Melanie, anyone know why she's suddenly British?
    • Yeah, I didn't really think about whole the "not recognizing Melia" thing, so its probably corruption, but then, where the fuck is Vitus? Angie has his past servants and in the last time we seen him in the present, he was present in the Wispy Tower burning and according to Gaera actually fucking died. Like, what?    She literally repairs the damage she received in seconds, and both Melia and Aelita agree that they lowered they're guard later, so I really dont think she's decaying at all but lets agree to disagree on that one.
    • There used to just be two sprite options for each of the 3 gender options available, but as of V11 and onward, you can now pick any sprite/gender combination you wish. The dialogue just uses gender-neutral terminology everywhere (for now at least) for the sake of development simplicity.
    • Hi, i just started this game, and i have a question about the silver haired PC. Disclaimer: I'm not too familiar with the gender identity or transsexual or non-binary cultures, i've never met a transsexual, but i have a friend who who identifies as demigirl( my friends words not mine) so bear with me on this one. I picked girl at the start and then picked the silver haired PC, now after lurking on this site for a bit, Apparently the silver haired one is the gender neutral one? Does picking a girl make any PC i pick a girl, even the ones who are clearly guys? Or are the genders set, because the game keeps calling me they? Also does the Silver haired one have a gender and is merely androgynous and you are allowed to decide for yourself or do they not have a gender?   
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