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The Attack on The House

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So I messed up, and my dumbass first lost a battle, then saved at the pc inside the house when I blacked out. I've tried a lot of strats, but nothings worked out so far. Any ideas are massively appreciated, I really don't wanna reset because of this.

Ill cut right to the chase, here's my team, please help me lmao, I've tried many times but I cant beat The orderly and Solaris:


Pangoro lv74

Crunch - Hammer Arm - Strength - Bullet Punch


Rhyperior lv74

Surf - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Megahorn


Floatzel lv68

Waterfall - Dive - Aqua Jet - Swagger


Mamoswine lv 74

Earthquake - Rock Smash - Ice Shard - Ancient Power


Luxray lv74

Discharge - Flash - Wild Charge - Crunch


Delphox lv74

Cut - Light Screen - Psychic - Fire Blast



Backups in PC:

Magneton lv59 - Gligar lv61 - Bronzong lv67 - Dusknoir lv63 - Golurk lv60 - Lombre lv57

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You can load a backup save from before you entered the house to get out without losing progress.

Search your PC for the file 'Game.rxdata'. The folder it's in also contains recent backup save files. You just have to rename the Game.rxdata file to something else, then rename the most recent backup file to 'Game.rxdata' instead, then load the game.


Also I'd recommend not to keep weak moves like Cut or Rock Smash on your team, especially for major fights like these. And keep in mind your pokemons' attack stats: Not every move is useful. Rhyperior will barely do any damage at all with Surf, because it's a special move, but Rhyperior's special attack sucks.

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