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  1. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Rebornian Mentions: Wendel In a land, far, far away, but not that far in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands, lives a duck we all know and love -- Wendel. Wendel was nominated by Nagisa, and has been in Reborn since March of 2013. Some other well known aliases Wendel goes by is Wenduck, Wendalf Garadex, and Llama Farmer. In his spare time, Wendel enjoys gaming, sleeping, and reading. Dat feline. Life in Reborn Wendel found Reborn by accident back when the chat was on Pokemon Online. “A few days after my dad’s death, I was scrolling over the internet on some random stuff and found PO (without meaning to). I looked for the servers that didn’t have too many people, but not too many. Reborn was the second largest server on PO (at the time).” The server that was the largest server was Main, and that generally had over 500 people at any given time. It was a nightmare to try and engage in PO’s main server with excessive amounts of people talking at the same time, spam, and even authy as Wendel puts it. When it comes to Wendel’s favorite moments with Reborn, he pondered, “does every time I disappoint Bibs count?” A deeper explanation was needed. “(I disappoint Bibs) by just existing most of the time. I have an aura around me that immediately disappoints Bibs. Maybe it could be that I have my own religion as well.” Wendel calls it Wendelism. The religion is about “the Almighty God of Block Wendel.” The word of Wendelism spread throughout Reborn and has even picked up loyal, devout followers-- DW and Pyrro. They even have holy books, too.“It was basically me playing Civilization V and you (can) create your own religion and as such, I named it Wendelism because I have no imagination with names.” It’s okay Wendel, Danism’s not a very creative name either. Which brings us to some fitin’ werds about Danism, “That isn’t a religion, it’s just a small cult. They don’t even have holy books. I have five books and what do they have? Three letters in common.” And thus began the 300 year-long Rebornian religious war. At any rate, Bibs is disappointed in Wendel over his own religion. Each time Wendel brings it up, it’s like Bibs goes into shock. It probably doesn’t help that Wendel claims Bibs the father of his child; that disappoints Bibs, too. With all these events Wendel and Bibs have gone through, it’s no surprise that Bibs one of Wendel’s favorite Rebornians. While Wendel doesn’t have any Rebornian crushes, and is single, he does note that one of his biggest successes in Reborn comes from the religion he’s created and the daughter that him and Bibs have. Wendel will never let Bibs forget, nor let him get rid of Wendel. You better get used to it, Bibs. Probably what Bibs feels deep inside. Reborn the Game Wendel’s played Reborn, but not a whole lot of it. “I got to Shade,” Wendel confesses. Life tended to get in the way of Wendel playing the game, and also the difficulty. “Because of the difficulty, (it) kinda turned me off to it because I just wanted to play it for the story.” For now, Wendel has no strong urges to return to the game, but it is there for when he’s interested. Despite the fact Wendel didn’t get far, his favorite moment is beating Fern. Always with the Fern. Wendel Overall Wendel’s a really awesome person to get to know and a great member to the community. Currently, Wendel has not set out some solid goals so he’s just kind of going with the flow. If you see Wendel out and about, be sure to throw ducks at him! Wendel wanted to share a sermon with Reborn: “Fellow Rebornians, on this day we stand on the most important decision of our short lives. We must not give into the fear mongering of Danism. We must not spam the entire chat with something nobody cares about. We must stand united and embrace the love of Wendelism, for without Wendelism, we would all just be ‘ism’s’.” A big thank you to Wendel for the interview. If you have a nomination in mind, message below or give a shout-out in chat. All images do not belong to me.
  2. My favorite book series is Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. They're simple reads, but I really love the story. Right now, Erin's got three sets for Warrior Cats. Each series revolves around the four wild cat clans and their struggles to survive. In the first set, the clans face an antagonist cat who's trying to take over/destroy all clans because the cat wasn't getting things his way. The second set is about the four clans having to leave their forest due to human destruction of it. 1-2 cats of each clan travel together to find the new home and finds trouble along the way. It follows after the first set with a new generation of cats. I haven't been able to finish the third set yet, but it's about after what happened in the second set, following a new generation of cats. The series has a lot of spiritual influences due to StarClan, the deceased cats of the four clans that help guide the living cats through prophecies. http://www.warriorcats.com/ <--- if ya'll are interested in it. o: Edit: Holy wowzer smokes. I went to see what else the author is doing for Warrior Cats and it turns out there's like, 6-7 sets now. >.< I need to buy them all. lol
  3. Hey, everyone! Thanks for tuning into another edition of Rebornian Mentions! It’s been such a huge hit lately, that I’ve actually been overwhelmed with all the nominations of different members in our community. To help alleviate some of this, I’ve implemented a random list that picks who will be next for me. However, this will not mean that I won’t be doing nominations anymore. By all means, keep nominating! Those who are nominated will go into a nomination list to be picked by random. To keep things fair, I’ve also implemented plenty of other members into the list as well, so everyone has a chance to get in on some of this delicious action even if they haven’t been nominated yet. Ya’ll can be nominated by me :3 P.S. I know most of you were aware, but my antivirus freaked out on me while deflecting an actual virus attack, so I didn’t touch my computer for the last week out of fear, but there was nothing to be scared about tho. This was the reasoning for the delay for this week’s RM. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but my apologies for making you all wait for so long. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Rebornian Mentions: Bibs/Toon Ojama This week, Rebornian Mentions turns to Bibs who won the randomized lottery this week. Bibs was nominated by Felix, Arkhi, and Azeria. Somewhere in the northern Dutch area of Europe lives a wild Bibarel. This Belgian Bibarel gets by in life by doing some journalism as a profession and has a healthy diet consisting of Belgian fries and waffles. In his spare time, he likes to do a bit of gaming, mostly playing Pokemon and Fire Emblem, non-competitive tennis, and meme-ing. An accurate picture of Bibs. Who is Bibs? Bibs has an interesting back story on how he even discovered Reborn. “(On) a bored Saturday, (I) was scrolling through the Google Play store, searching for ‘Pokemon’ and came across the Pokemon Online app, (and) downloaded it.” It was only by chance that Bibs had found Reborn’s server specifically. “I clicked on a server that didn’t have too many people, but also not too few people in it.” Bibs made himself comfortable in the chat server for a few months before finally deciding to make a profile on Reborn’s forums back in mid-2014. Almost everything about Bibs’s life revolves around meme-ing. His favorite meme of all time so far is the ‘We Are Number One’ meme from the popular kid’s show LazyTown. The meme that came from the popular video came about because one of the actors, Robbie Rotten, was diagnosed with cancer. Someone had started a GoFundMe for Robbie to help him through his cancer treatment, and through that, people started sharing mashups of the song ‘We Are Number One.’ All the positive support for this guy helped him through his illness. “The reason I meme so much is because I see memes as something positive and light-hearted in life.” Robbie being a prime example of how memes can help people in difficult times. Some other memes that Bibs have introduced to our community include ‘What Happened to Dorcas’ and ‘guardian of nature’ from a horrible pokemon romhack. Bibbles begs us not to play it. “For the love of God, don’t.” Life in Reborn The name’s Dorcas. Dorcas Dorcas. Life in Reborn One of Bibs’s favorite moment in Reborn was back when Arkhi told the story of the Great Gator War. “Gater Wars were basically Reborn vs Hostgator, but Arkhi would throw in some exaggerated/untrue parts and purposefully misspelled a lot.” Bib’s laughed so hard he died. He thought it was such a beautifully crafted story, that it made it to his number 1 favorable moment. Other favorites include the times when he hosted Hunger Games. He wants to host it more often, but just hasn’t been feeling it lately. But “I both curse and bless Zumi for introducing me to this” he says, probably shaking one fist violently while the other hand is throwing Holy Water everywhere. If Bibs could go anywhere on the Rebornian timeline, he would enjoy going back to his first two weeks on the server. “I met this person named Shiney. We often joked around on the server, and at some point, eating cookies had become a running gag for us.” Thus, the clantag [COOKIE] was born, and several other members of the community got in on the joke. “I didn’t think the (joke) would last long, but six months later, people were still in the server with the clantag.” Alas, Bibs is the sole survivor of the Cookie clan today. Over time, members of the Cookie clan left, leaving Bibs to carry on the legacy. An accomplishment Bibs has achieved with Reborn include “realizing having friends is not something useless in life, and realizing people can like me the way I am. Most importantly, the accomplishment of maturing and find a reason to live for.” Bibs continues, “so, thanks, Reborn, for helping me through the hell that was high school.” I can agree, Bibs. Reborn, never change to impress others. Only change if you know it benefits you and you only! Bibs loves Reborn because he feels he can be himself without reprimand. “I love being around because I know a good part of the (community) here likes me being around. A feeling I reciprocate. (Reborn) is the closest thing to a place I can call home and overall, the place I like to be at the most. I love you guys, guys.” Reborn, the Game Bibs has played the game, but he never made it past Serra. All other attempts were futile as they were abandoned after the first gym. “Oops.” Bibs remarks solemnly, “I guess I have a very short attention span.” But Reborn, the Game, isn’t the only ‘oops’ with Bibs. It’s not uncommon for Bibs to start a game, but put it down a few days later because some other game caught interest. He did mention that if it could be transferred to mobile, he could be more likely to play Reborn again. Within the game, Bib’s favorite moment ever is “every moment you beat Fern. FEELS GOOD.” He also enjoys Nuzlocking in Pokemon games because he can give Pokemon back stories. Bibs Overall Not only is Bib’s a great member in our community, his unique personality makes way for smiles and good times for those around him through memes. A very approachable person, Bibs is very open to chatting it up with everyone, even those who aren’t regulars yet. Which brings us to Bibs’s current goal and challenge; approaching new members of the community, even those who aren’t members yet. He also hopes to stay in the same exact position he’s already in now for as long as possible because he likes where he’s at. He wants to be “surrounded by cool people, really active, lotsa buddies c:” If you see Bibs around, be sure to throw some memes at him to say hi! Bibs’s last thoughts: “I wish to share with Reborn that I’m going to kick Marcello’s ass into oblivion for the creation of ‘Thanks, Ojama.’ Thanks, Marcello.” Marcello's response. Probably. A big thank you to Bibs for doing the interview with me! If you have a Rebornian in mind for the next Rebornian Mentions, comment below or give a shout out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Bibs’s picture was provided by Bibs, hacked by me. Dorcas was provided by Bibs. All other images provided by Google Images.
  4. lol Of course wally world attracts the weird people. xD Have you ever seen this site before? lol It's horrible, but it pretty much sums up what Walmart is like. Sorry you had crummy customers though. :c
  5. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Rebornian Mentions: Bazaro This week, all eyes turn onto Bazaro, who was nominated by Viri and won the lottery! Bazaro actually lives in the state I grew up in, Ohio! (but Northern Ohio). I’m so sorry, Baz. Baz is currently in college doing something. For the moment, he’s just getting his general classes out of the way before he establishes his major. He’s considering psychology or digital arts. In his spare time, Baz enjoys playing video games, chatting with the community, browsing the memes, and spriting. Extra curricular activities include swimming, and playing the Bassoon and Saxophone. Who is Baz? So we all saw that, right? That’s right, Baz serves for the U.S. army under Ohio’s Army National Guard. While many of us give our thanks for his service, he does encourage people to get under the NG. “They have a program that pays for any school tuition of any public college in the state… For any state NG.” And the work isn’t half bad either; one simply serves one weekend a month, with an occasional two week stay during the summer. Since the NG is home defense, they rarely get called out to duty. They don’t get called out unless “riots or large natural disasters strike, like Hurricane Katrina.” For the benefits, the occasional workout doesn’t seem so shabby. "THIS IS NOTHING LIKE CALL OF DUTY" Baz joined the community back in 2011 after the Battle Tower and Mysidia crashed back on Pokemon Online. “I didn’t really know anyone online except people from Mysidia and a few from TBT… I found Reborn-- where most of the people there I already knew. Baz has been around for quite a while and has seen many a thing. “It’s a great community,” Baz continues, “it’s amazing to see what a group of friends have created after such a long time.” Life in Reborn At the moment, Baz is single (So you know what that means). While Baz is looking for that one and only, he converses with his favorite people-- Ame, Tempest, and Viri. However, he couldn’t truly pick favorites because his favorite person is himself. All jokes aside, “I’ve worked along side a lot of people here so I’ve got to know them pretty well.” Such love for Reborn. The Bageling “As chaotic as it was, ‘The Bageling’ of Pokemon Zero Alliance was really funny actually.” Baz looks back to his favorite moment, “Well in PZA, there were meetings every few weeks to decide which six Alliances wanted to claim for types for the next set of challenges… One of the Alliances didn’t have an active representative, so Lord Bagel took up the spot. His alliance finally showed up (to help him), but he ignored them and stayed silent the whole time, ending with his nation getting disqualified for not choosing any types.” Bow before the Bageling! Many tables were flipped that evening, and riots ensued. Despite Baz’s efforts (except we don’t know where Baz was in all of this), the battle of the Bageling was lost. Two or three other Alliances succumbed to the Bageling. As the weeks dragged on, the remaining two tried to fight off the Bageling, but alas, Pokemon Zero Alliance was K.I.A. Rest in peace. Baz gets a service star tho. Yay? Reborn the Game Since Baz got Ace before