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Resolution/GPU Crashes


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My first few attempts to start up the game have been quite challenging.


Attempt #1 I got an error which you can see right here:



Attempt #2 I encountered this after the first few messages by the purple dominatrix:



Attempt #3 - #5: the game froze before even loading up the start up screen


Attempt #6: I could hear the sounds of the game, like the messages, but with a black screen.



These are my specs, I guess.


Plz halp

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@Pilos Split this into its own topic for bug handling


Can you also post your GPU information please? All of these crashes are consistent with what we'd expect from a weak GPU or if the game is running on integrated graphics


Never mind that, we're good. But if you have a dedicated GPU in your computer, all of these issues will probably be fixed by running the game on that for now. That's a setting you can set on your own machine


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Thanks for the reply.


I'm not that familiar with hardware and settings unfortunately. There's a sticker on my laptop that says Nvidia Geforce 610M - 2GB.


You mention some kind of setting I can set to be able to run it? Not sure how I do that.

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Try right clicking on your desktop. There might be something that says Nvidia Control Panel. Open that, and go to Program Settings. 

There'll be a place where you can find/add programs-- add the game's EXE, set it to run with the dedicated GPU, and hit apply.


That's how it works on my computer anyway, yours might be slightly different? I could post some screenshots later if you need more specifics

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