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Hey, everyone! It's been a little bit since Pokemon Rehabilitation released, and now It's time for version 2!


Just like last time, I'll split up all of the information.


1: General Info

Many new features and stuff have arrived for v2. This includes:


Vastly superior game speed (By Pia Carrot)

Better Main character visuals

Team Ace actually doing something

Custom tiles

A Pokedex that doesn't crash the game

And more!


2: Precautions for playing the game 

Rehab has lots of flashing effects, so do not play if you have epilepsy or seizures!

You may want to make a new save file. If you continue from an existing game, attempting to open the Pokedex will crash the game.


3: Known Bugs

If you're not on small screen size, the flashing effects only cover a fourth of the screen.

Part of the trees on one of the new maps can be walked through. I tried to fix this, but it didn't work. Hopefully this'll be corrected in v3 or beyond.

The improved game speed will not activate until you have beaten the first gym.


4: Download and Screenshots








5: Parting words 

I hope you have fun with v2! Please report any bugs/errors/feedback as it will help improve future versions of the game.


If you like this kinda stuff, here's the dev blog.






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5 hours ago, kitsune641 said:

if we have to start over do we still get schiggy

Thanks for bringing that up. I thought I'd be better to make Schiggy available to all, instead of being event-locked. He has some new counterparts, in Hitokage (Charmander) and Bulbizarre (Bulbasaur). I wasn't done programming them, and they'll go along better with a planned sidequest in v3.


But mark my words, that blue fool WILL be in the game. 


Also, if I manage to move my pictures from my phone to my computer, I can show everyone what Schiggy looks like in real life. It's... over the top.

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Hey everyone! I took a break for a little bit, but I'll get back to Pokemon Rehabilitation v3 when I get home. I'm in Ohio right now and don't have access to my computer with Pokemon Essentials on it.


v3 is going to include one of the "big cities" of the region, as well as some more routes and zones. It'll be bigger than v2, which reminds me...


Thanks for playing!

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