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  1. This thread was created before the creation of the mod market, and even before a subforum dedicated to non-writing art stuff. That's why it's in Reborn Central and not anywhere else, and well, it doesn't seem to bother anyone (otherwise it would've been moved I guess). I hardly consider this a mod though. A mod implies that one changed the code somewhere in the game, here I only changed .png files, and you have to manually copy paste them over the original textures, so it's much less practical. Still, thanks for the feedback and glad you're enjoying it
  2. Verison 0.15 available ! So yeah, I kept editing the main post but I didn't want to spam this thread too much. - Pokegear fully covered (added Jukebox, Pulse Dex and Field Dex pages). - New main menu screen. I did not screencap the field and pulse dex to prevent unexpected spoilers, but the screenshot album is updated with the new stuff. With that, I'm done with what I wanted to do before Ep17, so I might take a break to work on other stuff. Before v1 I'll probably do the Pokemon PC UI, remake the box backgrounds I did a while ago, rework properly all the pulse/field pages and the title screens.
  3. Finally. Employed underhanded tactics to get the Trading UI done. Hopefully worth it.9w3cpDe.png

  4. Version 0.12 available, now with complete trading UI !
  5. Thank you Version 0.11 is out, Pokedex UI now complete ! I also updated the screenshots album. I also was told where the pulse/field info were, so I should be able to change them later (low priority, will be a bit tedious)
  6. Pokedex "forms" : 


  7. Hey there. v0.10 is out, with the following changes : - Finished Pokedex list (updated visuals to be more consistent with the categories) - Finished Pokedex "details" - Finished Pokedex "locations" What's left to do : - Pokedex "forms" category & pokemon search - Jukebox - Trading UI - Probably reworking title screens again
  8. Pokedex locations :


  9. Final version for Pokedex list and details, pokedex location and forms soon :


  10. Progress. Pokedex details :


  11. Hey. Again, thank you all for the support. I noticed I didn't update this thread and the download as much as I could, so let's fix that : v0.9 is available for download. Noticeable changes : - Pokegear almost completed (jukebox is missing, and it seems I can't change pulse and field information) - Pokedex main menu - Lots of tweaks here and there in color palettes.
  12. NOW I'm satisfied. xUTBf55.png

    Now working on pokedex details.

    (Still don't know if I should display screenshots as a link or as an image directly here, let's try the latter)

    1. Pyrolusite


      Shit, noticed 2 different S, will be fixed for the release.

  13. In the meantime, here's the first attempt at reworking Reborn's pokedex : http://i.imgur.com/GA6aq8j.png

    1. Busti


      Pretty cool background! Once finished, will you make it available in the mod section?


    2. Pyrolusite


      Well that's more of a texture pack than a mod and a thread already exists, when I'm done with the pokedex I'll update it.


  14. Hey, could anyone send me screenshots of the trading ui (pokemon selection and pokemon details) in action ? I'm trying to remake them but since I don't know what appears where, I can't.

  15. Happy birthday! :) 

    Hope you get what your heart desires in this special day.

    Here's wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises :D 

    1. Alphagar


      Happy Birthday!!

    2. Pyrolusite


      Thank you all for the bday wishes, I didn't expect them :P

    3. Alphagar


      Any time!! I hope you had a good one!!