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Give Opponents More than 6 Pokemon Tutorial

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So one of the huge advantages to Fan-games over hacks is the ability to tinker and edit the script files to do things the Pokemon games weren't intended to do. While I don't recommend doing this for an official fan-game, I'll leave it here for those interested with messing with it. The funny thing is that this is already built into the system. So the first edit to make is this:




This line can be found in the PokeBattle_Battle section but I personally recommend using Ctrl + Shift + f and type in "Party 2 has more than" to find it easier. You can either comment this out, increase the variable of MAXPARTYSIZE, or do what I did there. I recommend just adding how many mons you want max on a trainer (24 is the limit I used since MAXPARTYSIZE=6) to set a hard limit so that somebody doesn't put 1k mons on a trainer. That's it. No really, that's all you need to do. It's a bit trickier if you want to do if for double trainer battles (aka fighting against two different trainers).


First step is to change the six found here to the maximum size of Pokemon the opponent can use



It's under the DoubleTrainerBattle section in the PokemonTrainers script header. It's easier to search for "combinedParty" and look for this. I'm not sure if it really matters or not but changing this to the max limit won't hurt your game so better to be safe than sorry. The more important step is this:




It's under PokeBattle_Battle but fullparty2 (DO NOT CHANGE fullparty1 at all as it should be 6) needs to be changed from 6 to your max limit which 24 was for me. What this does is make sure the correct trainer gets the correct amount of mons that they can use. Each trainer can use 24 Pokemon so you can have that 6 v 48 of your dreams now.


The only issues I came across while testing this was the UI for a single trainer battle shows 6 fainted Pokemon upon the 6th's Pokemon's KO which honestly is not a big issue for me but might be for some people. You'd have to edit and make new graphics to fix that issue which I'm not really all that interested in doing that.

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