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  1. SimjiKin

    Ladder in Wispy Ruins

    You mentioned gym badge doors. I finished version 9 and got opened all the doors in the wispy ruins, i was wondering if there were anymore gym badge doors scattered about.
  2. SimjiKin

    Side Quest Guide

    okay i did that and followed her and looker into Darchlight caves but now what do i do? i've explored the caves and come up with nothing
  3. SimjiKin

    Side Quest Guide

    Can anyone fill me in on what to do for the GDC help center quests. i just gave Anabelle the amulet but now what??
  4. SimjiKin

    V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    i was exploring Blacksteeple castle and got stuck above the stairs. Game.rxdata
  5. Pokemon rejuvenation