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[Fixed] Killing Nova causes a bugged cutscene, followed by a crash


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This was originally part of my long update post in the beta thread about my issues and suggestions with the game, but since this is a pretty serious bug I'm posting it here in case no one notices it there.  I went out of my way to kill Nova thinking it'd cause the story to change like when you win the "unwinnable" battles in Reborn.  Instead nothing happens until I move on, beat the "intended" boss, and escape.  A bugged out version of (what I assume is) the normal ending cutscene plays where Nova and Veivax talk to each other as if Nova were still alive, and there's even a sound effect of Nova jumping down to the ground even though she's not there.  After her line "And with dead emmortals, it's even more", the game crashes.


Honestly I'm surprised no one else tried and reported this before me.

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