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Pokémon Reborn Screenshot Let's Play

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Hello to anyone who might come across this post! I'm DarkX the Dragon Knight (or just X), and I haven't been on this site for too long- just shy of a month, specifically. I haven't done much of anything with this account in the past, but recently, I've been looking to change that. See, ever since October, I have been posting installments of a screenshot Let's Play of Pokémon Reborn on my Tumblr blog; with me having gotten the third Gym Badge in the latest "chapter," I've decided now would be a good time to post stuff regarding that playthrough on here as well. After all, this site has all kinds of Reborn players like myself, so I'm sure at least some of you might be interested in seeing the writings of a casual Pokémon player trying her best to blindly play through a challenging fangame like this one.


Of course, there's other stuff to this playthrough as well. It's largely my thoughts and reactions as I go through Reborn for the first time, yes, but it's also me developing my player avatar (who I named Xera Borchardt) into something more of an actual OC. It's not exactly fanfiction (I have an AO3 account for that), more so just me thinking about stuff and coming up with ideas as I go, but it's still become a significant aspect of this playthrough, so I need to mention it. Also, there are memes- lots of memes.


Below are the links to the already-posted chapters, which is sure to be updated as the playthrough progresses. There's also a link to the introduction post going into more detail about myself as a Pokémon fan and why I decided to do a screenshot Let's Play at all. Also, this goes without saying, but just to be sure- since this is a blind playthrough, please refrain from replying with anything related to spoilers or implied spoilers; spoilers related to stuff I've already played through and seen are fine, though. With that out of the way- happy reading, and here's to more installments in the future! Enjoy!


Updated for: Chapter 23

Number of Badges Obtained: 3



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