Episode 16’s release, he got to play it beta! Woo! So yes, he’s played the game up to current, and loves the game. It’s “one of the best story-intensive pokemon games out there.” He really enjoys that all Pokemon and field effects are available because it makes the game hectic in a unique way. Baz thinks it started some trends. His favorite moment in the game is the storming of Devon, and also reading up on PULSE’s and their histories. One of Baz’s biggest successes in Reborn comes with the game-- He made quite a few Mega shiny sprites and released them to the community. “I made (them) for fun, and got an overwhelming community response.” So Ame picked a handful of them and incorporated them into the game. “I was surprised Ame was interested in my sprites. It was really the first time I’d ever done large scale spriting like that on my own.” Baz had been spriting since he was about 7-8 years old, so he’s had some practice. And with that practice comes his own fangame work shenanigans. “I’m currently a big part of two games that have yet to be announced.” Ooooh snap. You heard right Reborn, we’re getting an inside scoop! “One is Redemption (which was already announced), and the other one is (T.B.A.).” That's not an inside scoop :c “The Redemption League is planning on making a game sometime after Season 2 ends. It’s a group effort.” Some of the others involved in the game are Dash, Azery, Jiniri, Jeri, Pyrrhon, and Sapphire, to name a few. Well, Baz and Redemption peoples, we wish you luck! We look forward to what you have to bring to Reborn! The Big Picture Baz is a pretty awesome person, and we’re quite happy to have someone like Baz in our community, community-ing it up. As Baz moves along in his journey in Reborn, his current aspiration is to just hang back, chill with Reborn, and see his games come through. If you see Baz around, be sure to say hi! P.S. Baz wanted to share this: A big thank you to Bazaro for doing the interview! If you have someone in mind that you’d like to nominate, comment below or send a shout-out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Picture of Bazaro provided by Bazaro. All other images provided by Google Images. P.S.S. So I’m gonna be pretty busy this week. Such busy that I won’t be able to do RM for next week D; But fear not! Cat Chat Blogs is getting a new associate! But it’s a secret! All I can tell you is that he’s good for it and good with the people! Tune in next Monday to see who the new associate is! Also, CCB is looking to expand into other Rebornian life aspects, so be on the lookout for those! More info coming soon-ish!
  6. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Rebornian Mentions: Tempest This week, our cat-like eyes turns to Tempest! He was nominated by yours truly and was the winner of this week’s lottery! Lucky, lucky~! Our Tempest resides in a state we always forget is a state-- Minnesota. To be fair, though, we all forget states are states at times. In his spare time, Tempest really loves working with anything computer related. This includes programming, building servers, and running websites with his giant server rack. He also plays video games, enjoys maths and sciences, and various leisure sports such as jet skiing and snowmobiling. Look at all that math behind Tempest. Who Is Tempest? Tempest joined with Reborn late in 2013. One day, he wanted to make a sprite, but didn’t know how to make one himself. “I had no skill… I couldn’t make one myself so that was why I was searching for a sprite generator.” His search for sprite creators led him to Reborn, back when we had the sprite shop for the forums. He created an account, but laid low for a few months until the night of the Christmas party in 2013, after getting back into fangames. “That’s when I actually felt part of the community,” Tempest reminisces, as I picture him with starry eyes, remembering the fun of that night. However, Tempest wasn’t always Tempest in his time with us. His original name was CobraKill, which stuck with him for a few months until one fateful night. “I was random battling and, since I suck at it, I forgot one of my Pokemon had Roost.” He lost, but he could have won had he had chosen Roost to save his Pokemon. Tempest continues, “Lexii asked how I lost. I told her. And then everyone started screaming Roost.” From that point on for a good while, Roost was Tempest’s former name until the name Tempest just came to him one day. He was forever Tempest from then on. Life In Reborn Tempest feels he’s in a comfortable place with Reborn. At the moment, he’s just happy to be with Reborn while working on his Pokemon game and spending time in the Divide, an unconnected sub-server of Reborn’s Discord server. Tempest really loves Reborn as a community. He couldn’t decide for the life of him his favorite Rebornian. “Well… I’m really close to Wulfgang and BlueMoonIceCream. But I also talk to Sardines, Swampellow, Baz, Viri, Oracles…” as he goes on and on, going through names, then server lists, and then Reborn as a whole. “I hate picking favorites,” Tempest mumbles. And ladies, Tempest is a very much available man~ Slide some pick-up lines his way. obby During Tempest’s time with us, he’s accomplished quite a few things. Remember his giant server rack? He used it time to time to help when Reborn went down off the servers as a back-up server, and also helped Ame with the new site by working bugs, software designing, and fixing memory leaks. Some other major accomplishments Tempest made with Reborn was implementing the new BreloomBot, introducing n0ble bots for battling, and also for creating Spear Pillar and Spear Pillar 2.0 (which is now the Divide on Discord). Tempest also served time on the Authy bench back in the day for a while. Then life called Tempest and asked for some help, so he stepped down to go be a knight for life. Life is brutal. One of Tempest’s favorite moments in Reborn was when Tempest typo’d ‘shots fired’ to ‘shits fired.’ Chat went crazy over that typo. From then on, Tempest was known to forever have a shit cannon. Like me, Tempest enjoys laughter. And what better way to get ‘em while being an authy was actually quite simple. “I would torment people (with mod powers) and change everything about their profile.” Poor Kamina got the worst of this from Tempest. “I (also) changed Silver and Ame to have spiders as profile pics… Multiple times.” Tempest says as I imagine the horrified look on Ame’s face every time this happened. But you know what, Reborn, at least that wasn’t as bad as what I did when I changed everything on the forums to be cat-related. The faces of many Rebornian's that morning. Reborn, the Game Tempest really enjoys the game. He’s played it through episode 16 and really adores the game. “It’s been a big inspiration to a lot of other fangames, mine included.” One of Tempest’s favorite moments in the game was when Team Meteor attacked Titania and Amaria’s house. And also when Fern is beaten. No one loves Fern. (Poor Fern). Tempest’s most favorite moment is a spoiler, and because it is such, all I will say is that episode 16 contains that moment. Other than that, Tempest actually had a hand in making the game. He helped Ame map out the game. "Ame gave me map files (that she already had the basic layouts for) and I finished all the cliffs for them." Examples include Ametrine Mountain, Citrine Mountain, and Route 4. "(I) essentially did the grunt work," chuckles Tempest. Way back in the day, like, 2 years ago, Ace members had (still have?) the ability to beta test new episodes of the game before it’s released to the public. Tempest had the ability to beta test the chapters before anyone else got the chance to as Ace. He really enjoyed being able to beta test. “(I was) helping to catch bugs and random errors.” One of the biggest challenges he had as a beta tester was when a really bad bug/error happened where the game would freeze up without reason or warning. Luckily for us though, we have wonderful people like Tempest to take the time to help make the game the best it can be. The Big Picture Overall, Tempest is a great member to our community who has a lot to offer in terms of bettering Reborn. His current goals are finishing his own fangame and Project Paragon. With Project Paragon, Tempest hopes to bring over a battle simulator, like Showdown has, to Discord, bringing Reborn together to one chat server. Other than that, he’s just happy to be with Reborn. “I’ve been around a while, seen a lot of shit… But I love this place. I’m glad I fell into the trap and I’m looking forward for more years to come.” We look forward to what more Tempest has to offer for Reborn! A big thank you to Tempest for the interview! If you have someone you’d like to nominate, comment below or give a shout-out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Picture of Tempest provided by Tempest, all other images provided by Google Images.
