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Another Spork Appreciation Post of the year!

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So I saw an archived post of someone posting Spork Appreciation (5/27/2019), and I felt like posting a similar one this year!


“I remember the day I downloaded Pokémon Spork on mid-June 2019. Seems like it was yesterday, but it’s 11 months ago! I was looking at other fan games besides Reborn and Rejuvenation that it would be relaxing to play and not worry about optimizing my Pokémon team just to get past a certain part of the game. The fact that there were no level caps and field effects showed a lot of promise, and it was the most fun I ever had than most of the core series Pokémon games. 18 badges that represent every type for each badge means that my adventure length has effectively doubled. But there was one thing Spork had that Reborn and Rejuvenation didn’t.


Automatic PBS files and the ability to edit a project in RPG Maker. Granted, tampering some of the events can alter the situation of the game. So I didn’t touch any part of Spork 8, just looking at it as a reference. Then I turn into my eventful side story project. I needed one of the maps from Spork 8 as a starting point, and based on one of my artwork, Tinder Village fits the bill. From that point on, I just put in random chapters that didn’t have to follow the story, if there even was one. It’s just another fun thing to make something after being brave enough to delve into the engine (after backing out a little over 2 years ago) (I seriously got back into the program on July 2019).


I don’t think there are other fan games besides Spork atm that could get me heavily invested. I am still looking for ways to make a game I liked the best they can be, whatever it takes. Sure, life gets in the way during the day, but nothing can stop us from enjoying what we like. Here’s to another year of enjoyment.”

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