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Kingdom of Goomidra quest is unavailable (Miltank quest in particular)


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Looks like this is a somewhat common question, given the requirement to start the quest is very complicated and needs a lot of quest cleared beforehand...


Cleared the every East Gearen Neo's help center quest, check.

Fought Aya in Venam's gym, check.

Cleared every Terajuma's help center quest, check.

Miltank quest from Yui's Ranch however, is stuck in weird limbo. Dr. Jenkel's note is in Ben's house, Ben says thank you for Miltank, but the quest itself is nowhere to be found in anywhere of the Quests screen.


I'm not really sure if visiting Goomidra Kingdom before everything was the cause of this limbo, that's what I did since I left out Odessa's quest for so long...


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