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  1. dotahkin01

    Z-moves & megastones

    Thanks, managed to complete the quest.
  2. Hi @Zarc, been a while since i came here. Can you provide me with the following mons so i can breed the eggs? I'm already looking for a few mon to catch like rowlet, but others are unavailable to me or a bit harder / weather or time dependand. - bulbasaur - squirtle -chikorita - cyndaquil - totodile - chimchar - chespin - rowlet - litten -popolio
  3. dotahkin01

    Z-moves & megastones

    Nps Anyways i've got a different yet related question: Where is eustace? i'm delivering the pokemons for DJ Archlight, found the bald dudes, his uncle and his mom but i dont know where i can find the little guy nor where too deliver de balddudes jigglypuff ? Appreciate the help! I just realized this is an ep 17 quest XD think ep 18 would have been easier with mega's
  4. dotahkin01

    Z-moves & megastones

    oh i'll look into that then..
  5. dotahkin01

    Z-moves & megastones

    but the band isn't available yet or?
  6. dotahkin01

    Z-moves & megastones

    … How do Z-moves work? secondly, is the band for the megastones available?
  7. dotahkin01

    ep 18 start???

  8. dotahkin01

    Breeding leftovers

    I thought you meant the item leftovers … XD
  9. Can't wait to make Marcello look like mediocore mathematician. For reals tho, hope it'll be solvable with some effort... No idea how much time he spent trying
  10. dotahkin01

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Nice, let's try to keep this thread a bit clean then?!... So, is this also the place to ask questions regarding ep 18? like: We have rockclimb, are all the pre ep 18 rock climb locations solid? or is there lots of work to be done there? Edit: Don't overwork yourself devs, you are no good with a burnout.
  11. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    i'll send u a trade invite )
  12. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    @2awk4ucool, i dont need a ghastly perse so idc what u trade me, what is your trading ID?
  13. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    @2awk4u Yo, hope ur online now. i can hit u op with a good one (IV + eggmoves)
  14. dotahkin01

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    @shymango Depends a bit whether you choose a solo or duel fight. Anyways, Maractus is great and an easy win in theory with storm drain. you can catch it in the desert so it'll have a decent lvl as well.. It also learns Sunny day, and learns solar beam... Also, if you actually plan on using delpox, it's likely to get OKHO'd so give it the item that does the same as the sturdy ability.