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Ask for item location in Pokemon Spork

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There isn't a guide for every item location in the game, but there are notepad files in the game folder for locations of the following:

-Mega Stones



-Plates found through postgame sidequests as an alternative to mining


For other types of items:

-Gems: there are vendors at the Sea Star Society and at the Battle Frontier that sell them. The one at the Sea Star Society uses Heart Scales as currency and the one at the Battle Frontier uses BP

-Memories: Cyberspace (speak to Anthony at the Pokemon Research Institute to go to Cyberspace, the memories are found on the overworld) 

-Evolution stones: a hiker at Bolaii Beach sells them

-Evolution items (like Up-Grade, etc.): an NPC at the Battle Mall sells them

-Items that increase type effectiveness (like Mystic Water, etc.): an NPC at the Battle Mall sells them

-Berries: there's a berry shop in Aliora City that sells every kind of berry


Is there a specific item you're looking for that isn't mentioned above? 


Also: the Spork club is currently locked as explained in the most recent post of the Spork thread, for my physical and mental well-being. In the future, please do not post in this club unless it's an emergency (like getting frozen/stuck). I'll lock this thread after your response to whether there's a specific item you're looking for that I didn't cover the location of in this post.

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