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  1. dotahkin01

    ep 18 start???

  2. dotahkin01

    Breeding leftovers

    I thought you meant the item leftovers … XD
  3. Can't wait to make Marcello look like mediocore mathematician. For reals tho, hope it'll be solvable with some effort... No idea how much time he spent trying
  4. dotahkin01

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Nice, let's try to keep this thread a bit clean then?!... So, is this also the place to ask questions regarding ep 18? like: We have rockclimb, are all the pre ep 18 rock climb locations solid? or is there lots of work to be done there? Edit: Don't overwork yourself devs, you are no good with a burnout.
  5. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    i'll send u a trade invite )
  6. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    @2awk4ucool, i dont need a ghastly perse so idc what u trade me, what is your trading ID?
  7. dotahkin01

    Trading Center

    @2awk4u Yo, hope ur online now. i can hit u op with a good one (IV + eggmoves)
  8. dotahkin01

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    @shymango Depends a bit whether you choose a solo or duel fight. Anyways, Maractus is great and an easy win in theory with storm drain. you can catch it in the desert so it'll have a decent lvl as well.. It also learns Sunny day, and learns solar beam... Also, if you actually plan on using delpox, it's likely to get OKHO'd so give it the item that does the same as the sturdy ability.
  9. dotahkin01

    'Where do I go now?'

    I kinda forgot where to go... So i just beat shelly, went back to grandhall, battled fern, talked to cain for the key. Went back to shelly cause of Heather, Heather is now captured by doc. sigmund and the door is locked. Idk what to do / how to open dr sigmunds door or shade's gym... I thought i had to beat shade first but i just dont know XD @FreeMercenary @vagmoust
  10. So basically we should be more social to newcomers, I understand that, but for some of us it might be realy frustrating checking everyday for updates resulting in lame jokes. As I see it now, there are 4 issues on this matter which conflict with each other: - Devs do not want to put a date / deadline (which is 100 % understandable, cause deadlines suck); - Community feel like they don't have a lot of insight, which result in jokes and puns and what not (though this is a bit biased on my own reflection); - Newcomers don't have a reference of what "100%" means; - After 100% there's a lot of nothingness, emptiness and insecurities. For example, its great we know that there's a breakdown in programming the next episode (zero to 100%), but there is no transparancy after this. There are also enough questions regarding testing, tbh I don't even know the procedure.. is there a playthrough for ep 16 too 17? or are there also fresh restarts? For some stages it's understandable that there are no updates on testing (like the first 2 stages), but Alpha and Beta could give us more insight. A mod or dev could get the responsibility to make a tread every other week with found bugs, fixes, complecations, playthroughs and everything. Or expand the "100%" meaning. Even some teasing would be great? Like: a pokeball which could be TM psychic or earthquake or the megastone / bracelet). Anyways what i'm trying to say is: it would be swell for all parties to communicate more after the 100 % programming is done. I still love you Ame, for making something amazing possible, setting everyone's mind too it and respect you for pulling it off, .. but this "Every time you ask when E17 is coming out, it gets delayed by another week" as a headline feels a bit weird.
  11. dotahkin01

    If you wish to slay a dragon...

    But it leaves a lot of options open regarding some STAB moves Rock is weak against and the secundairy typing (Ground, Water, Steel, flying) doesn't negate all these STAB moves / even amplifies some. Specifically grass, Steel, Ground and fighting. Steel and grass mons might have some problems with fire based attacks on that field and ground moves in regular. I just feel like there are a lot of options to fight hardy with the given mons and making him less hard.
  12. dotahkin01

    If you wish to slay a dragon...

    I thought hardy was the rock gym? Why would he benefit from such a field? I anyways, I'm gonna use this, no matter the leader: - one watertype to use surf twice (Actually thinking cloyster) - floatzel with an ice gem and surf (should KO a few sort of dragons like duo type dragon flyings ) - prankster meowstic or klefki with reflect / light screen set-up - Moxie garyados with 2 times dragon dance ( or bulk up blaziken), I think it should survive and able to sweep. - Golurk - noivern or togekiss Edit: Also, it is used in the next 2 upcoming gyms, however! why would it be exclusive that we only fight gymleaders in those gyms?