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Rate My Team - @ Victory Road


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Hey all, I'm at the Elite 4 and just wondered what you all thought of my team. I've been changing a few members around now that I'm near the end and unsure which are my best.


Lycanroc - Lycanium-Z (to destroy field effects) , stealth rocker and general clean up.

Nagandel - Life Orb, nasty plot special

Aegislash - Leftovers, Swords Dance/King's Shield stance change

Mega Gardevoir - calm mind special set

Rotom Wash - Leftovers, T-Wave support

Incineroar - Incinium-Z, all out physical with coverage like earthquake and leech life


Gardevoir, Lycanroc and Naganadel are all new additions as I've been getting destroyed by these late game trainers and field effects weren't helping.


Also got Skarmory, Clefable and Hydreigon ready to go as they were in the team before the 3 additions above. Though I've been thinking about bringing them back just for their bulk. Trading 3 bulky mons for 3 fast attackers has really messed up my flow.


Also open to other suggestions. Thoughts?

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So for the fight against Laura and Bennet, you might want to teach Incineroar temporarily sunny day and equip it with the firium-z. Aegislash can win the fight against Heather by itself. Unaware Clefable is good on the last fight against Lin, especially with cosmic power. Speaking of, she has a Clefable of her own, so sweeping the fight with Gardevoir is not an option, as it will just sit on your face and boost. Naganadel should be able to muscle through, make sure it gets boosts in speed through beast boost cause you'll need them. I recommend using a light clay light screener like prankster Meowstic. You just might be able to sweep. I would make sure my Aegislash is faster than Clefable, to kill it quickly in case you can't use Naganadel for some reason. If you don't use your z move elsewhere, Incineroar could use darkinium-z in that fight, it has double the power. Personally I would use another mega, like mega Mawile that doesn't mind being slower, cause mega Gardevoir will be slower than most of Lin's team except Clefable, which it cannot touch. There are some flying megas you could use to get some mileage out of them in the final battle. Mega Kangaskhan gets sucker punch so it's something, and mega Scizor bullet punch. Also Blaziken/mega Blaziken with speed boost as well as Sharpedo, bonus points to Sharpedo for the combination protect+speed boost into destiny bond, plus it can use darkinium z. 

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