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Pain-staking Polarity [CW, Poetry]

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Back and forth my mind will go, a ticking clock with no end goal

A looming shadow, a creeping fear

Overbearing intensity floods my mind, leaking from my ears

I don't want it, take it away, why isn't it gone, why does it stay

Why must my heart always pull me back into this widening hole that leaves me trapped

But then I think

Maybe my heart just doesn't want to be alone

Perhaps if I were to comfort it, it would start to grow

Is the light that I seek a seed that I must plant?

Can it only reach the sky with my guidance and acceptance?

For so long I've struggled with this Polarity, controlling me

But perhaps it is the very thing that keeps me alive today

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I have been in this community for such a long time now, but I've been so reclusive and hobbled up in my hole.

I'm hoping that with this I can start to get brighter, and perhaps turn this community into a place I can call home.

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