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Pikachu will only evolve into Alolan-Raichu

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I was grinding two pikachus for Erick's gym and when they got the movesets I wanted I decided to evolve them (I wanted one Kantonian Raichu and one Alolan Raichu). I evolved the first pikachu in alolan-raichu using the apophyll pancakes, all well and good. Then I used a thunderstone on my other pikachu and it also evolved into a alolan raichu.

I restarted the game and tried to evolve that pikachu into raichu first but it again evolved into a alolan raichu. I restarted again, tossed the apophyll pancakes and tried it again and it evolved into alolan-raichu again. I also tried using the thunderstone on the other pikachu and it also evolved into alolan raichu. I was grinding in west-gearen so it couldn't be the locations issue, but I tried to go to another place (sheridan) and it was still an issue. I then took another pikachu I had in a box and that one DID evolve into kantonian raichu. So I then tried to put the pikachu I wanted to be an kantionian raichu into the pc (went to a different place again to be sure), took it out of the pc and tried again and it still evolved into alolan raichu.


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