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Know what pokemon will hatch from the mystery egg


Hello everyone,


I've seen many times that there is a way to know what pokemon will hatch from mystery egg as soon as the file is created. But i was wondering how to check it, since the only option seems to be to check with the debug mod, but i couldn't find it and i don't know which pokemon correspond to the number of the variable. I was wondering if someone could help me with that issue? Thank you all!

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A quick forum search could get you the answer here


But I'll copypaste you the info you specifically asked for:
Variable 228

1. mareanie
2. staryu
3. togepi
4. sneasel
5. shroomish
6. gastly
7. axew
8. a-vulpix
9. pawniard
10. phantump
11. drilbur
12. cottonee
13. vulpix
14. elekid
15. starly
16. rockruff
17. larvesta
18. azurill

EDIT: It's also to my understanding that the variable isn't set in place until your character actually first set foot in the grand hall. So you can save just before following Victoria in the building and skip having to do the whole character creation and train crash bit each time. Granted, Mystery Egg is a bit too far along the plot to just reload the file if it's not the right one. But you could possibly use it to check on some of the earlier random event mons like Espurr/Minncinno, Ziggazoon/Pachrisu, Joltik/Grubbin

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