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  1. I do think Pyrolusitium Z will include custom shinies I made, like this one (Greninja) :


  2. "I can make it edgier" Battle UI 3 :


    1. seki108


      >Not having a Bisharp named Shadow or Bladedge


      You're not pushing the edge hard enough.  There is still so much potential.

    2. Pyrolusite


      I have a good amount of edge right there

    3. seki108


      Now that's a cool sprite, edge be damned

  3. New team almost ready for Ep18 : 


    I'll probably need a replacement for Pyukumuku, because I'm not leveling that. 

  4. It's been a while since I knew this game, but for the first time I reached the end of the lastest episode available.

    I'm glad I stuck to it, and I still believe it's the best Pokemon game I've played, and I'm proud I contributed to it somehow.


    Team post-Amaria :


    1. Zarc


      Nice one , fellow baguette member :D 

    2. ZEL


      Mah boi, I approve

    3. Pyrolusite


      That thing is an absolute monster.

      I didn't have anything that had type advantage against Titania, and this monstrosity teared through her team with the power of Soak into Toxic and stall tactics.

  5. Pyrolusitium Z - Double Battle UI, attempt 1



    Spoilers : This fight doesn't exist.

    1. Yagami


      That's impressive.

  6. After her gym, I'm in love with Amaria. Unrequited for a myriad of reasons though... Aaaand Reshiram route is heartwrenching.

  7. Pyrolusitium Z - Battle UI 1 :


    1. Pyrolusite


      Crap, wrong colors for Pokemon and Run buttons. Noticed it too late. Oh well.

  8. Pyrolusite

    Meet the vets!

    Oh. I'm a Veteran. Hi. I never properly introduced myself on the forums as far as I can see from my activity history, might as well do it now. I'm actually not too fond of revealing precise physical details to people I don't know, so I'll be skipping all the metrics and just say that I'm a French, blond-haired, blue-eyed, average 25 years old straight guy. It's not out of insecurity, gender issues or whatever, it's just a "The less people know about me, the better" and "I want to be appreciated for what I do and not what I am" kind of thing. Relationship Status: Non-existant Favorite Food: Home-made junk food (pizzas, hamburgers), lemon meringue pie, Paris-Brest (french speciality) Favorite Drink: Lemonade Favorite Color: Blue and Black Favorite Type of Music: Weird electronic stuff (mostly Drum 'n Bass & Neurofunk), Rock Electronic, Melodic Death Metal, Jazz, VGM Favorite Artists: Memtrix, Au5, Soilwork, KOAN Sound, Celldweller (pre-Offworld), Blue Stahli Current Favorite Song: Culprate x Frequent - Drifting Favorite Games: Castlevania (except pre-SotN & 3D ones), Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Comfort Games: Modded Minecraft/Skyrim Favorite Genres: FPS RPGs, Metroidvania with RPG elements Favorite Hobby: Video games ! and pixel art. Favorite Movie: Non-existant Favorite Show: Non-existant Who are you ? I'm mostly a semi-absent lurker. I often disappear, only to reappear once in a blue moon, when someone posts something on my stuff, or when a major update happens. Needless to say, my interactions with the community are fairly minimal. So much that I didn't even try to get verified on the Reborn Discord. What did you do ? I'm partly responsible for the UI overhaul Reborn had since EP 17, since I'm one of the few crazy ones that tried to redesign it 1 week after learning about the game and playing it (iirc it was a bit before EP 16). Amethyst changed them a bit on her side before integrating them, and she didn't take everything (like box backgrounds), so my original work is still available on this forum, if you're curious. What can you talk to me about ? Anything, I guess ? I don't have trigger words/subjects or something, but I doubt my input on anything would be significant, so... meh. Closing statement ? Now that's a weird thing. I'm used to just end these kinds of posts with "That's all" or "I'm done for now", but that's kinda out of place after that question, isn't it ? If I had a closing statement, it would be this : English is not my native language, so feel free to correct me if I made & make mistakes here and there. It's important to me, because I do enjoy writing from time to time.
  9. Pyrolusitium Z (work in progress) : 


    1. Youmu9


      That Battle U.I looks nice. But the background kinda doesn't do it much justice.

    2. Pyrolusite


      Background is unmodified from Reborn :x

  10. Aaaaand it's updated. That was quick.

  11. Okay so, working on updating Minimalist Rebirth tomorrow for the EP 17 community release.

  12. Pyrolusite

    [E17] Minor Errors

    Black border missing for the Moves display DON'T OPEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED (Thanks to espeon860 on Discord for the screencap) Pokeball not integrated properly with the interface White pixel near the Normal move button, appears only when selected.
  13. Finally. Employed underhanded tactics to get the Trading UI done. Hopefully worth it.9w3cpDe.png

  14. Pokedex "forms" : 


  15. Pokedex locations :