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Useless Pokemon Bug


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Hi !

For the first time, my starter got a bug and cannot do attack 

Here is the screen of the bug



The bug is a bit different when I send the Pokémon at the beggining of the battle, the game is stuck 


Edit : When a pokemon holds a berry, the move Incenarate cause the berry to become a Data Chip, and then the Pokémon is bugged. You cannot take back the item, changing it or doing something with the Pokémon. 

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Hello good.... time of day ig
So while i have localized what exactly caused this issue (I am one of the Script Devs, nominally a Rejuv Dev but this is a general scripting Bug)
there is the issue of your pokemon already having the "cursed item" and it *is* a cursed item, and not a data chip (it shows as data chip due to that item being the last item in the item list) and will bug out at any given interaction with the mon that holds it
we gonna need to manually fix your save to remove that item from the pokemon
By which i mean you should probably pass your save over in Savefile Troubleshotting, or here, so it can be repaired and returned to you
Damn it has been foreeeeeeever since i posted on the Forum

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