  7. Cat Chat Blogs presents: Rebornian Mentions: Marcello This week, Rebornian Mentions had a nomination! Jericho nominated our own Marcello this week so that we all could get to know him better. Marcello is one of Reborn’s developers for the Reborn game who lives somewhere in the U.K. staying busy with our game’s mechanics. I assume this is what Marcello looks like. (You'll get it soon) Who is Marcello? Marcello joined up with Reborn back in 2014 based off a Google search for Pokemon fangames. “I was just bored and in a Pokemon mood” Marcello recounts, “I stumbled upon Reborn and Zeta/Omicron because I remembered playing shitty romhacks as a kid and wondered how far fangames had come.” Soon, Marcello would have realized that fangames have come quite a long way from what they used to be. He made accounts for both Reborn and Omicron, but eventually nested in Reborn as a forever home. In Marcello’s spare time, he enjoys playing video games, working on Reborn and, get this, he enjoys doing math in his spare time. Who enjoys math? This guy. This guy enjoys math. Either way, it’s great that there are people out there who enjoy doing math. Math’s not easy, so I applaud Marcello for his hobby. Life in Reborn For Marcello, much of life in Reborn revolves around the game he helps in developing as a Reborn Developer. When he’s not focusing on the game, Marcello spends his time in Showdown! Reborn chatting it up with our community there. One of his favorite Rebornian moments happened recently there. “On the forums, Bibs innocently changed his picture to Ojama Yellow” from the popular card game/TV show Yu-Gi-Oh. “This is a great opportunity” Marcello continues, “so (I) posted a status telling everyone to respond to Bibs’ shitty jokes with ‘thanks, Ojama.’ (And) it caught on, so he changed his forum name to Ojama Brown, his server name to Toon Ojama, and it’s been hilarious.” Other than that, Marcello says that he doesn’t feel active enough to have much of a social life in Reborn. Marcello has no Rebornian crushes and his favorite Rebornian is Ame because Ame’s the only one he talks to most of the time for game development reasons. Of course, I try to urge him to communicate more, but he’s unsure of how to approach others. After a few failed attempts, we decided that mao gains the most communication for small talk. It's a great topic starter. I asked Marcello about being an auth and what his position is like. He is currently one of Reborn’s Developers for the game. “I’ve been a Developer for over a year now,” Marcello remarks about his position, “I am able to post in the Development Blog section.” It is there where a lot of Marcello’s work is done for the game. Often times he posts on real issues about the game such as bugs he aims to work out. But most of the time he spends posting memes about Exeggutor. “It’s more like me and, sometimes, Inuki posting memes at Ame. Sometimes Ame will just come out of nowhere and one-up us.” One time, Ame needed Marcello to put Exeggutor’s sprite in a different position in its statscreen because of its size. Marcello tried to be serious and posted a series of photos with Exeggutor everywhere except where Ame wanted it to be and she responded pretty well with the last photo in the series. Reborn the Game Throughout the entire interview, Marcello was all about the game; and for good reason too. Recently Marcello hit a huge achievement with Reborn by introducing online functions to the game. The original plan was to release online functions with Episode 17, but Marcello was able to work most of the bugs out of it to release it with Episode 16. He explains that online functions was a challenge for him because the package he got for online functions was simply a skeleton. “By the time I got to it (the package) it was very old… Just the basic instructions to set up a testing server environment was outdated and didn’t work.” However, it wasn’t the only part of his challenge. Marcello had to create a test server to even begin to test online functions. Once he got the server up, he was able to easily work out bugs to the point where he actually finished it early and even added a few extras to online functions. It’s because of Marcello that Reborn, the game, has online functions. Even though Reborn has plenty developers such as Smeargletail, Mde, and Inuki, Marcello is currently the only developer who works on scripting. It’s Marcello who makes sure that the game is functioning correctly and also for implementing new features to the game such as the online functions and, soon to be released in Episode 17, Gen VII. At one point, he did have others who worked with him on scripting. “When I joined the team, Kuro was in charge of scripting, and there was five of us who joined the scripting team. Three for bug-fixing, two for implementation” for larger projects. Over time, everyone but Marcello stepped down for life reasons. Even though Marcello doesn’t mind being the only one working on scripting, he still has Kuro to rely on time to time for advice in fixing things. “They’re (Kuro) still my teacher and I still ask them for help if I need it.” As for the game itself, Marcello says that he’s a huge fan of the game. He says that playing the game is another reason that led him to being a developer for the game. His favorite thing about Reborn, the game, is that he finds it challenging for himself in the sense that it lets him explore different aspects of Pokemon for teams. “I suck at Pokemon, so it’s really fun working out how to beat this leader and that leader.” Marcello is looking forward to Gen VII’s implementation into the game for extra challenge, and also because he gets a bit of input on how to work Gen VII into the game. I asked if he had any teasers he could share with us about Episode 17, but unfortunately he only knows what everyone else knows. Sounds like our authy should consider putting out teasers for new episodes! This is the face we'd make if we had teasers. The Big Picture Marcello is a wonderful person who strives in helping his community in any way possible. His love of video games lead him on a path with Reborn to be a great developer. He intends to use his love of video games as a profession in the adult world and currently goes to school for it. The experience he gains here can and will go far in his journey. As for his current goals here with Reborn, he doesn’t have much since he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He does tinker with the idea of doing more with online features for the game, so I guess we could call it a goal. If you see Marcello around, be sure to say hi! A big thank you to Marcello for doing the interview with me! If you have someone in mind who deserves a Rebornian mention, comment below or give a shout-out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Link to Exeggutor's mess provided by Marcello, images provided by Google Images.
