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Super Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Ups!

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Welcome to this year's Super Secret Santa!

just in case you aren't familiar, Secret Santa is a holiday gig in which a group of people sign up and each one is randomly assigned one other person of the group to buy a present for! Whomever you get a gift from and give a gift to is random, but we'll make sure everyone gets something no matter what. In an attempt to minimize shipping headaches, there will be one group for NA and one for Europe.


First and foremost, there are some stipulations on entering:

  • You must be at least a Veteran on the forums (or better), to reduce the risk of dropped gifts.
  • You must be from NA or Europe. Sorry to folks from other places :c
  • You must be willing to spend real money on this. The suggested budget is around $25 or £/€20
  • You must be willing to share your address with us. Rest assured, it will only be given to the person who is sending you your gift.
  • We will cap out at 10 people per region.


If all that is okay and you are still interested, then read on!


Sign ups will be open until 11/27! 

In order to sign up, please send me a message here on the forum with the following things:

  • Your region
  • A name that people can ship to
  • A postal address to ship to
  • A wish list of some things or options around the given price range that you would enjoy getting!

After 11/27 everyone will be assigned their gift-givee, and it's off to the races with y'all.


Just to be sure, I'll ask that everyone sends me a copy of their receipts / orders when shipping things off. If you've provided confirmation that you did send a gift and you somehow do not get a gift, we will personally get you one ourselves instead. No Santa left behind!

We'd also like to suggest that folks get their gifts shipped out by 12/7! Then, at the Winter Party, everyone can share what things they got and talk about it!


Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread, or privately to me. Otherwise, my DMs are open for sign-ups!

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