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Narcy is not appearing

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I searched everywhere and I haven't found a solution for my problem, and I have already asked for help in the forums, but no one seems to know how to fix this.

After I completed the Generator part, during Narcissa's Side Quest, I am supposed to find Narcy in Goldenleaf City. However, that is not what happens. In the place where se was supposed to be, there isn't anything:


However, if I go to the mansion back in the past (in Hyoshi City), I can end the side quest.

If it is useful, I only started Narcissa's side quest after going to the past in Sashilla Vilage, and when I was there, I activated the bug surrounding Narcy and the mansion, so I got teletransported to the present, and with no way to get to the past nor to finish the quest (I know this is a known bug already, but it wasn't fixed in the version that I played with, and, of course, I didn't know about the existence about this bug). I had to use a back-up save to continue the game.

Is that why Narcy isn't appearing here? Because the back-up save file I used was before I got back to the present, but after activating the event on the mansion. If it is, is there any way for me to continue this quest? Or will I have to jump to the end of it? Thank you for taking part of your time reading this!

Here's my current save file:


(needless to say that I don't have any back-up save file from before that situation)

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