  8. **Caution: Borderline R7 photo included in this blog, however, Ame gave me permission to post it because of relativity** Welcome back to Cat Chat Blogs! I hope your holidays were awesome and your January… January-y. I’ve decided to change things up here at Cat Chat Blogs by turning focus to the people that make Reborn what it is today-- a great place and a likely forever home for the strange (us!). Without you guys, friends wouldn’t have been made, games wouldn’t have been made and played, and Reborn just wouldn’t be the same great community like it is today. Without further ado, I introduce to Reborn Cat Chat Blogs: Rebornian Mentions. Rebornian Mentions will highlight members of our community by going into an in-depth one-on-one interview about our members’ and their time here with us. Cat Chat Blogs presents: Rebornian Mentions: Ice/Prasiolite This week’s Rebornian Mentions turns to Ice, also known as Prasiolite. Ice has been with us for an incredibly long time. His journey with Reborn began back in 2007 when Ame first started up Reborn back when it was called Poke-Place. He was initially introduced to our strange world through another person by the name KaiserD and has never left since. Even though Ice is a quiet person, he’s got a history in our community. An accurate portrait of Ice Who is Ice? Ice, who recently celebrated his 26th birthday, is a quiet soul who resides near the beach in Massachusetts. His hobbies include listening to music, talking with friends, and spriting. It could also be fair to say that Ice also has an animal hobby-- he’s got a neat little collection of unusual pets. He has a dog, a couple cats, a duck, a turtle, and a squirrel. And also some fish, too. He says that he got most of his animals from other people who couldn’t take care of them, but he pretty much found the duck and squirrel while out and about one day and decided they needed to go home with him. “I didn’t want anything bad happening to them,” Ice says about the duck and squirrel he found in potentially fatal situations. “The duck was found walking around the streets… in the middle of winter” and he found two squirrels “under a bush… One seemed sick.” For a guy who calls himself Ice, his huge heart for animals doesn’t fit the name. "They all need to come home. With me." Speaking of having a huge heart, Ice has a Rebornian crush! For the last two years, Ice and our lovely Ama have been going steady in a relationship. And it turns out that this beautiful couple is planning on meeting each other in person for the first time later this year. It’s hard to see Ice as cold or icy when asked who his favorite Rebornian is. “I’mma have to be biased and go with Ama cause I love her~” I’d have to say that this is a prime example of how our community is good at bringing people together in friendship, and even love. Best wishes to ya’ll! Life in Reborn During Ice’s time here in Reborn, he’s experienced just about every stage Reborn has ever gone through, and has even volunteered his time to help take care of Reborn’s server back on PO (Pokemon Online). The highest level of Auth Ice had was moderator. Ice recalls his time as authy as “nice.” He explains, “it was nice for being noticed at times and knowing I had some power over problems other than watching the problem continue” if no other auth was present to deal with them. Over time, Ice was demoted as a moderator for the server. At the time, the explanation for the demotion was for auth that was often away from the computer. If the opportunity for auth positions came up again for Ice, he says that he considers it, mainly so that he has more reason to be social. Talk to our local Ice, people! Our community doesn’t come without challenges, though. For Ice, his biggest challenge with Reborn was trying to keep his side-league, Excessum, up and running. “Both times I was involved, it fell apart or I left due to arguments with others” who were also running the league. Ice would like to get Excessum back up, but worries that he’d end up competing with Redemption. He feels that he’d take away from Redemption. I suggested that he could see if any help was needed for Redemption’s spriting, but he declined, worried that he’d slow everyone down if he didn’t sprite in time. Ice is such a worry-bug. Within Reborn, there is never a dull moment. Our community is generally filled with smiles and laughter. When I asked Ice about one of his favorite moments, it was when he tortured Ame with Mr. Bigglesworth the Garbodor. “Back when Gen 5 came out, I decided to name a Garbodor Mr. Bigglesworth cause I was like, ‘why the f*ck not’ but Ame said ‘no.’ So I eventually sent Ame a picture” of Mr. Bigglesworth. Some time after that “Ame made him (Mr. Bigglesworth) into our ‘404 not found’ page and also into the game (Pokemon Reborn) as a side fight.” Look at Mr. Bigglesworth, Ame. LOOK AT IT!!! Pokemon Reborn: The Game Obviously, this can’t be avoided since half of our community came here for the game. Ice hasn’t played the game much, but has a pretty good idea of what the game’s about. “I’ve spoiled most of it (the game) for myself,” Ice says as I interpret it as an admission of guilt through text, “I’ve mostly watched, read, or heard others play it.” Either way, Ice thoroughly enjoys the game and it’s concept, but thinks it’s a shame that Ame took out some references from the game. He elaborates that there were names on gravestones in a cemetery and even a reference to Geo, an older member who is no longer active (at least in the chat rooms). “If I remember right, I think me and Ikaru had gravestones with our names on it,” Ice remarks, confirming that Ame can see into the future. Tune into RebornTV for more Reborn Conspiracies. *Airs Friday’s at 9/8 Central Time The Big Picture Overall, Ice is a pretty cool guy and a great asset to our community. His experience makes for great storytime if one takes the time to listen. Even I’ve been around just as long as Ice, and yet Ice shares new details I was unaware of about our history as a community. As for Ice, his current goals in relation to Reborn is to become more active here in the forums and to continue making great friends in the community. If you see Ice around, be sure to say hi! Big thank you to Ice who was kind enough to do the interview with me! Thanks for reading! If you know anybody who deserves a Rebornian Mention, comment below or give a shout out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Mr. Bigglesworth and Ice’s portrait was provided by Ice, all other images provided by Google Images.
