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  1. Pohione

    thats fine
  2. hey, I'm looking for a normal phinoe Cant seem to find mirage tower anymore ??? :S
  3. ditto's egg

    Ditto's reproduce by fission, hence you can't obtain a Ditto egg.
  4. Theory about E18

    @Gentleman Jaggi @Amphibi Regarding his moving through ageta and too the other cities: Anyways, I'd be really suprised if Cain would betray the protoganist. Mostly because Anna seems to take a huge liking (loving) towards Cain and Anna is hinted to have certain powers / knowledge, for example regarding Shade.
  5. Noel Clafairy

    Next episode is months, years if not decades away. For real, if you dont mind waiting 6 months to find out for sure, dont battle Noel. but here's the Obvious answer: Both Noel and Anna have their dolls, Cosmos and "help me remind it". Anyways, Noel's doll (cosmos) = a clefairy doll and therefore its highly unlikely that Noel will have a team without pokemon Clefairy (evolve-line). The dolls play an important part in Anna's conversation lines. Same can probably be said for Anna, when we fight her she'll likely have a Jirachi in her team.
  6. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Nice, let's try to keep this thread a bit clean then?!... So, is this also the place to ask questions regarding ep 18? like: We have rockclimb, are all the pre ep 18 rock climb locations solid? or is there lots of work to be done there? Edit: Don't overwork yourself devs, you are no good with a burnout.
  7. Two E17 mons I really need

    Crabbrawler is on aphodyl, top cave. not sure or the floormatters. Grubbin idk, did you check the forest whit the pinser and stuf? Grubbin - grass in Peridot Ward, post-Fly Edit: got grubbin from another post, no idea or its correct tho. cheers mate, good holidays to you
  8. Can anyone help me start a rock monotype?

    send me a PM if you need some help
  9. unexpected and slightly disappointed....

    i was unaware of this tbh, but nice to know ;p
  10. unexpected and slightly disappointed....

    then again; this is rather funny (looking at titania)
  11. thats what you get for having so much attention in reborn (Ame) To clarify:
  12. demon fire gym!!!

    There are a lot of options for you, but these are solid and available: - catch a sturdy boldore with stealth rock, you'll find them in the caves. - Mamoswine (polyswine) with thick fat is a solid option (especially with rain dance). - use a damp rock on your rain dance user. - following water pokemons: - luminion, floatzel and quilfish are insanely fast and should help a lot. which mons do you have in your box?
  13. how to access ??

    what waynolt said works as far as i know.
  14. Team for E-16 Upgrade to E-17?

    @Mocama_cama Moeness? I have honestly no idea what that means or that its an english word ;p (not a native speaker).