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  1. Progfan_r

    Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough Discussion

    Any chance you'll be updating this for E18? Great work nonetheless.
  2. Progfan_r

    Dragon Den field note (32)

    Edit: Never mind. I got it. I thought Titania's gym was inaccessible.
  3. Progfan_r

    Dragon Den field note (32)

    Hello, I am continuing my game from E17 to E18 without starting a new save file. I understand that the Dragon Den field note was made available in E18 in Titania's gym. But since I am continuing the game from my previous save file, I haven't been able to obtain it. Is there any other way to get it?
  4. Progfan_r

    Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough Discussion

    There's one thing I found you've appeared to have missed. After beating Amaria, I got a Choice band from the guy who earlier gives you an Onix after your first badge in Lower Peridot. I found him in the same location where his apartment was (pre-restoration).
  5. @walpurgis Okay, thanks. Back to it then. But does the encounter rate increase after the lake clean-up?
  6. No matter how many rocks I smash, I have been unable to find Binacle in Apophyll Beach. is there any specific time of day or weather required for it?