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  1. Ladder in Wispy Ruins

    You mentioned gym badge doors. I finished version 9 and got opened all the doors in the wispy ruins, i was wondering if there were anymore gym badge doors scattered about.
  2. Side Quest Guide

    okay i did that and followed her and looker into Darchlight caves but now what do i do? i've explored the caves and come up with nothing
  3. Side Quest Guide

    Can anyone fill me in on what to do for the GDC help center quests. i just gave Anabelle the amulet but now what??
  4. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    IT WORKED!!!!!! Thank you sooo much, it would've been terrible to have to start over.
  5. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    hope it works, thx for all the help and advice so far Game.rxdata
  6. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    Well i renamed the the 190 - Simji Game.rxdata and moved the original one somewhere else and when i opened the game the only options were new game, options, and quit game. so i moved the original back. did i do something wrong to make it get rid of my save file???
  7. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    Wait, so if i rename 189 - Simji Game, and then delete my last save 190 - Simji I'll go back to the 189 - Simji save? Or do I have it completely wrong and i need to do stuff with the Game document
  8. V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    i was exploring Blacksteeple castle and got stuck above the stairs. Game.rxdata
  9. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    Ohhhhh okay, i found my saves and the Game.rxdata, now what do I do with my saves?
  10. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    Well for some reason i can't upload a pic, Here's what in the folder Audio Data Fonts Graphics Field Effects Game Gif.dll Knownpoint Credits Those the things that i thought might be important
  11. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    So i looked the folder and didn't find a document called game.rpgx
  12. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    So where would I find the "game" document, i see one in my Pokemon rejuvenation folder but I'm not sure if is the right thing
  13. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    How would I check to see if i have a backup save?
  14. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    So i replaced the three files, but when i opened my game i was still stuck. Do i need to do something more?
  15. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle wall

    Well, i got patch 10 with the data, fonts, and graphics. Do I put those in my pokemon rejuvenation folder, if i do what do I do with my older data, graphics, and fonts folders?