  9. lol Ice was pretty nervous. It was only after I made the post that Ice messaged me like, "oh yeah, I helped create Team Meteor" lol Until I get better at doing interviews, I'll probably end up doing a couple follow-up pieces to cover the things that weren't covered in the initial interview. And another theory debunked.
  10. Si dues me relinquit ~ Kuroshitsuji OST
  11. So we have this thread, it's pinned, and the title is 'What Do You Look Like?' I've been thinking, and why not include our lovable animals that we're always talking about in chat? This one is only two of the four animals I have. The Husky is Buddy, and the cat he's laying with is Hazel. This one is of my other dog, a German Shepherd named Chantilly (She chose to sit in the carseat. There was plenty seat room that she could have used, but she chose the carseat)
  12. Turn it around on your sister. Then the joke's on her! Bwahaha! lol This video was funny (I thought) I did a little bit of research on this guy and it looks like this was planned. He's got other videos like this one.
  13. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Being a Troll During the Holidays Welcome back, Reborn! Happy Holidays! Oh, um, excuse me. -puts on festive cat-wear- Ahh, better. Anyways, welcome back! Today, we'll be discussing trolling during the holidays. It's that time of year again, and we may or may not enjoy being so huddled close to all of our family members in one tiny dining room. But hold onto your trousers! It's only for a day. We can either make the best of it, or the worst. Perception is different cat to cat. (I'm ready for the holidays!! -grump grump-) This year, we'll try to make the best of it with some lighthearted humor! Perhaps we have siblings, or family members we like, and we want to play a prank on them. The fun part is that we don't have to be cruel to have a bit of trolling fun. It doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, and we all get a chuckle out of it. One way we can go is with the most famous holiday trolling gag; having a tiny gift within a box, within a bigger box, within an even bigger box, and so on. Each of 'em individually wrapped in paper. Or we can choose to gift them with a gag gift before giving them their actual gift. It could be a childhood toy we used to fight over, or giving them a fake 100 bill and see how long it takes for them to realize it's fake, or even better, a fake lottery ticket they almost became millionaires. Fake millionaires. (You're right, Wisdom Duck, give them a real one instead and watch them lose. It's more fun) For myself, this year I had an opportunity to do something different. Since I live across the country from my immediate family, my holiday comes early. I would have waited to open the box on Christmas Eve, when we all have time to Skype, but the box split open because the mailpeople can't put heavier boxes below lighter boxes I'm looking at you, USPS. Anyways, I opened the box, and everything was there. My mom let me open her gifts first, and then I whined until she said I could open the rest, except the one my sister labeled (I think it's a blanket. I hope it is. I love blankets). My mom and sister was awesome, and got me a new 3DS with Scribblenauts (I love Scribblenauts). My mom and I were talking and we decided to prank my sister. We decided to re-wrap the 3DS and game box in different wrapping paper, and that we'll open it together on Christmas Eve. What I'm going to do is hold up the re-wrapped boxes, because she won't notice the different paper. I'll open it up and pull the 3DS out, while it's on, in the middle of a game, and act surprised like, "wow! It even comes with the game and it's on, and charged!!!" My mom and I have bets on how long it'll take for my sister to notice that I already opened it. I'm thinking she won't realize until we tell her, mom thinks she'll realize when she sees the game on. But we're talking about my older sister, here. This is the one who didn't know the address she's lived at all her life in the 12th grade; at 17 years old. (Everyone's making this face right now, the same face my mom and I had when we heard those words come out her mouth) At any rate, it will be fun, and it'll get a laugh out of everyone. Of course, I'll thank my mother and sister for these wonderful gifts because they didn't have to get it for me. I don't even know how they knew I needed a new 3DS. I was planning on picking myself up one anyways, but it was really cool and awesome that they did that for me. Overall, Reborn, let's have some fun this year for the holidays and use that one day of the super-crammed living room/dining room combination to bond with our families, both here and at home. Find a way to spread some cheer and smiles around to avoid being labeled as that one Grumpy Cat Who Stole Holiday Cheer. If you are going to troll your family for the holidays, do it gracefully and in a way that everyone can have fun. Don't be like this guy: (I love the Holidays!!!) Thanks for reading Cat Chat Blogs! Favorite the post for more, comment below for a topic of your choice! All images retrieved from Google Images. They are not mine. The video comes from Youtube from username McJuggerNuggets. Happy Holidays from Miss Kitty!!!
