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Marianette Three Trials Bug

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Im stuck with a run-breaking bug with Marianette at the Three Trials, I already saved everyone, their sprites show in the manor and they are all responsive, but Marianette says "One more to go" after saving the last person, no matter the order. Im patched to 12.2, tried going to a previous save multiple times but nothing worked. Marianette is still following me hence I cant progress in the history. After getting some help in Discord I downloaded a debugger and tried to go to the next map, after beating Marianette Badge my sprite becomes invisible after the teleportĀ and Marianette still follows me (invisible too), talking to her crashes the game. So I went back a save, rescued everyone again but MarianetteĀ still says "One more to go" and the maids dont take her away after rescuing the last person.




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