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  1. Wolfox

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    unburden and acrobatics. deadly combo from that bird
  2. so, out of the 4 FE Fates Ninjas, who is your favorite?

  3. now I remember why exactly I stopped trying to play Path of Radiance on my laptop via dolphin, the game runs at 50% speed... that itself is not a huge issue but the sound just being cut up due to that is. so if anyone has any idea on how I can at least increase that number to about 75% speed, please let me know

  4. this year HGSS will be out for 10 years. Now I feel old

  5. You're a Green Unit

    1. Pivorus



  6. so, would anyone know how to "fix" dolphin's slowdown issue? gonna try to find it again so I can play PoR, but the slowdown was kinda really not funny

    1. Commander


      It's all about your plugins and graphics capabilities. N64 games lagged on my ancient laptop and PS2 was near impossible to play. You'd have to experiment with it and see what works best.

  7. ex Yu-Gi-Oh players with nostalgia glasses that make Genwunners seems like they like the new gens: *insert Summoning Mechanic Here* killed the game!

    the game: keeps going strong and getting stronger by playerbase

  8. first thing I do in the morning, stub my toe. it's kinda like my ritual

  9. Yes, the Buttfor incident is in here

  10. Hmm... if I were more of a GX Fan, I would probably be the Dutch hell Kaiser

  11. while ep 10 was not the best episode of v6, it can be excused due to the rest of the volume just being that damn good.

    1. DreamblitzX


      Next episode or two should be the big fight of the volume though which is fun. looking forward to this tag-team grudge match

  12. I actually really love the map designs from FE fates Revelations. Most will say it's filled with gimmicks, but that's exactly why. They're gimmicky, Creative and in turn quite interesting.

  13. Firstly, it becomes a prequel. From Samus her time with the Federation (at least this would make Adam having authority over her make sense). Mother Brain is simply a Robot taken over By Mother Brain. Samus becomes less and less obedient to Adam and the rest of the Federation until in the final act she completely defects. Adam taking her spot facing the Metroids will stick, however. Reason being that at this point Samus will not yet have an Ice Beam, while Adam does. What this also does, is make the PTSD Samus has when facing Ridley make sense. This will be her first time facing him in the cannon, so of course, she'd be scared to fight the monster that killed her family. The Cutscenes can stay, but new VA's will be required, and some new lines because The baby is no longer important. Gameplay wise, keep it in the 3d perspective. WHere it will change is the controls, no longer will it just be a Wiimote, now it will require at least a Wiimote and Nunchuck, or a controller if you have one. Also, add an option to make it play like Metroid Prime Trilogy, but with the Other M power-ups. The automatic aiming stays, but it will focus on 1 target that you can change using the pointing of the Wiimote. The dodging stays, too, but it will now require a button that isn't Jump. Rockets. No longer will they be exclusive to First Person mode (Which is replaced by the Metroid Prime mode). Just hold the C button to activate them. Map Design... Just take some inspiration from Fusion. A little less Linear than said Fusion, but that's would be all for that. The Final Boss: Make it like Phantoon was in the OG game. Because that's one of the things Other M did well. While Other M is a really flawed game, it has a really good game hidden in there, Granted you gotta dig really deep to find it. a lot of it can already be fixed by changing the control scheme and making it a Prequel instead of s Super Metroid sequel, but sadly the devs didn't do this. Luckily, they did learn from it, and the next Metroid game, Samus Returns, was and is a phenomenal game. You gotta fall on your ass to make progress sometimes, just make sure you learn from it. And glad to say, they at least did that.
  14. remembered I have a twitter acc from about 2 years ago. might aswell just use it, right?

    1. seki108


      A Dutch wolf-fox hybrid on a duel runner decides to be reborn as a bird..............sorry I couldn't resist typing this

    2. Wolfox


      like a true Phoenix

  15. #BlameTakumi

  16. as terrible as Cyberdark's are, I can't help but like them. Cyber Dragons aside, they're easily my favorite GX Deck

  17. c96e85dd86c1588597248a6e622f5497a44c3d89

    1. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Haha. That PPP scene. Thanks for posting it here. Kinda refreshing to see this funny scene after i watched the part 2 and 3 of Godzilla Netflix trilogy ( The story's decent enough for me, but kinda disappointed at the ending, which i won't spoil ).

    2. Wolfox


      yeah. when the Pleiades maids just forgot who they were and went nuts (aside from Lupisregina, who actually became a dainty little flower. an Improvement in a sense)

  18. Wolfox

    Belmont Ranking

    As promised, a big poll here. Which member of the Belmont Clan is the strongest!
  19. I think I'm gonna give the Fate series a try. granted idk where that one would begin...

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    2. Wolfox


      as expected... from a large series that's usually the case

    3. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      there's really no point in trying to order it unless you're actually planning to work yourself hrough the whole franchise. If that's not the case just start with whichever one seems the most interesting to you. the most you'll miss out on should be foreshadowing or callbacks for the /Stay Night related stuff.


    4. Takosher


      If you want to avoid reading the various vns/light novels/manga:


      Fate/Zero first, it introduces the mechanics of the series best of the anime imo. Be aware that this and the next series are mutual spoilers for each other


      Then watch Unlimited Blade Works because it's deeply intwined with Zero


      If you don't mind waiting for the next one, you can watch the Heaven's Feel movies as they come out, otherwise watch them all at once as soon as the last one is out


      If you have the stomach for it, watch the Studio Deen adaptation of (mostly) the Fate route, but be aware that it's hot garbage compared to Zero/UBW


      Watch Carnival Phantasm and the Emiya cooking show if you like comedy


      Play Fate/Extra and if you like that, play the rest of the Extra series (you'll have to read a summary of CCC since there's no translation as far as I'm aware) 


      Watch the Apocrypha anime if you're enjoying the series. It's got a lot of fan favorite characters in it, though it's generally considered to be a weaker piece of media


      Now is a good time to pick up Fate/Grand Order if you're willing to sell your soul. If you're attached to your soul, wait a couple more entries


      If you liked Extra, watch the Last Encore anime, though be aware that it falls flat very quickly around episode 5


      If you're in this deep, pick up Prisma Illya


      If you didn't regret that, your soul is already bound for hell so you may as well play Grand Order


      Once you've beaten all of part 1, you can check out the GO related anime

  20. Wolfox

    Divinity 2 DE

    I personally really like Loshe and Sebille, too. If you may have noticed, I quite like Elfs so Sebille is a bit of a given, but Loshe I like due to her demon nesting and being a singer. Granted due to lag and everything I have yet to get further than Fort Joy, but you yeah
  21. Wolfox

    Introduction :)

  22. when I get home from work, I'll be making a biggy of a poll. 

  23. some people may have gotten it into your head that "Roy's our boy". But this isn;t fully true. Why is that? because WE LIKE IKE! (no offense to Roy mains. I like the guy. But I can not turn against my main man)

  24. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    which they're allowed to. plus, against Charlotte I feel like they might just need it to even win