  14. Happy Holidays from Cat Chat Blogs! Click below for my tribute blog to the holidays:


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  16. Interviews: Why They Suck, but Don't Welcome back, Rebornians, for another chapter in Cat Chat Blogs! Today, we'll be discussing interviews and why they suck, but don't. Today I had to complete an interview for a job that involves more in-depth questioning and testing. I hadn't worked in several years, so I was nervous, especially because a job like this will lead into a life-long career if I so choose. Of course anyone would be nervous to interview for an opportunity like this, but as soon as I walked into that room, it was like Niagara Falls in there in terms of emotion, nervousness, and, uh, perspiration. (Don't move, they can smell your fear) Interviews suck in general. They ask you all these questions about how you're a people person and that you LOVE customers. We all know that's bullshit because we're just not people persons. None of us are. When we go somewhere and we see a person walking towards us, looking us in the eye, we decide that whatever it is that we're doing isn't worth it in order to avoid contact with other people. We know that they're gonna say something to us, like "hi" or "how are you enjoying the weather?" We know we can't talk to them because we know we will fuck it up in some way like mumbling over yourself, saying the wrong thing, or doing something unaccepted by social society. Then that person will give us a weird look and find any way to escape that conversation because once we're trapped in it, we don't know how to escape. We think that we can do better today, and finally be social with people we don't know, but it's about the same outcome as any other time. We leave feeling confused and worrying on if the conversation was acceptable to society. It wasn't. Probably. This kind of scenario happens during interviews. When I was being asked questions about how I feel towards certain words and what they mean, and incidents/hypotheticals, I just couldn't stop talking. I would go on and on about what I thought confidence meant, "power, feeling good about yourself, positive, taking control, being above, beyond, overly..." and so on until they just told me to stop. (I say this to myself every morning, afternoon, and evening) However, interviews are good. They help us feel our best, especially when we get hired. It helps us realize that we really aren't as anti-social as we think we are. We can exchange a polite, short conversation with random people without fucking it up. Most of the time. When interviewers notice how scared we are, shaking like little tiny leafs on a tree that's hanging on to dear life when winter approaches and blabbers on like described above, it shows them that we want this opportunity and that we can be social bugs when it's how we get a paycheck. Sure, they probably laugh at us with their co-workers like, "bwahaha, they were so nervous, I could smell their fear! It was great!" but we would never know because we don't stick around afterwards. We rush home, dying of a panic attack, wondering and hoping we did good on it. (Every damn day) Overall, interviews suck, but they're a good thing in the end for both ourselves and for the business. Just think about it this way: the business would never call us if they weren't planning on hiring us. It's just kinda redundant to call someone to offer them a job, have them sit through an entire interview and even gives you forms to complete the process and turn around and say "you just got PRANKED! Ahahaha!!! Go the fuck home and cry lolololol" Something would have to come up about us that would force them to retract the offer like a failed drug test or some felony we never mentioned on our applications. Companies never want to lose money over applications they know aren't worth it, so rejoice in knowing that we are worth it! (This is... My face? Huh. Okay. I can deal) Thanks for reading Cat Chat Blogs! Favorite it in order to receive more goodness. Comment below for a topic you want to read about! All images retrieved from Google Images. Damn it Google, I love you.
  17. So, it's been like, 5-6 years since I posted an updated photo for ya'll to snicker at. Anyways, here's the picture! O: By the way, this picture I took earlier this year in March. It's pretty much the only picture I took of myself this year xD That is Mister Kitty on the left, and me, Miss (Mrs) Kitty on the right! I told you I was funny. Funny looking. Bwaahahaha!
  18. D'awwh. Maomao mao maao maomaomao to you too!!! -cat hugs-
  19. Good morning, evening, afternoon, whatever time it is for ya'll. *EDIT* Huh. I didn't realize you could post a post with a poll. Nifty! Anyways, I created a poll to see what would interest Reborn more in within my blogs. I really do want to keep up on these, and I really want to share a laugh with you all, no matter the topic (okay, topic does kind of matter, but I am aiming on bettering the blog format so I can better fit pictures and whatnot as well as try to warn users on if they're stumbling into a sensitive topic and whatnot). However, I do want to know what Reborn is interested in reading so that I can begin to direct interests entirely to Reborn itself. Let me know what you would like to read about!! It would certainly help an old cat catch ground again. Be well, Reborn!
  20. Memeology - Not Sure Fry Welcome back to Cat Chat Blogs! Over the next several weeks (maybe months), I aim to study memes and their various meanings. I do this because I had a realization today that I'm not as hip with today's memes like you young whippersnappers. I admit that I'm older than ancient. But that's okay! Today, memeology is determined to explore the popular meme, Not Sure Fry. I took a minute to explore some of the most popular memes on the internet, and some research suggests that Not Sure Fry is 2nd on the list of the most popular memes as of now. If you are unaware of this meme, below is the image of Fry from Futurama that is used for Not Sure Fry. (Not sure if Cat Chat Blogs stole ideas from Cracked or if it's original) This meme certainly does inquire on whether we're sure of the thoughts we have or not. For example, take jars that have peanut butter and jelly mixed in. We can't be sure if there's more peanut butter or more jelly. We can't even be sure if it's even real peanut butter and jelly. But like Fry, we trust that it is indeed peanut butter and jelly. And we also hope that we can get an even spread of the stuff on our bread that crumbles as we try to apply it. I'm not even sure if we're supposed to apply peanut butter first and then jelly. Is there even a proper way of doing this?! Not Sure Fry tends to appeal to stoner millennials who just aren't sure of a lot of things in life. This meme attempts to help them through their struggles by providing at least two options: option 1 and option 2. I am starting to believe that this is a meme that informs people of their beliefs, whether they recognize it or not. One is faced with two options, such as "Is this person trolling or are they just goofing around?" Depending on experience that person has with the person in question, people will opt for one of two answers. If the person is not very well known and is making troll-like statements, people may go with option 1, that this person is just a troll. If the person is well-known and loved, people may go for option 2, but may still think that person is a troll. Who trolls their own friends, really? Me. I troll my most favorite people. (This one requires some thought. One moment...) On the other hand, Not Sure Fry also tends to draw in those who have questions, or thoughts?, that need more complex thinking. The answer for these questions/thoughts doesn't necessarily shine through in our two options. For many, it takes a few minutes to really pinpoint the emotions of the situation to really come to an answer. Like the popular meme, Philosoraptor, Not Sure Fry invites those who can withstand it the opportunity to think critically, but on a more watered-down basis. Not Sure Fry doesn't tend to generate questions/thoughts that require God-like thinking, it's more like first-world-like problems that many people face at least a few times in their life. For example; not sure if tired or needs more coffee. This simple question/thought allows for people to debate on whether or not they should just go to bed, or if they should drink more coffee to stay awake. Then, people weigh the decision on whether or not if what they're doing (or plan to do) is more important than sleep. Most people tend to go for coffee, because we just love that shit. We can sleep when we're dead. Overall, Not Sure Fry swept the internet around 2010, generating thousands of different memes of this variation. Despite being around for so long, it is still one of the most popular memes to use on the internet. Generally, most memes tend to come and go, but Not Sure Fry was able to beat out a lot of the competition. On top of that, Fry is a very memorable, not-so-bright character from the popular Fox TV show, Futurama. This humorous, simple-minded meme is likely to stay in favor of the internet for a few more years to come. (We'll encourage it. For now.) Thanks for reading! Click the favorite button to get more from Cat Chat Blogs! Leave a comment below for a topic you're interested in me covering! All images were retrieved from Google Images. Google is such good.
