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  1. What're YOU listening to?~

    Si dues me relinquit ~ Kuroshitsuji OST
  2. Meet the vets!

    General Info: Known as: Miss Kitty Age: 24 years old Gender: Female Birthday: November Location: Colorado Height: At least 5 feet, but no taller than 6 feet Hair Color: Bleh Brown Eye Color: Bleh Brown Lives with: El Husband Pets: A German Shepherd and a husky, and two bratty cats Relationship status: Married Favourite Food: The rare deep fried sushi roll Favourite Drink: Arizona Raspberry Tea Favourite Color: Grey Favourite kind of Music: Anything good Favourite Band: Phantogram Favourite Album: N/A Favourite Song: The Wavves - Nine is God Favourite Game: Sims 4 Favourite Genre of Game: Games like Elder Scrolls/Fallout Favourite Hobbies: Building houses in Sims 4 (I am simple to entertain) Favourite Movies: I will always be happy to watch Howl's Moving Castle Favourite Shows: It's a tie between Black Butler and Shameless Community questions: So, who are you?: I am Kitty. Formally known as Mrs. Kitty, but popularly known as Miss Kitty. I am simple. Anything you're responsible for? Hm... I've recently been responsible with making Rebornian Mentions (season II coming soon!!!). Other than that, I've just been responsible for all the cats running amok in Showdown and keeping Reborn catified for it's entire lifetime. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Do we really want to see how crazy I was back in like, 2009 or whenever we came to this forum host? No. No we don't. What can I talk to you about? I'm pretty chill to talk about whatever. I'm generally really good for being a supportive shoulder when one needs it. How did you find Reborn? I don't exactly remember how I came across Reborn. I think Ame invited me back in like, 2008-2009, when it was Poke-Place, when we met in a separate gaming forum. Closing statements? Well.. I've been around for a very, very long time. It really doesn't show half of the time, but I've a lot of experience here in the community and know the ropes pretty okay (at least in the chatrooms, I haven't been very active with the forums for years, but it's about to change with RM's coming back). But I'm really super chill, again, even if it doesn't seem that way, so it's cool to chat with me. Mao.
  3. Art!

    Okay. So. I've given the option to Ame, that we should add in an art block! With Will's comics and his own arts, and my ... Sometimes art... And with many others who might even art it up a bit, I've declared that we should have one. But Ame's fighting me on this. >.> "There will be like two sections!" blahblahblah. I'm halfway paying attention at the moment. Cuz I'm soooooooooo distracted by my latest art addition... It's so cute. Isn't it. o: So. Post up your artsies. And your Deviant Arts if you have one! o: I can't wait to see what you guys have to offer with your art!
  4. Happy Holidays from Cat Chat Blogs! Click below for my tribute blog to the holidays:


  5. Mao Reborn! o/

    Check out my newest blog in Cat Chat Blogs! Link below:


  6. What do you look like?

    So, it's been like, 5-6 years since I posted an updated photo for ya'll to snicker at. Anyways, here's the picture! O: By the way, this picture I took earlier this year in March. It's pretty much the only picture I took of myself this year xD That is Mister Kitty on the left, and me, Miss (Mrs) Kitty on the right! I told you I was funny. Funny looking. Bwaahahaha!
  7. The power of Kitty Christ compels you!

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    2. Mikzal


      Praise the lord!

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      Miss Kitty using her account for once? OWO

    4. Vinny
  8. Friend Codes and Friend Safari Thread

    Hey guys, my friend code is: 2595-1405-6414 Add me!
  9. Sooo. Who wants to donate to the "Give Kitty Tons And Tons of Candies" charity?

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    2. Miss Kitty

      Miss Kitty

      I dun have diabetes... : (


    3. Epic C

      Epic C


      I smell a trap.

      Not doing :3

    4. Aperture Draconequus

      Aperture Draconequus

      This is 100% Legit.

      No traps.

      .. Or is there?

  10. Today's the big dayyyy~ Lovin' every second of it.

  11. And they said dreams can't come true...

  12. There is a cat. Climbing up in yo room. Snatchin' yo mice. So ya better hide the milk, hide the catnip, hide yo toys. Cuz dis kat be creepin. O3o

  13. Tuesday can't come soon enough. D:

  14. Dat wheeeeeeel.

  15. Goin' to Colorado with Saya on Tuesday!! Gonna start a new life~

  16. D: Possible surgery is in my near future, today. Wish me luck, and hopefully we find why I feel so crappy.

  17. I love you, my sexy Asian. <3 I'm always here for you. If you want to talk, that is...

  18. ....School starts tomorrow for everyone. Except me. I don't have to go to school. Because I'm old, and graduated. : ( I never wanted to grow up.

  19. Status update is updated.

  20. Myuu? -tilts head-

  21. In my past, bittersweet, there's no love between the sheets. Taste the blood, broken dreams, lonely times indeed. Their eyes cast down, fixed upon the ground, their eyes cast down...

  22. And if you get too far inside... You'll only see my reflection...