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A collection of people around the community who may be offering commissions at the present time.
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  2. Hi hi, my name’s Odd or Cat(te) or Apophyll, I’m not an active forum user, but I am a Reborn challenge runner and have been playing both it and Rejuvenation for quite a few years. I’m also OC trash to which is relevant because it’s forced me to get pretty good at making trainer sprite sheets which I’ve decided to offer the masses as a service~ And yes. I have been given permission to do sprite edits as commissions. Commission info and samples are here! (Currently only for Rejuvenation) Currently slots are very limited. I don’t check to forums often so please if interested, contact via discord @Odd or twitter
  3. Hi there! I'm Kath~ I have been doing art.. ever since I could grab a pencil? I was a tradi (color pencil and watercolor) artist who moved to digital art in 2019. Both pokemon and anime art has been my hobby for a long long time, and just recently I have decided to make a turn to be a freelance illustrator! Currently open to both personal and commercial commissions! Long-term projects are also available. Your support will be very much appreciated! >< FULL COMMISSION INFO | PLACE AN ORDER You may check out more of my works on Instagram and Twitter! For any questions or special inquiries please contact me through Discord or Email (yakiinikuuu@gmail.com)! ...And more to come in the future! Thank you for your interest! Kath | Yakiiniku
  4. Hi! I'm Ruby, or RubyRed or RedCallisto; but I just go by Ruby lol. I'm the lead artist for Pokemon Desolation! I've been doing art for 11 years now, specializing in 2D anime-style illustrations and pixel art! I'm currently also learning 3D art! I've been taking commissions for about 5 years~ At the moment I just want some extra pocket money for the summer lol Without futher ado, PRICING + SAMPLES + T.O.S I'm currently a beta partner of and hosting commissions solely through VGen, a commission site similar to the popular Japanese site, Skeb. Pricing, samples and T.O.S are all available there if you click on any of my options! A portfolio is also available to view there, but as of writing this post, there isn't that much on there. For any questions, special inquiries, (or to just see more of my work,) please contact me through Twitter or Tumblr! Thank you for looking through! - Ruby
  5. Hello hello to all whom gather! My name is Cerise. And many others, but like, the most common is Cerise. I've been doing digital art and design for approximately 8.5 years, and proper commissions themselves for around two. More often now that I got the big boi bills to pay. I specialize in general digital art, as well as character/creature design and concept art in general! Figured I'd plop these down here in case anyone would be interested. Please make sure to read the following links properly! and stuff. ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ PRICINGS/EXAMPLES ═ TOS ═ Carrd/Portfolio ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ You MUST read and agree to the TOS in order for me to accept your commission. The consequences of breaking TOS, etc, are located within the document itself. You may also find more consistent example updates on my Twitter (CeriseCrescent) or tumblr (cerise-moon). I do make sure to consistently update the portfolio and document with newer material when I can, however. Designs are something that will be discussed in more detail! If a design already has a bit of a ref to work off of (i.e. with alternative Pokemon forms, or 'character creation' type sites/apps), it will likely cost much less than making a design completely from scratch. Prices are "base starting" or "average" prices. They won't go up that much more, however, provided the character being drawn is not extremely complicated or specifically has some design aspect that will take longer to draw. ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ *I'm also still working on honing pixel art skills + animation skills, so I may offer those in the future as well! ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ Thank you for reading/considering, and I look forward to working with anyone whom may choose to! ^^ If you are interested, I recommend you contact me either through Discord (CeriseCrescent#6540) or email (ceriseblossome@gmail.com) Twitter and tumblr are also options if it is necessary, however Twitter is broken to hell and back right now and tumblr is full of less professionalism, more clownery. *Additional Note : payment through Ko-Fi is also an option should the client not wish to use PayPal due to privacy reasons! ᓚᘏᗢ :3
  6. Hello one and all! You've probably seen me and my stuff before if you're looking at this thread, but if not, hello, I'm Zumi! Most people here know me as the lead artist for Rejuvenation. I've been doing art commissions for roughly 7-8 years by now, but as of roughly a week ago I'm officially self-employed as a registered freelancer and now officially do all sorts of 2D work for a living, as well as music. So I figured, why not show what I offer here as well? I offer commissions in my regular art style, the Rejuvenation art style, full blown illustrations/character sheets, emotes and original compositions! Please take a look at my offers below! HONNOJIS ART - IMPORTANT LINKS Please make sure to read through my terms of service & pricing sheet before contacting me! For more examples of my work per offer and the full pricing listing, please check out the pricing sheet and my portfolio! PRICING SHEET | PORTFOLIO | TERMS OF SERVICE !! All the prices listed below are STARTING PRICES and are subject to change depending on the amount of characters/complexity of the commission, or the length/complexity of the requested music tracks. !! 2D ILLUSTRATION ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS Most of my music can be found back on Youtube or Soundcloud (Main/Xenogene)! I work in a variety of genres so if you're looking for something specific but you're not sure if I would be able to do, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do for you. TWITTER MUSIC REEL: Interested? Here's how to contact me! You can contact me at honnojisart@gmail.com! I initially offered Twitter as a means of contacting me as well but god that site is so broken so I highly implore you to just mail me. I don't do Discord DM's as a means of contact for commissions either, sorry! I prefer keeping that for private use mostly unless it's close friends contacting me about work. Thank you for checking out my work and for your interest in advance! I look forward to possibly working with you in the future! - Zumi
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