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Trolling Titania

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So, I was researching for a strat against Titania and I came across Snatch(my Krookodile can learn it) 

So for what I see, she likes to set up shit (Especially Agility and SDs) while protected by the Seeds effect, so I was thinking of Snatching her moves (Since Kings Shield doesn't protect against Snatch) 

This is most useful Snatching Agility(to outspeed the Excadrill even if it gets the Sand Rush) and Swords Dance (Sandstorm isn't even Snatchable) 

So I think f doing 


Bulk Up(for using first turn against Excadrill while it sets up the Sandstorm, and on Sandslash, to get the Defense boost and the Attack boost (maybe equip a Magic Seed on it for good measure, setting up 2 Bulk Ups and getting +3 Attack? ) 

Snatch for stealing Agility from Empoleon and for some other troll reasons 

Brick Break for the 4* against Sandslash 



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Can also use Power Trip over Crunch and replace Brick Break with Snatch (Aegis is usually the last she sends out, right?) and if I can sweep her other Pokemon while Snatching stuff(Even Calm Mind from Klefki, tho I think it might go for Draining Kiss, maybe?) Power Trip would wreck the Aegislash,and even Scizor

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