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Essentials Text Skip Tutorial

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(casually copypasting, don't mind me..)


This script adds the ability for players to quickly skip through messages by holding the B button during them. It works by exploiting a glitch that jumps through messages when the text speed is set to a very high number. So... thank Bethesda for the inspiration or something. It's a feature now.


Open your script editor and press Ctrl+Shift+F. Paste the following line:


if (Input.trigger?(Input::C) || Input.trigger?(Input::B))

It should display a search box that returns a sole result in "Messages". In vanilla 17.2, it appears to be line 1258.
Jump to the searched line by double-clicking it.


Directly above that line, paste the following code:


    if Input.press?(Input::B)
	      if msgwindow.busy?
	        pbPlayDecisionSE() if msgwindow.pausing?
	        break if signWaitCount==0


When done, it should look like this:




...and that's all that's necessary!


You can change the key required to script by changing the Input::B part to another letter or key input, but "B" corresponds to the X key. Because RMXP is weird like that.


If used, please credit:

  • Amethyst
  • Kurotsune

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