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  1. pointblankerror

    E18 Battles

    ah ok, ill try that if it comes to it, ill try that as well thank you all!
  2. pointblankerror

    E18 Battles

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to defeat Here's my team for beating the first fight with cain and shelly: Swampert: Earthquake, Waterfall, Rock Smash, Hammer Arm Honchkrow: Foul Play, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Fly Gardevoir: Draining Kiss, Moonblast, Psychic, Calm Mind Clawitzer: Surf, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave, Aura Sphere Chandelure: Flamethrower, Flame Burst, Shadow Ball, Curse Luxray: Magnet Rise, Discharge, Wild Charge, Crunch
  3. pointblankerror

    [E18] Minor Errors

    for e18:
  4. pointblankerror

    'Where do I go now?'

  5. pointblankerror

    A wild fanart appeared!

    totally hasnt been inactive for months hA so i was working a lyric comic back in december but never finished it...heres some finished panels + concepts (its to the song Bulletproof by La Roux) also, ive been in a artists block for a few months so theres that
  6. Pokemon reborn no mercy run

  7. pointblankerror

    If you wish to slay a dragon...

    I'm surprised this field doesn't effect the fairy type in any way. I hope that's a good thing...
  8. pointblankerror

    A wild fanart appeared!

    believes xe can rebuild a whole region in a day
  9. pointblankerror

    Urgent Site Update

    Well, thank you Ame for making such a wonderful game! Honestly without reborn, I wouldn't have gone and tried other pokemon fangames as well. I remember when I first started reborn two years ago I just couldnt wait to get out of my last class of the day at high school (chemistry) just to continue playing your game! Reborn even made me want to create my biggest art piece as of yet to draw all of the reborn leaders, and I thank you for that! I hope with the last episodes coming will be the greatest. Happy new year!!!!
  10. I can't believe tomorrow is halloween

    1. Flux


      This reminds me of a joke I have among my friends. I call it my first life rule: Tomorrow is always Halloween. It's an inside joke, so it should seem stupid to everyone else.

    2. Anvilicious


      Oh, yeah, it is. Huh. Man, if I could afford to dress how I wanted, everyday would be Halloween.

  11. pointblankerror

    A wild fanart appeared!

    I like to think there were happier times in the Belrose family
  12. pointblankerror

    Anime/Manga Recommendations

    I second this. This manga is soooo good. You get so attached to the characters. You will cry.For my manga recommondations they are: Akame ga kill!, Umineko no naku Koro ni (also a visual novel game), Yona of the dawn (I love this one a lot), Chibi Vampire, Fruits Basket, Pretear, and Mahou Shoujo of the End. There is also a Webtoon comic called Lessa that's absolutely amazing.
  13. pointblankerror

    Um... Excuse me, b-but...

    Way to go, Sleppu! Your art, as always, is super cool
  14. a diglett can breed with a wailord and i think thats beautiful

    1. IronWraith


      breeding at it's finest

    2. BlueMoonIceCream


      I mean we don't really know what diglett's hiding though really so it could make a lot of sense

    3. Etesian


      You're a bit late to the party :P