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Stuck in a scene - Lavender´s nightmare realm


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Hello, I found this bug or something: in the chase between Risa and Lavender in the nightmare world, I got to the part when you have a scene with Lavender using a hook to get to the other platform. When she do this, the game just stop the escene with Lavender dancing. It was funny the first 2 minutes and I`m worried because it didn´t continue. In youtube, I found that this was not intentional (but it was funny).

Any key other than D to save the game (I didn´t save in the scene) don´t have any effect.

I`m on version 13.5.6, the updater says that I´m in the last version.

Someone can help me? This is my last save (I don´t remember if it was game.dat or game.rxdata, so I´ll attach both).




Game.dat Game.rxdata

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