  21. I am back again, with another attempt at finding some kind of hobby to keep myself entertained. This time, I thought I'd give it a go with blogging about random things! Because who doesn't love blogs (especially ones that give the humor feels)? Without further ado, I present the Cat Chat Blog!! Enjoy~ My Curse with Technology When I was a wee kitten, at the soft, tender age of 15, I was presented with my first computer. "Finally! Something to tinker with" I thought as I was setting it up. It was an old, dinky desktop, millions of years old, the 80's version of successful technology. The only problem with it, was that I had to wipe the computer clean and perform an installation of Windows XP every week. Every single week. So it wasn't stable; no biggie. Surely I can keep up on it. My fellow cats (and dogs, I guess), this was the beginning of a terrible downfall-- The beginning of... The Curse. -insert scary music here- (Okay, maybe it's not truly as scary as this, but it's still pretty f'in scary) Eventually, more like a few months after I got the computer, it died. It could not handle being wiped and reinstalled every single week. Mind you, I was still using floppy disks to install Windows. For those of you who may not be old enough to remember floppy disks, they're simply medium-sized square frisbees. You throw them in the air and let your pupminions catch it and play with it; it's a fun game! Anyways, the computer just couldn't handle doing it anymore. So I trashed it and bought a laptop that was actually made within our own generation. Yaay! (Or not, it's cool, whatever. This doesn't mean that my luck with technology isn't bad! It just needs... Work. Right?) Within the first two days of having my brand new laptop, it freakin' broke due to a Windows update! Don't they have safeguards for these kind of things? Apparently not. Luckily, with my handy-dandy tech skills from my previous computer, I was able to uninstall the update and my computer started functioning again. Yaay! I was able to keep that computer for at least a year and then the hard drive failed. Almost literally the day to the year I had that laptop. "That's okay!" I thought to myself, "I can just buy a hard drive and reinstall Windows (yay for OS disks!)" For this laptop, every year for the next two years after that, I had to buy a new hard drive. Eventually, I had enough of it, so I bought a new laptop. Surely, this hard drive mishap was only for that laptop. And so I went happily along, enjoying my newer, nicer laptop with the fancy Windows 7 (cuz that was the 'it' OS system of that time). I was having so much fun, everything seemed right as rain, life couldn't bring this piece of bad-boy technology down! (GAH! FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESUS CRUST, WHY?!) My computer needed a new hard drive. Again. And a year later? Again, too. I gave up for at least a year and a half before I attempted becoming friends with technology again. Every time I saw a computer? Nope. Won't touch it. I even broke my husbands computer when we started dating. Why did he stay? idk, but he was totally unaware of my curse, although I did try to tell him. After I started going to school online in early 2014, I went out and rented-to-own a computer because while I was paying for it, they'd replace it for any reason. I was thinking ahead this time. A year after I got the computer? The hard drive died. Thanks to my thinking ahead, I was able to get it repaired (they had to, surprise, install a new hard drive). I got it back the week my very last payment for it was due, so now I was on my own if my curse decided to muff me over. And sure as shit, it did. It happened in October of this year, 2 months overdue for a failure in the hard drive. But this time... It was my fault. El sigh. (Really? This happened? REALLY?!) Only this time, my husband finally realized that I'm an absolute mess with technology. He suggested that I stay far away from his xbox so I don't break that, too. Because oh, yeah, I break other technology too. As far as I'm aware, it's nothing I do consciously that causes this curse I have with technology; I don't visit weird websites (other than Reborn, obviously), I don't download weird unnamed files. The tech gods just really dislike me. I've done my best to re-trace my steps to see where I may have angered the tech gods; I've reviewed the errors on all five collectable hard drives I've accumulated and they just die. It wasn't where I've gone, or what I downloaded, the hard drives just can't handle in a laptop. I have tried different brands between Dell, Acer, and Asus, with different versions of Windows, but I think my real problem is the Windows OS. That is the most common factor I can provide between all these computer deaths. For now, I decided to go desktop to see if my curse could break itself free from my life. It's still Windows, but that's mainly because I can't work a Mac. I've tried. But knowing me, I'll probably break a Mac faster than ya'll can say catnip. I can't go Chrome, either, because my Sims games don't work with that OS and I've heard it's a pain to find programs that'd convert the platform. Fingers crossed that this computer doesn't die on me because of my curse, but it might. With these fancy new desktops, I swear that if this one had a touch screen, it'd just be an oversized tablet. I was super weary on getting this one because it doesn't need a tower, but I've grown to like it a lot. I love my computer :3 (Except... Yeah, that.) Thanks for reading! If you want to read more of Cat Chat Blogs, like the post (if that's still a thing) and I'll begin posting a few a week! If you would like for me to blog a specific topic, leave a comment below! All images were retrieved from Google Images search and are not mine. Just search for things and it pops up! Ahh, I love Google.
  22. Okay. So. I've given the option to Ame, that we should add in an art block! With Will's comics and his own arts, and my ... Sometimes art... And with many others who might even art it up a bit, I've declared that we should have one. But Ame's fighting me on this. >.> "There will be like two sections!" blahblahblah. I'm halfway paying attention at the moment. Cuz I'm soooooooooo distracted by my latest art addition... It's so cute. Isn't it. o: So. Post up your artsies. And your Deviant Arts if you have one! o: I can't wait to see what you guys have to offer with your art!
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